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Video of a Man peeing in Nature while enjoying a view of the Pacific Ocean.¬† It’s legal to urinate outdoors in the State of Oregon.¬† Do you piss outside?¬† Survival Bros thinks it’s natural, and fun!¬† Viewers must agree, because this was our #1 video of the Summer.¬† Mark your territory boys!¬†¬†

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By Cam The Cuddler

I have an empty seat in my van. Maybe you can help me fill the position. Think you have what it takes to #survive vanlife? Here’s a few of my requirements for the role of superstar gypsy. Comment if there should be other tasks.

1. Must keep it (van) oiled. However, I may need sunscreen applied to my body as well to protect from harmful UV radiation.

2. Have to be on lookout for nude sunbathing locations. Obviously.

3. Should be generous…ready to give what you can to people and animals in need. We will be hugging trees too here in Oregon.

4. Light Navigation. Don’t disract me. Know your right from left?

5. Needs to be able to spot garage sales on weekends. I get first dibs on manly stuff.

Bonus if you’re athletic, have a driver’s license, and smell wonderful most of the time. Inexperience not required, but preferred. This adds to sense of adventure I think, as we try new things.

To apply to become a traveller, email me about yourself with a picture. In all honesty, I would like to meet a healthy girl to love on. I live a fun and wild life, and I’d like to share the journey with a nugget. Hit on me, or just send a nice note of platonic encouragement.

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Watch Cam and Captain play and be happy on the beach in Seaside, Oregon

Captain is a Newfoundland and Timber Wolf mix.  This dog is five years old!  He has been on a raw food diet his entire life, with no health issues requiring vet visits.  Subscribe to Survival Bros on YouTube and Follow our Instagram:

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By Cameron McKirdy

This week I did something wild! ¬†I pushed my limits, and enjoyed eight zip lines on the Oregon Coast in Warrenton. ¬†I’d never attempted anything like this adventure. ¬†It got my heart rate up, and made me scream to the top of my lungs.

Watch me zip down the fastest line there called Huckleberry on The Survival Bros YouTube Channel

What it’s like to jump from the top of the tower on an Extreme Zip Swing or Zwing with a 20 foot rope attached to the cable!

See my Bigfoot Sighting on Zip Line Over Water with Camera Drag

Enjoy a gallery of my photographs from my trip to High Life Adventures:

My tour group of eight people took around three hours to complete the course. ¬†We had two local, and friendly guides. ¬†They communicated with small radios attached to their harness. ¬†One guide would go first, then use a rope to gently bring them to a controlled stop. ¬†The female went last, and was responsible for securing us properly. ¬†You don’t have to walk much in between the routes. ¬†In fact, they have a 4×4 vehicle if you want to use it, or get spooked and need a ride back to the parking lot early.

Jumping from the observation tower is intense. ¬†There are three different lines from that point, on two levels. ¬†SPOILER ALERTS: You get a cookie and a juice box halfway through the tour, plus spring water. ¬†Soon they will have a wood stove operational for the brutal winter months, and a wind turbine on top. ¬†Also, be on the lookout for Sasquatch. ¬†I just saved you a heart attack, and/or a lawsuit. ¬†I threw a legit left jab to the face of the masked man, and nearly delivered a swift leg kick before realizing I wasn’t in danger. ¬†Fortunately, when he sneaks up, you’re still locked to the zip line, and can’t fully attack! ¬†

I would highly recommend going on this zip line tour. ¬†It costs $99, and you can also try THE ZWING, their extreme zip swing. ¬†I did, and got a high-visibility rubber bracelet as a souvenir. ¬†The add-on is $29 more, but worth it, if you can keep down your cookie. ¬†I was attached to a longer, 20-foot rope, and jumped off the side of the tower instead of from the middle like most of the group. ¬†So I flew 40 feet across, and then dropped towards the lake, on the 1200′ long cable. ¬†I screamed like Bigfoot, and was¬†definitely¬†the loudest in¬†the group. ¬†I look¬†forward¬†to zip lining again soon, and possibly filming even more. ¬†Honestly, this would be a hard hobby to master. ¬†The easiest way to stay facing forward is to hold your line towards the top of the connection. ¬†

Visit High Life Adventures online by clicking through.  Thanks for visiting Survival Bros.  Stay tuned to the action Boss.High-Life-Zip-Line-Map

Each Zip Line is named after a native plant or tree

By Cameron McKirdy – Survival Bros. Founder

I saw this amazing elk herd when I drove to Del Rey Beach in Gearhart, Oregon. ¬†I parked my Volkswagen Vanagon in the lot, grabbed my HD camera, and snuck up on them all. ¬†I came from the beach, and quietly walked through tall grass from behind to get the shot. ¬†I hope you enjoy my footage. ¬†This is raw news produced for our alternative news community – Survival Bros. ¬†It’s not everyday Mother Nature allows us to see beauty on Earth like this. ¬†Experience it. ¬†Peace and love.

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Screenshots, or still images from Cameron McKirdy’s¬†HD video Art


Produced by Cameron McKirdy and Sarah Whisler

Certified yoga instructor Sarah Whisler guides you through an easy warm up, workout, and cool down in this HD video production. ¬†We filmed our “flow” in Seaside, Oregon. ¬†Our hope is that you use this video, and create more joy and peace in your life daily. ¬†Stay tuned to Survival Bros, because we will be creating even better instructional routines soon. ¬†¬†Make yoga a part of your¬†practice, and glow in¬†all the benefits.¬† If you like the video, please share this workout with a friend. ¬†Positive comments are also welcome. ¬†Thanks!

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Sarah shows you how it’s done on her yoga mat near the beach in Seaside, Oregon.

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By Cameron McKirdy

I’m always challenging myself. ¬†That’s why I decided hiking Saddle Mountain in Oregon on consecutive days would be a hardcore mission. ¬†I camped out a night, took photos, cooked, and rested in the VW Vanagon often. ¬†Besides achieving my goal, and reaching the summit back to back, I also met some cool people. ¬†There’s so many beautiful girls from Portland that make this day hike, it’s ridiculous. ¬†I gave them all a hard time about being tourists. ¬†I’m from Seaside, a local, and don’t look so out of place. ¬†

Take a look at the picture galleries I created for each day.  The wildflowers were exploding, and made the hike much more pleasant.  Plus, they gave me a chance to stop, breath, stretch, and take in their sweetness.  I also spent time creating a video of Humbug Mountain.  It offers a marvelous view point, and is only .2 miles off the main Saddle Mountain trail.  So are you up for the Survival Bros challenge?  Can you hike to the summit twice in two days, or maybe twice in one day?  Somebody will take me up on this.  Let us know.  Good luck!  Tons more soon, only on Survival Bros.

Day One Gallery

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 Day Two Hiking

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By Cameron McKirdy

I bought myself a dirty hippy van.  Last week I took a gamble on a vintage Volkswagon Vanagon.  I was her knight in shining armor.  Her my companion for the open road.  The adventure is on.

Take a look at how I found her in Hammond, Oregon. ¬†Plopped in a mud puddle. ¬†Unloved. ¬†Covered in bright green duct tape. ¬†My baby started right up, and I went for a test drive. ¬†The seller had to move immediately, so I scored the van for less than it’s worth – just $1,300.


Don’t duct tape your car kids. ¬†It sounds cool, but it’s NOT. ¬†I’ve spent four plus hours peeling tape off of the paint, and getting the goo removed with citrus cleaner. ¬†There’s still disgusting residue on it. ¬†Plus, there was some water underneath.

duct tape van

Look at it!  Cleaning this should be a form of torture.  My finger tips hurt. 

van towShe broke down on day two.  Blew a hose and a belt.  It cost $65 cash to get her towed across town to a trusted mechanic.  

Yesterday I had to introduce my baby to Seaside Oregon’s finest surfing destination, The Cove. ¬†I shot this HD video walk around, and filmed the interior. ¬†I have lots of work to do, but at least the VW is clean. ¬†I scrubbed the carpets and¬†upholstery, and they came out fresh, exceeding my expectations. ¬†Thanks to my Dad for helping gut her. ¬†It was a big job, but now the Vanagon is in acceptable camping condition. ¬†What should I name the Volkswagon? ¬†Lots more soon. ¬†Comment if you like. ¬†Best wishes.


Produced By Cameron McKirdy

Jason shows off his big bad three wheeler at The Cove near the beach. ¬†This vehicle can carry massive amounts of cargo, and it handles extremely well. ¬†I’ve seen him drift it, and ride on two wheels down the prom in Seaside, OR. ¬†Like his survival cycle? ¬†It’s comfortable, and functional. ¬†You’ll see it coming with the contrasting red and flat black paint. ¬†Survival Bros loves that it’s high visibility, even though it sits low. ¬†The extra lights make it considerably safer on the road less traveled. ¬†Thanks for visiting our emergency preparedness blog. ¬†Enter your email on the top left of the screen to subscribe! ¬†Peace.

chopper trike

 The Custom Chopper Trike ready to roll

Produced by Cameron McKirdy

Survival Bros checks out the eroding beach, and efforts to save the sewer plant in Seaside, OR. ¬†The city has put up a small rock wall, but that hasn’t seemed to help much. ¬†Look at all the trees that have been swept away into the water. ¬†A running trail has also been destroyed due to Mother Nature. ¬†Thanks for visiting. ¬†Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to get all the updates.

Read The Daily Astorian newspaper article on this urgent issue here.

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