About Survival Bros + Cam

Survival Bros is produced by Cameron McKirdy and Friends.

Welcome to my Blog! I am thrilled to share with you the articles I’ve created and published over the years on WordPress. This project is a constantly evolving and growing Powerhouse, and I can’t wait to see what it will become in the future. I am always open to new ideas and collaborations, so feel free to reach out and let’s work together! Thank you for visiting.

Welcome to Survival Bros, where we bring together a community of outdoor enthusiasts, preppers, and health-conscious individuals. Our blog covers a wide range of topics including backpacking, survival skills, nutrition, and more. We value the contributions of our readers and appreciate the positive and insightful comments you add to our posts. Our goal is to provide valuable content that inspires and informs. We hope you enjoy our blog and feel free to share it with friends.

Look for Cam on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube too. Survival Bros passed 12,000 Subscribers on our #youtube Channel recently. Thanks for visiting!

Contact: thesurvivalbros@gmail.com (Cameron McKirdy)

Survival Bros Founder Cameron McKirdy

Who is Cameron “The Cuddler” McKirdy???

Cameron McKirdy is a multi-talented individual with a passion for life. He has held various roles including MMA Ring Announcer, Radio Host, Professional Competitive Eater, MC, Tour Guide, Certified Cuddler, Game Show Winner, Video Producer, and Artist. With a self-taught background and a few years of formal education at the University of Oregon studying Art and Business, Cameron is a well-rounded individual. Through his initiative “Survival Bros” he aims to assist people in preparing for daily life and challenges. He loves sharing his experiences and is open to answering any questions. Cameron appreciates your support.


Cam hosts an eating contest at Broadway Park in Seaside, Oregon for Charity

  1. Kathy Neary says:

    Hi Cam,

    Thank you for posting the youtube video on our labyrinth in McMinnville, OR. We are the McMinnville Cooperative Ministries, a joint United Methodist and Lutheran Church. We bought the property that the labyrinth is on a number of years ago, intending to build a new church there. A long story later, the idea of the labyrinth was born. We have summer picnics out there every Wednesday and often see deer. I’m glad you enjoyed your time there.

    Would it be okay if we posted a link to the video on our Facebook page?

    Take care,
    Pastor Kathy Neary

  2. Tim says:

    Do you still have that mobile traveler motorhome? I have one EXACTLY like it, except it is on a Chevy chasis and mine is in great shape and runs well. My couch back (the piece that flips over) is broken and would buy yours if you are parting out

  3. M Douglas says:

    wow! I am truly impressed
    there are a lot of videos on
    gadgets for survival. Many of which
    are tools for food procurement.
    “answers in search of questions”
    and then I watch your everyday food kit,,Brillant,,,no fishing lures, snares
    just the solution,,,,carry the food,,then
    no luck, skill, or gadgets are required.
    most miss this most obvious and simple solution, seeking for answers
    more complicated then the problem itself
    thank you for your content, regards

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