About Survival Bros

Survival Bros is produced by Cameron McKirdy and Friends.

This is more than an emergency preparedness blog. Survival Bros has grown into a strong community. We’re interested in backpacking, prepping, nutrition, and more. Thanks for contributing to our posts with your comments. We will continue to create free content, and share our ideas. You’ll get exclusive HD videos, and epic insights. Look for us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube too. Thanks for visiting!

Contact: thesurvivalbros@gmail.com

If you would like Survival Bros to test your product, hit us up! We’ll give our honest review on HD video, and share our findings. Best regards.

Survival Bros Founder Cameron McKirdy

Who is Cameron “The Cuddler” McKirdy???

Cameron McKirdy loves life! His roles have included: MMA Ring Rnnouncer, Radio Host, Professional Competitive Eater, MC, Tour Guide, Game Show Winner, and video producer. Artist. He is mostly self-taught, but spent a few good years at the University of Oregon studying Art, and business. Through Survival Bros Cameron hopes to prepare his friends and himself for challenges ahead. He loves sharing his experiences with you. Feel free to ask Cam a question! Your support is greatly appreciated.


Cam hosts an eating contest at Broadway Park in Seaside, Oregon for charity

  1. Kathy Neary says:

    Hi Cam,

    Thank you for posting the youtube video on our labyrinth in McMinnville, OR. We are the McMinnville Cooperative Ministries, a joint United Methodist and Lutheran Church. We bought the property that the labyrinth is on a number of years ago, intending to build a new church there. A long story later, the idea of the labyrinth was born. We have summer picnics out there every Wednesday and often see deer. I’m glad you enjoyed your time there.

    Would it be okay if we posted a link to the video on our Facebook page?

    Take care,
    Pastor Kathy Neary

  2. Tim says:

    Do you still have that mobile traveler motorhome? I have one EXACTLY like it, except it is on a Chevy chasis and mine is in great shape and runs well. My couch back (the piece that flips over) is broken and would buy yours if you are parting out

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