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By Cameron McKirdy

A creepy Healthy Oregon Project or HOP vending machine pops up at Sunset Empire Parks and Recreation pool in Seaside, Oregon to collect your personal DNA. Don’t use these OHSU genetic collecting and screening devices. Respect your privacy, and protect your sensitive information.

Look what the Oregon Health & Science University did to this sperm donor! They lied to a Doctor about his genetic material, and how they would use it. Free services should be examined carefully. You can’t even call anyone about these HOP Spots.¬† No number anywhere online.¬† Now there’s two machines in my city.¬† Another got placed at Providence Seaside Hospital.¬† Staff was told not to talk about it.¬† Not sketch at all.

Contact Skyler Archibald to complain about this program. (503) 738-3311

Stupid Art project trying to be clever via Ted Talks.

23andMe and other genetic screening services will give your precious DNA to cops.

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Don't use one of these machines!

Big Brother just took a dump in the pool

Recently The Police terrorized my hometown of Seaside, Oregon (article) by setting off the emergency warning system.  This spread #fakenews to citizens, proclaiming that a tsunami wave would hit the city in four hours. It was a false alarm. (KGW Video)

This was similar to the incorrect incoming ballistic missile alert issued in Hawaii, which had everyone panicking¬†and taking precautions…Parents were putting children in storm drains.

These two major mistakes prove there is no authority on anything, and officials don’t exist. Public figures care less about you, and your safety than you do. It’s a paycheck for them. So make your own survival kits.

How can you trust the government when they can’t even get it right when there’s no disaster? Officials won’t be there for you during an emergency. You need your own training, plan, team, and gear to adapt and overcome. Hawaiians had no idea what was really happening for 38 excruciating minutes. They were led to believe they were all about to die, and there was nothing they could do about it. No tips. Just threats.

People are pushing the wrong buttons alright. Buttons they don’t have the training to use properly, or the desire to carefully watch over. Heads should roll in these public offices. But they will blame funding, and take more money from you instead. You can’t rely on the government for anything but failures, without accountability.


Link: Another false alarm siren sounds at Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant in N.C!

Officials fail the public in Japan too in this WARNING.

Breaking News – Accuweather Issues fake Tsunami Warning to East Coast and Caribbean…

Will the fear tactics and incompetence ever end?  Stay tuned to #survivalbros for the latest #realnews


By Cameron McKirdy

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Check out Seattle Fire Dept.’s custom Medic One rescue bicycle created to help people overcome adversity during a survival type situation, or basic injury outdoors. ¬†Like this cycling setup? ¬†What else would you put on this bike frame to carry items? ¬†Comment below. ¬† Thanks to the Seattle Fire Department for taking the time to educate, and assist the gracious public. ¬†The Fremont Solstice Fair is a spectacular event. ¬†Mark your¬†calendars¬†for this celebration¬†next year. ¬†

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Seattle Fire Dept. Medic One Bike

Photo of Seattle Fire Dept’s Medic One Response Bicycle Loaded with Emergency Preparedness Gear


Produced by Cameron McKirdy

Survival Bros checks out the eroding beach, and efforts to save the sewer plant in Seaside, OR. ¬†The city has put up a small rock wall, but that hasn’t seemed to help much. ¬†Look at all the trees that have been swept away into the water. ¬†A running trail has also been destroyed due to Mother Nature. ¬†Thanks for visiting. ¬†Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to get all the updates.

Read The Daily Astorian newspaper article on this urgent issue here.

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By Cameron McKirdy


Cam was given a Nobel Christmas tree to pass on to a stranger

I am a bell ringer. ¬†Salvation Army claims they are, “doing the most good.” ¬†That may be true. ¬†The donations collected stay in the community where they were raised. ¬†This helps the less fortunate, so for example, senior citizens can get the prescription pills they need. ¬†More hungry are feed too, and shelter may be provided for the homeless.

I volunteered for a seven hour bell ringing session. ¬†It was a true experience, unlike anything I’ve ever done. ¬†At first, I thought hearing the bell clamor would be torture, but I didn’t even use my headphones for music, or earplugs to drown out the noise. ¬†I thought it would be rude, and maybe I’d miss something that someone said. ¬†I received hundreds of bright season’s greetings from Wal-Mart shoppers. ¬†People smiled, told me to stay warm, and mostly to have a Merry Christmas. ¬†I also had guests ask me to look after their bikes while they shopped, keep an eye on where their friend parked the car, and magically recall the location of the person they came in with. ¬†It was funny though, and I got to do some people watching. ¬†Looking into people’s shopping carts is like glimpsing into their homes. ¬†I felt like a Peeping Tom, but it passed the time. ¬†Most people were there to buy massive amounts of toilet paper, cat litter, or cat toys. ¬†I’m not one to judge, but it was wild to see all the people wearing Mossy Oak (or real tree) camouflage clothing. ¬†It was like half the shoppers just got done duck hunting. ¬†The other half wore pajamas, slippers, or hideous Christmas sweaters, like they were trying to be a joke. ¬†God bless them.

Seriously though, being a bell ringer was one of the most spiritually rewarding opportunities I’ve ever taken. ¬†My favorite moments were seeing all the children excited to give. ¬†They took a minute or two to figure out how to make the dollars fit into the pot’s slot, but they were so happy, and most skipped away holding their parent’s hand. ¬†My bell was fascinating too. ¬†I let one girl ring it, the others stared at me like I was a dinosaur. ¬†I won’t forget all the people that took a moment, and the change from their pocket, and trusted it would go to a person who needed it more. ¬†I saw a few $20’s go in, but maybe a gold coin slipped in there. ¬†I will be back in front of a store today. ¬†Please help others this holiday season, and volunteer in your community in 2014. ¬†Bring peace to Earth.

Learn more about bell ringing here.

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Produced By Cameron McKirdy

The first nasty storm of the season is underway on the Oregon Coast. ¬†The wind is bending trees, and flooding is a possibility. ¬†I’m surprised the power is still on. ¬†Seaside, OR is expected to have gusts up to 80 miles per hour! ¬†Have a survival kit together, and an emergency plan for your family. ¬†Here’s a checklist of supplies to gather just in case of a disaster.

– Water (A gallon per person per day for a minimum of 3 days.)

– Fuel AKA gas for cooking, and dry wood for fire

– Food (Stores could close for days without electricity. ¬†Don’t buy perishable goods that need to be refrigerated. ¬†Think fruit.)

– Candles

– Flashlights and headlamps with fresh batteries

– Blankets

– Shelter (It’s probably a good idea to stay inside, so you don’t get wet and sick.)

– Emergency Weather Radio

– Toys for kids, and treats for pets, because they will be scared in a super storm

– First Aid

– Gas (Fill up your vehicle in case there’s a rush for fuel, and you can’t get some later.)

– Books (Maybe ones on emergency planning. ¬†We don’t want you to lose your mind without TV.)

– Whistle to signal for help

– Multi-tool and Wrench to turn off water, etc.

– Moist wipes, and garbage bags for sanitation and personal hygiene

– Local maps

– Manual Can Opener

– Generator and/or solar charger for electrical devices

– Cash/Silver/Barter Items

– Rain Gear/Warm clothes

– Prescription Medications

– Lighter and waterproof matches

– Paper and Pen for notes, and more checklists

– Communications: Cell Phones with chargers, and two-way radios

With all or most of these things you should be good to go, and ready for a super storm bringing flooding. ¬†If you can think of any other handy items, please leave your suggestions in the comment section. ¬†Thanks, and wish us Oregonians good luck this weekend. ¬†It’s
going to be a wild one.  Peace and love from Survival Bros. 

Here’s a link to the live webcam in Seaside, OR on The Lanai at The Cove so you can checkout the current conditions.

There’s no flooding on Highway 101 right now, but high tide isn’t until this evening.

seaside odot cam

seaside odot floodingIt looks like Highway 101 is starting to flood!  Be careful out there.

Cameron McKirdy from Survival Bros recommends covering your cameras connected to the internet for privacy.  Try putting stickers over the lenses on your cell phone, and laptop.  Take a stand on surveillance.  Boycott Big Brother.  Please like, comment, and share.