Survival Bros Bug Out Bike – Specialized Allez Sport Road Bicycle Video

Posted: August 3, 2013 in Bikes, Emergencies, Frugality, HD Videos, Product Reviews
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By Cameron McKirdy

What’s good friends? I had to give you a quick update on my new Specialized Road bike. It’s a work in progress. I just picked it up from Goodwill, and started modifying it. First, I had the back wheel straightened, brakes adjusted, and new black handlebar grips put on. Next I attached a front light, back rack with pannier bags, a seat pack, and a black Specialized brand bottle holder. Plus, I acquired a bicycle repair kit, complete with mini tire pump, a set of tools, and more. I have a cargo net that can lockdown even more survival gear on top of the rack. Now I’m ready for the zombie apocalypse!

Check out the HD video clip I shot, and let me know how you would modify this ride. I plan on adding a handle bar bag, bell, rear LED lights, toe clips on the pedals, a B.O.B. Yak one-wheeled cargo trailer, and a computer for mileage, etc. I’m not spray painting this one. I like the odd color combo. I want to be highly visible on the road, so I will add 3M reflectors and wear them too. This bike is ideal for taking on long trips, and camping. I love every second riding this emergency preparedness vehicle. It’s fast. Enjoy the pictures.

Specialized Allez Sport 1994

Update: I put new bags on my Allez. Now I can carry more gear. I will shoot another video when the packs are fully loaded, and I feel like this project is complete.

  1. jargontalk says:

    Great video on your new (recycled) bug out bike, Cameron… and it looks like you’ve equipped it quite well. Looks like you have a Planet Bike Beamer light, and I would be interested on how well that works for you, along with the panniers/cargo bag.

    I have an older Fuji Diamond Head MTB that I’m equipping in a similar fashion for use in NYC in case that we get a repeat of last year’s Hurricane Sandy, when we lost not only power for five days, but subway services as well. And that Coast HL27 Focusing 309 Lumen LED headlamp that I won from you guys in that contest last May is part of my kit. Might sound ridiculous for an MTB in NYC, but with front shocks and all, it handles cobblestone streets, small potholes and storm sewer grates with ease.

    Enjoy your new bike… I’m enjoying mine!

  2. Hey jarjontalk, I appreciate the comment. Yeah, this is just the first setup I’m trying out. I ordered a few other fame bags, and cargo packs. I will update you on the Univega soon too. The Planet Bike Beamer LED light is legit. I’ve left it on accidently for hours, and it still powered through. It has a long battery life. The clip does come undone sometimes. I’m due for a new one, but it works.

    Stay safe over there. It won’t be long until storms take out the power again here. Stockpile supplies, and plenty of water. As for your bike, shocks would be a luxury. But comfort is key when traveling long distances on a bike. I want a small scooter, or motorcycle as well. Then I could really get away, (if there’s gas).

    • jargontalk says:

      Maybe you could review a few of your findings here. I’m going for one of the new Planet Bike lights and a few goodies from Park Tools as I equip my bike for the storms. Water is never, ever a problem here in NYC, but I have a few cases of Avitae caffeinated water on hand.

      Good substitute when there’s no coffee… just sayin’..

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