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Pro Eater Cameron “Consumption” McKirdy devours insects, and bugs on baked goods for views!¬† Watch the Survival Bros Founder eat Crickets and Larvae on fresh doughnuts.¬† This funny video was to celebrate getting 10,000 YouTube Subscribers.¬† Follow us on our Channel HERE.¬† We will be doing a Big Giveaway soon.¬† Stay tuned.¬† Thanks for watching, and enjoy the disgusting Eating Challenge.¬† Share it with a friend.¬†¬†

Survival Food made with Bacon and Cheese flavored insects, plus Mexican Spice dried bugs. Gross, right? Please comment.  #food #insects #donuts


Cameron McKirdy has a headache from eating too much food over the Holidays. He feels like he went out drinking last night! Symptoms include extreme fatigue, sensitivity to light, bloating, nausea, dehydration, and a migraine headache. Survival Bros recommends putting down the food, and fasting until 2020.  Did you eat too much salt, fat, and sugar also?   Thanks for visiting the Survival Bros blog on WordPress.

#food #hangover #2020

From Survival Bros

Video of a Man peeing in Nature while enjoying a view of the Pacific Ocean.¬† It’s legal to urinate outdoors in the State of Oregon.¬† Do you piss outside?¬† Survival Bros thinks it’s natural, and fun!¬† Viewers must agree, because this was our #1 video of the Summer.¬† Mark your territory boys!¬†¬†

Subscribe to Cam on YouTube, and share this natural video.  How does it make you feel?  Add this manly HD video to your playlist.  More wild blog posts soon.

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Produced by Cameron McKirdy with “Big” Schlink in America

Survival Bros takes a huge excavator on a crazy farm ride.  Watch us play with a giant destruction machine. We hit a trailer, smash concrete, play with a bucket, cross a creek, remove a tree, and dig in the garden! Subscribe on YouTube for more fun videos with friends.

Clatsop Veteran’s Farm in Oregon on Facebook

Welcome to Survival Bros.¬† Watch this, then keep scroll’n down the blog.¬† Cam has been busy.

Working out with Fighters during Sparring Night at Valhalla in Gearhart, Oregon. Brawl with my Fighter Buddies as we improve ourselves, and develop self-defense skills. MMA with full pads on to prepare young men for real Pro and Amateur Mixed Martial Arts fights locally.

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Contact cam to Host your event in the Pacific Northwest!  He has been a Ring Announcer.

Here’s the Main Event of Beach Brawls in Seaside, Oregon.¬† I emceed the event at the Convention Center.¬† Emanuel Sanchez fights for Bellator now, and is moving up the ranks.¬† What a fight!

By Cam The Cuddler

I have an empty seat in my van. Maybe you can help me fill the position. Think you have what it takes to #survive vanlife? Here’s a few of my requirements for the role of superstar gypsy. Comment if there should be other tasks.

1. Must keep it (van) oiled. However, I may need sunscreen applied to my body as well to protect from harmful UV radiation.

2. Have to be on lookout for nude sunbathing locations. Obviously.

3. Should be generous…ready to give what you can to people and animals in need. We will be hugging trees too here in Oregon.

4. Light Navigation. Don’t disract me. Know your right from left?

5. Needs to be able to spot garage sales on weekends. I get first dibs on manly stuff.

Bonus if you’re athletic, have a driver’s license, and smell wonderful most of the time. Inexperience not required, but preferred. This adds to sense of adventure I think, as we try new things.

To apply to become a traveller, email me about yourself with a picture. In all honesty, I would like to meet a healthy girl to love on. I live a fun and wild life, and I’d like to share the journey with a nugget. Hit on me, or just send a nice note of platonic encouragement.

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By Cameron McKirdy

#SurvivalBros swaps fake dollar bills for a more authentic, and traditional unit of exchange (silver) in this HD video production.  Please like, comment, and share this #movie  For more content, take a minute to SUBSCRIBE to the Survival Bros YouTube Channel if you have an account!  Thanks.

You just saw proof that you can still get real silver for silver certificates.  The Government really should honor these novelty items.  But no.  You may only have Federal Reserve Notes.  Thanks!  

After consulting with expert buyers/sellers in my community, the¬†consensus¬†is that paper¬†silver certificates don’t go for more than $2-$5, unless you get a particular year, which I don’t know anything about yet.

But why stockpile silver versus other goods to trade potentially? ¬†Because paying for storage sucks, and I’m condensing my wealth to a smaller physical size. ¬†And silver in undervalued at this time, in my mind. ¬†So I can get more in trade later.

Yeah, but Walmart doesn’t take silver bullion! ¬†Not yet. ¬†And if you have silver coins you can simply take them to the coin shop in your hood to get cash to purchase Chinese garbage and GMOs. ¬†

Well, that dollar with The Rock on it isn’t worth a dollar, so you ripped them off, and you’re a jerk. ¬†Hmmm….I think it’s still¬†redeemable. ¬†And Dwayne Johnson may as well be on our money since it’s so funny.¬†¬†Audit The Fed.

¬†Take a second to leave a comment on this blog post, if you’d be so kind. ¬†What do you stockpile just in case, if anything? ¬†Cheers.

Silver Bullion Coins

5 year silver chart

Courtesy of Kitco

From Chris Cleanshave Miller

chris miller edc

My ‚Ä™#‚ÄéEDC‚Ĩ or ‚Ä™#‚ÄéEveryDayCarry‚Ĩ¬†– Mini Bic Lighter, small Swiss Army knife, P-38 Can Opener and an LED Flashlight. What’s in your pocket? ¬†You could throw together a simple survival kit like this one for around $10. ¬†So take the time, and get prepared for the future now.

Send Survival Bros a picture of your #EDC tools, and we’ll share it on the blog site here! ¬†

Visit his author page on, and download some of his backpacking books.

Thanks for checking out your Emergency Preparedness blog Survival Bros regularly.  More fun soon.  Cheers.

By Cameron McKirdy I sling a day pack on my back nearly every day. ¬†I’ve mentioned the types of things I have in it before, like gear, food, and a warm change of clothes. ¬†So when I discovered the Ribz Front Pack, I was stoked. ¬†This innovative, steroid injected version of a fanny pack solves many of the challenges I face when backpacking. ¬†Here I am with it on the Hummocks Trailhead near Mount St. Helens in Washington State. Ribz Front Pack One issue I have with a regular backpack is I’m constantly taking it off to grab water, my cell phone, or something else that isn’t handy. ¬†With Ribz Wear, it’s all right in front of me, so I can continue trail blazing. ¬†I also mention in the video how backpacks catch on trees when I have to duck under them. ¬†It usually happens a few times each hike, and I practically have to crawl under the obstacle. ¬†With my gear in front, navigating through heavy brush is considerably easier. ¬†The best part of this system is the pack is easy to adjust. ¬†My Dad’s chest and waist are smaller than mine, so after he used it, a quick tug on the straps in back and in front made it comfortable again for me. ¬†Plus, Ribz have long, padded shoulder straps, so it feels like a natural extension of your body. ¬† Mount St. Helens Adventures Map Check out the map of different Mount St. Helens Adventures. ¬†Back to the Ribz Front Pack review, I must mention the Large version I tested can hold absurd amounts, with an 11 liter capacity. ¬†Even with it packed full, I was able to swing my arms freely. ¬†My dad wore it, and noted that you could still use hiking poles with it on. ¬†Ribz makes smaller Front Packs with 8 liters of room too. ¬†Internally, there are separate pouches to keep smaller items organized. ¬†These elastic lined compartments will hold all your tools close to your ribs, and prevent them from rattling around. ¬†We both ran with it, and the pack remained snug, not bouncing around, or swaying side to side.Mount St. Helens View In conclusion, the Ribz Front Pack is an excellent tool itself. ¬†The quality is¬†unbelievable, and far superior to what I¬†expected. ¬†It’s lightweight, at only 11 ounces, so it beats a backpack there too. ¬†However, I think it would be best suited for use with a rear pack, so the weight of your supplies can be evenly distributed forward and back, thus giving you better posture than wearing one or the other. ¬†But if you’re into ultralight backpacking, Ribz might be a dream come true. ¬†You can’t machine wash Ribz, but it cleans up nicely with a wet rag. ¬†I love the Cordura brand water resistant, ripstop material it’s fabricated with. ¬†I will be sporting my Ribz for a long time. ¬†I like it so much I want the smaller 8 liter pack too for shorter trips, and cross country running. ¬†I just don’t know which color to get next. ¬†Check out to grab yours.

Cam makes instant coffee with an emergency water packet at Loowit Lookout near Mt. St. Helens in Washington State.  Subscribe to Survival Bros on Youtube for more!  Thanks for watching!  Feel free to comment.

Mt. St. Helens SelfieCam snaps a selfie with his dad on the trail

Produced by Cameron McKirdy

One of the most popular every day carry knives is the Kershaw Chive designed by Ken Onion. ¬†This sly blade features the patented SpeedSafe assisted opening, giving it a remarkable feel. ¬†In the HD video I put the knife to the test, slicing a can, plastic bottle, different types of cordage, and much more. ¬†On Youtube I couldn’t find anyone doing a legit cut test with the Chive, so I made an extreme one.

I was genuinely surprised to see that the Kershaw didn’t dull after cutting the soda can. ¬†I muscled through the bottom, and I was sure it would damage the blade, or at least scratch the titanium-oxide rainbow coating. ¬†But even after that, I was able to shave off a good chunk of arm hair in a few strokes. ¬†The knife did everything I wanted it to, making it a perfect EDC tool. ¬†It’s ultra lightweight too, at only 1.7 ounces. ¬†

The Chive comes in a wide¬†variety¬†of colors, some with different handle materials, but the Rainbow version is the most¬†expensive. ¬†There’s nothing girly about it. ¬†The wild coating reminds me of an oil slick, which are always interesting to look at. ¬†I like the stepped thumb studs, because they are rigid, making the small 1 15/16″ blade easy to open. ¬†However, I prefer to use the flipper on the back, because I feel it’s a little safer, and there’s no chance of¬†slicing¬†my thumb on deployment. ¬†It does have a solid tip-lock system for safety, so the knife won’t open when you pull it¬†out of your pocket. ¬†In addition, I love the long, sturdy pocket clip. ¬†It’s not rainbow, just polished steel with the Kershaw logo etched down it. ¬†Plus, the jimping on the top of the blade gives you more control, which is good because the Chive is small, and somewhat slick due to the coating.

At the end of the day, the Kershaw Chive is a legend. ¬†Trust me, you want one. ¬†It makes a great keychain knife, and if you carry it on you, you’ll use it daily. ¬†For additional tech specs, and to view other models, visit¬†¬† Thanks for visiting and supporting Survival Bros – your emergency preparedness blog. ¬†Comments, likes, and shares are appreciated. ¬†What knife would you like me to test next, and what should I destroy with it? ¬†Peace.

rainbowchive_1600vib_1The Kershaw Rainbow Chive – Model 1600VIB

My survival keychain video starring The Chive

Popping Blisters with the small knife after hiking on the PCT

By Cameron McKirdy

Let me start by saying Happy Holidays!  I wish you the best, and hope you give more than you get.  Having said that, my fam was in town for Thanksgiving, and Black Friday shopping/trampling.  Before my Dad and I set out to hike near Mount St. Helens, they invited me into their hotel for a free deluxe continental breakfast.  The feast was on.

The hotel had waffles to make, yogurt, fruit, hash browns, juice, coffee, cereal, eggs, sausage, everything! ¬†I can’t say I’ve ever sneaked into a hotel for a free breakfast (before this), but I would if I was hungry. ¬†However, when I am a legit guest I do take goodies for the road. ¬†Trust me, my pockets get filled with honey packets, peanut butter, whatever. ¬†My brother use to creep into fine hotels in Eugene about twice a month to get his fill before class. ¬†Andrew¬†blogged about it here on Survival Bros. ¬†It’s funny. ¬†But I’m not advising you to steal, just sharing a survival tactic for if you’re about to die and need food energy.

You can see in the HD video above I loaded up on the complementary grub, and took it back to their room. ¬†I scarfed it, and sipped dank coffee. ¬†Then I scoured for other freebies like shampoo, soap, packaged coffee, plus sugars, creamers, straws, napkins, and a new roll of toilet paper. ¬†It’s not much, but it will help me get through another day. ¬†Being a¬†scavenger¬†is key¬†to survival. ¬†Work on that skill just in case. ¬†Please visit here¬†regularly. ¬†I will be¬†blogging about my 10 mile Mt. St. Helens hike soon. ¬†Take care of yourself, and each other. ¬†And question authority!

hotel waffle