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Produced By Cameron McKirdy

Watch Survival Bros repair Oregon Ducks Nike shoes with an officially licensed Survival Straps bracelet.  My shoelace broke, and I needed a solution ASAP so I could get back on the road.  It worked out great, because the green color matched my player edition, team issued kicks.

It was easy to unravel the tightly bound milspec 550 paracord strap, taking only a few¬†minutes¬†to get the cordage I needed.¬†¬†As I mention in the HD video, I did have to cut off the ends so they could pass through the adjustable plastic clasp. ¬†However, it was no problem reheating the tips so they wouldn’t come undone later. ¬†I had plenty of cord to work with, and I cut it to length. ¬†Luckily my new laces were able to pass through the holes as I relaced my Nikes. ¬†Now my shoelaces are stronger than ever, and handy if I need them for another purpose. ¬†Plus, because this was an emergency I will get a new band when I share my story with Survival Straps. ¬†I was worried I was going to be barefoot this afternoon, but I was prepared with my paracord bracelet nearby. ¬†The last thing I want is my shoe to come off when I bike through a busy¬†intersection. ¬†I’m good to go.


They have so many cool designs, you really have to look at them for yourself. ¬†I also like the wide double fish tail designs. ¬†At $29.99 the Oregon Ducks Survival Straps is a deal. ¬†You’ll get up to 15 feet of military spec super strong paracord from one bracelet. ¬†Having a little extra cordage in an emergency situation could be the difference between life in death. ¬†Thankfully, I wasn’t in true danger this time.

Here’s a link to my other blog post about Survival Straps. ¬†Please visit Survival Bros again soon. ¬†Best wishes.

Oregon Ducks Nikes RepairedMy fixed kicks with green 550 paracord laces

Produced By Cameron McKirdy

End of the World – Seaside, OR

Survival Bros now makes survival bracelets. These are great to have on hand if you need extra cordage quickly for a tourniquet, etc. Check out our new two-color designs below. We’ll have more styles available soon. Email your details to us at if you are interested in one. Just tell us your wrist length and color preference if any. Thanks.