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Cameron McKirdy created his biggest #EDC video yet!  Watch and see all the essential items to save up, to eat and drink later during survival situations.  These kits were organized by durable quart size resealable plastic bags, put in everyday carry backpacks, and the van too.  #vanlife

Survival Bros Presents the ultimate Everyday Carry items video Playlist on our YouTube channel. Start a viewing session, and learn how to prepare for daily life from the most popular personalities on the internet. Get new ideas for your own #edc kit, and share this list of related vlogs with friends!

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From Chris Cleanshave Miller

chris miller edc

My ‚Ä™#‚ÄéEDC‚Ĩ or ‚Ä™#‚ÄéEveryDayCarry‚Ĩ¬†– Mini Bic Lighter, small Swiss Army knife, P-38 Can Opener and an LED Flashlight. What’s in your pocket? ¬†You could throw together a simple survival kit like this one for around $10. ¬†So take the time, and get prepared for the future now.

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By Cameron McKirdy

I’ve been on the hunt at local thrift shops for a bargain. ¬†After scouring the Eugene/Springfield, Oregon area I hauled in fresh gear, and saved a wad of money buying items second hand. ¬†However, most of the swag mentioned in this HD video production is new. ¬†I’ve been popping tags. ¬†I hope to use these pieces backpacking, vandwelling, and as essential Every Day Carry items. ¬†

Nike SFB Tan Boots

I found a new pair of Nike Special Field Boots or SFB at St. Vinnie’s. ¬†They retail online for $140 or more, if you can locate your size. ¬†I had hoped they were size 12’s¬†when I spotted them on display.¬†¬†It was my lucky day, because they were a match for me. ¬†The desert tan kicks had been marked $29.99, but were half off that day. ¬†I got the shoes for $14.99! ¬†I’ve been wanting this exact pair of 8 inch high military style boots. ¬†Here’s the male¬†equivalent¬†of girls wearing Uggs in public.¬† I get lots of compliments on them. ¬†No I haven’t served, but I train with soldiers. ¬†

Mechanix MPACT gloves

I lost one of my all black Mechanix M-PACT Covert gloves bouncing around town celebrating New Years. ¬†So, now I’m breaking in another pair of work gloves that I had for backup. ¬†I like wearing them while biking, or even driving my Volkswagen Vanagon. ¬†This brightly colored safety wear is men’s size Large. ¬†Newer versions fit even better. ¬†I also like that they dry out quickly in the sun.

Here’s my other videos on thrift store shopping. ¬†I’ve found some treasures, and I look forward to going back into the city to discover what else I can’t live without. ¬†Thanks for supporting the blog. ¬†Visit again shortly. ¬†I have lots of wacky videos in the works. ¬†Have a great Spring Break, and Summer!¬†

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Produced by

Produced By Cameron McKirdy

Learn which individual servings or samples of condiments, and sauce you can find for free.  Do some urban scavenging like me.  Stockpile packets of ketchup, salsa, candy, and more items for storage.  My favorite package seen in the video is the lemon juice.  I forgot to mention it.  You can find just about any free food packet out there.  I have a secret sauce floating around my van somewhere from Burger King.  I think I eat out more for condiments than the fast food itself.

Having these sauces, and sugars, etc. on hand saves money. ¬†Take food packets¬†like the ones shown on your next camping trip for extra spice, or flavor in your meal. ¬†Get free condiments as seen on Survival Bros at¬†restaurants, and¬†convenience¬†stores. ¬†If something isn’t priced, it must be available to take. ¬†

Do you stockpile packets like I¬†do? ¬†I feel like such a rebel when my pockets are full, and I’ve made a clean getaway with the loot.

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Free Condiments Food KitFree Condiments Food Kit by Survival Bros – An Alternative News Community

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By Cameron McKirdy

car camping food listCar camping is one of my favorite blog topics. ¬†I hope you find it interesting too. ¬†Here’s a checklist of my top foods to store in your vehicle. ¬†Many items instantly turn into grub by adding hot water. ¬†I got ideas for the perfect van dwelling foods by watching YouTube videos of Thru Hikers packing for their long distance trips. ¬†Search for Pacific Crest Trail aka PCT, or Appalachian¬†Trail¬†Backpackers¬†online.

Ziplock bags are a trusted way to keep organized. ¬†You can even write on the outside with a permanent pen to label things. ¬†Plus, plastic sacks maintain some protection from water, rats, an other elements. ¬†Let me know if you have any questions about my setup. ¬†Add several gallons of distilled and spring water (not pictured), and I’m ready to go off the grid for weeks. ¬†I’m stocked up on:

  • Honey with ginseng, bee pollen, and royal jelly
  • Drinks: water, aloe water, coconut beverages, teas, fruit juices
  • Soups in cans to heat and serve, and powdered packets
  • Protein Powder, plus various green powders (wheat grass)
  • Pasta Sides, and Dishes like Top Ramen
  • Dehydrated Food such as Mountain House Freeze Dried Meals (Apple Crisp is my favorite)
  • Fruit: Fresh Produce like apples and bananas, also fruit strips, bottles, and cans
  • Nuts and Seeds like Almond and Hemp
  • Granola Bars, and Oatmeal¬†
  • Instant Coffee, instant milk
  • Condiments: Packets of butter, salsa, pepper, salt, raw sugar, mayonnaise, ketchup, and everything else Free and Holy
  • Canned meats: Flavored tuna, Spam, Chicken Salad with crackers


By Cameron McKirdy

¬†Mitsubishi Fuso FG 140 4×4 truck spotted in Seaside, Oregon! ¬†This emergency preparedness rig has an ideal setup for extreme mobile living, and protection from undead zombies among us. ¬†Would you car camp in this monster? ¬†It looks comfortable, and well designed. ¬†It may be bigger than I’d want for bugging out, and I don’t know about the color, but it’s an excellent truck platform to work from. ¬†The Fuso just needs a¬†snorkel¬†if it’s going to spend the winter on the Oregon Coast. ¬†I didn’t¬†see a camera system installed either for extra security.

This beast looks like a completely custom job, made to be multi-purpose. ¬†There’s few places it couldn’t go on Earth. ¬†I’d love to hear what you have to say about this setup in the comment section, or on our YouTube channel. ¬†I’m sure this vehicle will be on the road for a long time, baring an unforeseen¬†marauders, or natural disasters, etc. ¬†Please SUBSCRIBE to Survival Bros by entering¬†your email on the top left side of the screen! ¬†Stay tuned for more emergency preparedness news, because you can’t know what’s around the corner.

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Mitsubishi Zombie TruckA Zombie Aapocalypse Edition 4×4 truck parked in Seaside, Oregon


By Cameron McKirdy

Survival Bros gives you a tour of the 1986 Volkswagon Vanagon, and discusses van dwelling.  I use the Coast Products TX100 LED flashlight to show you how dark the windows are now with tint and black vinyl covering them.  Look at the other gear I use and how, including my Kelty Recluse 2.5 insulated sleeping pad.  You have to have some kind of mat to lay on to be comfortable camping.

I’ve been doing a great job of staying clear of local police. ¬†I continue to camp on private property with¬†permission¬†from the owner, or legally at camp grounds. ¬†Plus, by staying at designated rest areas, the cops can’t charge me with¬†overnight camping. ¬†The police have better things to do anyways, like uphold their oath to The Constitution, and keep the peace. ¬†We know law enforcement is big fans of our emergency preparedness blog, so thanks for visiting! ¬†More adventures from the road soon. ¬†


By Cameron McKirdy

On outside:

– S Biners

– Blinking Red Light

– Tool Tether

– Grocery Ties

– Compass Keychain Tool

Front pouch:

– LG G2 with Ballistic Shell Gel Case

– Ear plugs

– Wall charger for smart phone

– Superfood pills – Maca, turmeric, bee pollen, B 12

– Duct Tape on card

– Coast Products PX20 Dual Color flashlight with pouch

– Camera Case (Case Logic)

– Kershaw Blur – Tanto Tiger Stripe folding knife

– Leatherman Skeletool

РMoist Wipes for hygiene

–¬†Toothpaste¬†and travel brush

– Chapstick

– Ballpoint Pen

– Listerine Breath Strips

– Sharpie Oil Pain Pen

– Tide Pen for stains

– Large Professional Sharpie Pen

– Coast Products DX356 knife

– Large Bic Lighter

Main Pouch:

– LED LENSER H14 Headlamp

– Dri-Fit Nike Hat – Go Ducks!

– OPTIONAL: Change of clothes, solar panel

– Notebook for ideas, contacts, calculator

– GSI Outdoors Stainless Steel 1 Liter bottle

– Mechanix Wear M Covert Gloves (Large)

Coast Products F611 Survival Knife with glassbreaker

– Camelbak 3 Liter hydration pack

Right Side Pouch:

 РFood Kit, Airborne Plus Energy Mix, raw food bars, honey, protein bars, condoms, vitamins, Chapstick sample, sugar, oatmeal, dish-washing soap, tea, salmon packets, instant soup, microwavable popcorn, and more Antibacterial Moist Wipes

Left Side Pouch: 

РAluminum Free deodorant, poncho, emergency blanket, Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Kit, spare cell phone and charger, camera charger and camera, shampoo, soap

Notes:  Everyday Carry Backpack items change all the time.  Make something like this for yourself for everyday emergency preparedness.  My pack also has a rain cover, but I have considered buying a medium sized dry bag.  I also carry 3m protective sunglasses, paracord bracelet, keychain with tools, one Hoo-Rag bandana, my wallet, and a mace pen, but the self-defense weapon fell out in my van before filming.  Oh well, I survived.  Please like, comment, and subscribe to the blog and our Survival Bros channel on YouTube.  We are on Facebook too!  Thanks for watching.  Peace and love.

EDC Backpack ItemsPhoto of the full EDC Backpack Gear Setup for Survival Bros.


Produced By Cameron McKirdy 

Tactical Gypsy, a Marine currently in the National Guard gives you a rundown on his everyday carry¬†gear. ¬†These are items he brings with him¬†wherever¬†he goes in general. ¬†His tactical backpack is packed with things that could¬†help him overcome adversity, and adapt to his environment. ¬†Below is the full load-out list to help you plan out your own emergency bag. ¬†With over 26,000 views on YouTube, this HD video will soon be our most popular production. ¬†Please subscribe to us on YouTube¬†to watch all of our epic videos, and to join in the discussion there. ¬†Thanks for all of your support. ¬†We have big plans for ¬†for Survival Bros. ¬†We’ve launched a secure store to provide you with gear, and nutritional supplements to make you more prepared for life. ¬†We’ll be adding tons of new products shortly, so check out the shop often. ¬†By supporting the blog, it gives us more free time to put out additional information to better serve you. ¬† We wish you the best. ¬†Now go get a prep out of the way today, to make tomorrow brighter. ¬†Peace and love.

Tactical Gypsy’s EDC List:

– Notepad aka Black Book with Pen(s)

– Casio G’zOne Smart Phone

– Surefire LED Flashlight with extra batteries

– Bic Lighter

– Flavored Chapstick with SPF 15

– Wallet with cash, IDs, concealed hand gun permit, plus Passport

– Coast DX356 Knife

– Survival Straps Paracord Bracelet

– Suunto Black Core Watch

– Clothes Vary – Leather Belt

– Merrell Moab Boots (waterproof) with paracord shoe laces

– Glock 23 .40 Smith and Wesson with inside the waistband kydex holdster by Blade Tech

– Black Tactical Backpack (Adidas)

– Maxpedition Medical Pack with extra magazine, includes gauze, QuickClot, sterile pads, lots of tape

– Laptop (password protected) with charger

– Multi-tool and small serrated knife in case

– Large Plastic Bag

– Level 2 Body Armor

– Fixed blade throwing knife with paracord wrapped handle

– Boo Boo kit with Neosporin, duct tape, band-aids

– Toothpast (fluoride free) and toothpicks with floss

–¬†Combat Application Tourniquet

– Weapon Light

– Electrical Tape

– Extra Cordage (shoe laces)

– Pouch of crystals and rocks

– Keys

– Odor Spray for Bullet-Proof vest, ect.

–¬†Military¬†Lensatic Compass

– Headphones and Earplugs

survival bros logo

Produced By Cameron McKirdy

Take a look at my new commuter bike called the Giant Sedona. ¬†It’s been way more comfortable to cruise in than my hardtail mountain bike. ¬†I like being able to ride up high, and adjust the handlebars so I can sit up straight. ¬†In the HD video you can see all of the extras I threw on it. ¬†Building a bike, although it not from scratch, is still a blast, ¬†I purchased new Defender fenders to keep myself fresh, a tiny black bell so I don’t have to scream at all the tourists to move or die, water bottle holders for hydration 24/7, and a big manly basket to hold my wildflowers in (more like edible mushrooms). ¬†Andy at Prom Bike Shop in Seaside, Oregon told me this bicycle would be an excellent candidate for a 49cc motor, so I’m thing about that upgrade. ¬†It’s a work in progress. ¬†I’m just grateful to have a bike that doesn’t destroy me after riding it short distances. ¬†I’ve never owned a Giant before, but I’m sure I will be¬†satisfied. ¬†Like¬†the satin black color with gold trim? ¬†It’s different. ¬†You’ll see more videos and blogs featuring this whip soon. ¬†Thanks or supporting Survival Bros. ¬†The website has been doing great, and our YouTube audience is growing rapidly. ¬†So please subscribe to our channel here if you haven’t, or click the link to discover other related fun videos. ¬†Peace.

prom bike Seaside OR

Biking The Prom in Seaside Oregon