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By Cam and Ryker with Chad

Survival Bros fires at a new Metal Target with a toy. Thanks for visiting our website #survivalbros

Bringing Smiles to Show and Tell

Ryker is a good shot! It was fun making a video with him about his toy Mossburg 590M Airsoft BB Shotgun. He got the Metal Target for Christmas. Spoiled boy. When he isn’t fishing, he is aiming at something. We can’t wait for Summer.

Having fun during Winter with Friends
Jumping Pro AO Scooters in Oregon
Cam on The Range

Produced by Cameron McKirdy

Survival Bros uses an old Gerber “Flayer” knife to chop fruit for a quick product review.¬† This knife is hard to find.¬† Cameron bought it at a garage sale for just $3.¬† Now he has it up for sale on his eBay account: Survival Bros Listings¬† Check out our online Auctions, and bid on some cool outdoor gear.¬† More here soon on your Emergency Preparedness Blog: #survivalbros¬† Please comment on this video, like it, and share the link with your friends.¬† Thanks for watching our channel, and reading our articles!

Cam recommends cleaning and conditioning old leather with Saddle Soap, or Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam.  But does it work on Lizard?  Let us know.

By Survival Bros of Oregon, #USA

Learn about investing in trading cards from the owner of New Hobby in Salem, Oregon.¬† Collectors are also raiding Target and WalMart for packs of Prizm by Panini.¬† Fans of Zion Williamson are #zionhunting this young player for personal collections, or to invest in as a trader.¬† He hasn’t played a game yet due to knee surgery, but is expected back on the basketball court soon for the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans team.¬† It’s fun to look for autographs, relics, and numbered cards in both hobby and retail sets.¬† Bball cards are popular on selling sites and¬† Comment if you like this blog topic.¬† Good health to you, and yours this Holiday Season.¬†¬†

Watch as a YouTuber pulls a Zion Williamson autograph from a “Hanger Box” that cost under $20!

Bonus Video from CARDSMITH BREAKS on YouTube.¬† “The Zion Mixer.”¬† Fans pay for a chance to win these cards.¬† Watch the guys pull three huge #zions at the Local Card Shop.

New informative video from SPORTS CARD INVESTOR on #yt  Who do you collect?  Time to stack?

Zion Williamson Prizm Crusade Rookie Card

Collectors are #zionhunting these Prizm “Silver” trading cards in packs and boxes!

By Cameron McKirdy

Survival Bros combs The Woods, and identifies King Bolete, or Porcini Mushrooms in Oregon!¬† Hunted in the Clatsop County forest near the Pacific Ocean.¬† Cameron foraged, dried, and ate them for a meal off the land.¬† Dried fungi will last a very long time in your kit. Please share this Survival Bros video, and SUBSCRIBE on YouTube.¬† Many more Adventures coming Summer 2019…

Copy and Paste:
Filmed on 6/5/19 

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By Cameron McKirdy

Celebrate Scottish Heritage right here on #survivalbros with a positive comment.  The Scots have a history of making America better.  Learn and recognize on Wikipedia now.  

And how about the Pendleton wool hunting tartan dress shirt I found at a discount store for $2?!  I had to vlog about finding these fine threads.

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Pendleton Wool Blog on Tartan Day with Photos

Learn how to do some Scottish Highland Dancing since there’s¬†time:

Cam Cuddles Pro Cuddler


Blog Post by Cameron McKirdy

In this HD video, I show you how to get free food samples at any Safeway Grocery Store simply by asking. ¬†First stop; The Bakery. ¬†I scored¬†a chocolate chip cookie, and a rich brownie with fudge frosting by using little effort. ¬†Getting this freebie was child’s play, but the complementary grub isn’t available only for the kids, as you may have thought. ¬†I use this method on most of my visits to large retailers. ¬†The bakers told me they give out 10-15 trays of 45 count cookies daily. ¬†So claim your grub, and don’t let free calories go uneaten. ¬†Also of note, The Bakery is on my way from the back of the grocery store, where I check the half off sale items anyways.¬†

Free samples and¬†bargains¬†can be had, even at the most expensive Safeway in America, located in my hometown of Seaside, Oregon. ¬†I do this wild stuff to offset the cost of my calorie intake, and for my own sick amusement. ¬†I want to get the maximum out of any given situation, like I did in this social¬†experiment. ¬†The¬†employees are typically¬†really generous, and don’t mind my request. ¬†
Free Cookie Samples Safeway
A friend and I¬†once got three types of no cost cookies for each person asking. ¬†So we enjoyed a variety of desserts for free to enjoy while filling my cart. ¬†Share your comments below on urban¬†scavenging.Beef Sample at Safeway DeliIn this photo I show off my huge haul of three roast beef pieces after¬†politely¬†requesting to try some red meat at the deli¬†counter. ¬† This was enough flesh for a hearty sandwich, but I ate it in store, and even shared some with another shopper! ¬†Push the limit, and ask to sample each and every appetizing¬†food type behind the glass. ¬†It’s the education you need to become a smarter shopper.

Click here for more information on how to get free stuff in life in another #SurvivalBros article.


Going into a bank to take free food and drink without being a Member. ¬†I scored moist cookies, enough coffee, tea, and sugar packets for the road. ¬†Would you get freebies like this to survive and thrive in an urban environment? ¬†The grub was sitting on a platter near the window on Commercial St. ¬†Of course that’s my calories. ¬†You can get free suckers at financial institutions too. ¬†Plus, visit a Tire Center, or Hardware Store for free popcorn to go. ¬†Coming soon on HD video – see all of the free product samples I took from Health Food Stores. ¬†


Cameron takes free food, drink, and sugar from a bank

Cameron takes free food, drink, and sugar from a bank

Produced By Cameron McKirdy

I’ve been managing Cougar Crossing¬†Campground in The Willamette National Forest, while living in my Volkswagen Vanagon. ¬†Plus, running Terwilliger Hot Spring in Oregon. ¬†That has kept me busy enough, but with Spring and Summer, come baby making, and mice are no exception. ¬†I have¬†assassinated¬†18 mice in three weeks, using¬†this Five Gallon Bucket Peanut Butter Trap, and a few¬†traditional¬†spring loaded wooden¬†Victor Brand weapons.¬†¬† Watch the HD Survival Bros Video Production¬†below to¬†see exactly how to build your own mouse deathtrap. ¬†

Keep the critters out of your house, and vehicle by using this hunting method. ¬†It’s a simple, and easy¬†solution, to a¬†disgusting¬†problem. ¬†I hate killing anything living,¬†but NOW they won’t be damaging my car, tent, etc. and eating my food! ¬†I lost a few Pop Tarts folks. ¬†To make this project at home:

1. Spread Peanut Butter around the inside edge of the large plastic bucket, just down from lip

2.  Place stick running up to the top, overhanging so the mice fall inside after looking for a meal

3.  Fill bucket with 3 Р4 inches of water

4.  Wait overnight for animals to become trapped, and die

5.  Dispose of dead rodents properly with gloves, bury if possible a foot underground

Don’t call me PETA. ¬†I love animals, and drowning is a peaceful way to go right? ¬†Continue reading for more helpful information about mouse removal and¬†solutions¬†from personal experience.

I asked around for more mice control tips and tricks, and here’s what my friends came up with. ¬†Rats dislike pure mint oil extract. ¬†Place a few drops on a cotton ball, and put it where you’ve seen animals to keep them out. ¬†Also, try putting dryer sheets in the holes of your car or house. ¬†The mice won’t want to pass through these smelly spots. ¬†Steel wool (not thin) set in car air vents is a deterrent too, allegedly. ¬†Play with these things if you have a rodent issue. ¬†I think it’s good stuff to know, so I’m taking the time to share for my fellow Survival Bros.

Manager's Campground Spot #1 on The McKenzie River

Manager’s Campground Spot #1 on The McKenzie River

The most mice I’ve captured in a night was four! ¬†They are getting thinned out quick, but I expect them in waves all Summer. ¬†I also decapitated some poor, innocent slugs, when they set off the lever on my traps. ¬†It takes time setting up multiple devices. ¬†I’ve spent 30 minutes many nights smearing peanut butter, and setting them in all the right spots. ¬†Which for me, would be small game trails, near holes, or by my vehicle. ¬†In addition, a pal told me dumping sugar away from your camping spot will keep various critters out of your outdoor gear.

You can also try low tech scare tactics on the mice. ¬†When I first heard them scampering around my Vanagon, I didn’t have traps in place. ¬†So I make a bunch of intimidating¬†noises. ¬†I was hissing, growling, barking, and clapping. ¬†That didn’t work, and neither did playing music. ¬†I should have tried Nickelback. ¬†Shaking the van side to side wasn’t and effective¬†deterrent¬†either. ¬†The mice are too smart. ¬†I swear they are tuned into my brain waves, and attack my living quarters as soon as I start to fall asleep.

1986 Volkswagen Vanagon GL Vandwelling Project for Survival Bros

1986 Volkswagen Vanagon GL Vandwelling Project for Survival Bros

Later I peed on my rig to make it seem like a big animal lives there, and to serve as a warning. ¬†If I wasn’t deathly allergic to evil cats, I’d get one to stand watch. ¬†Where’s an owl when you need one? ¬†I have tried it all folks. ¬†And the 5 gallon peanut butter bucket trap as seen HERE¬†works best. ¬†Good luck. ¬†More soon. ¬†Please comment, like, and share this blog post with friends. ¬†You’re the best.

Owl Kills Squirrel and Poses for Cameron McKirdy's Camera

Owl Kills Squirrel and Poses for Cameron McKirdy’s Camera

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By Cameron McKirdy – Survival Bros. Founder

I saw this amazing elk herd when I drove to Del Rey Beach in Gearhart, Oregon. ¬†I parked my Volkswagen Vanagon in the lot, grabbed my HD camera, and snuck up on them all. ¬†I came from the beach, and quietly walked through tall grass from behind to get the shot. ¬†I hope you enjoy my footage. ¬†This is raw news produced for our alternative news community – Survival Bros. ¬†It’s not everyday Mother Nature allows us to see beauty on Earth like this. ¬†Experience it. ¬†Peace and love.

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Screenshots, or still images from Cameron McKirdy’s¬†HD video Art


Survival Bros hunts for urban treasure at local thrift stores around town in Eugene, Oregon. ¬†Cameron McKirdy must have been to eight shops that day. ¬†All of the searching paid off, wouldn’t you say? ¬†Thanks for watching another HD video production. ¬†Please subscribe today via email! ¬†Happy hunting Survival Bros. ¬†More on