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By Survival Bros of Oregon, #USA

Learn about investing in trading cards from the owner of New Hobby in Salem, Oregon.¬† Collectors are also raiding Target and WalMart for packs of Prizm by Panini.¬† Fans of Zion Williamson are #zionhunting this young player for personal collections, or to invest in as a trader.¬† He hasn’t played a game yet due to knee surgery, but is expected back on the basketball court soon for the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans team.¬† It’s fun to look for autographs, relics, and numbered cards in both hobby and retail sets.¬† Bball cards are popular on selling sites and¬† Comment if you like this blog topic.¬† Good health to you, and yours this Holiday Season.¬†¬†

Watch as a YouTuber pulls a Zion Williamson autograph from a “Hanger Box” that cost under $20!

Bonus Video from CARDSMITH BREAKS on YouTube.¬† “The Zion Mixer.”¬† Fans pay for a chance to win these cards.¬† Watch the guys pull three huge #zions at the Local Card Shop.

New informative video from SPORTS CARD INVESTOR on #yt  Who do you collect?  Time to stack?

Zion Williamson Prizm Crusade Rookie Card

Collectors are #zionhunting these Prizm “Silver” trading cards in packs and boxes!

By Founder Cameron McKirdy

Items for Emergency Preparedness in a Bear Vault for Backpacking.¬† People use these on hiking trips to store food.¬† Bears and other animals can’t get inside.¬† I thought it would be the ideal cache container for extra survival gear.¬† What a thrift store find for $2.99.¬† Keep working on your Survival Kits.¬† We recommend you store caches in safe locations, above and below ground.¬† Ask your friends and family if you can put stuff at their place just in case of a disaster.¬† There’s tons of turmoil, and unrest on Earth.¬† Uncertainty.¬† So plan ahead Survival Bros.¬†¬†

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By Cameron McKirdy

A creepy Healthy Oregon Project or HOP vending machine pops up at Sunset Empire Parks and Recreation pool in Seaside, Oregon to collect your personal DNA. Don’t use these OHSU genetic collecting and screening devices. Respect your privacy, and protect your sensitive information.

Look what the Oregon Health & Science University did to this sperm donor! They lied to a Doctor about his genetic material, and how they would use it. Free services should be examined carefully. You can’t even call anyone about these HOP Spots.¬† No number anywhere online.¬† Now there’s two machines in my city.¬† Another got placed at Providence Seaside Hospital.¬† Staff was told not to talk about it.¬† Not sketch at all.

Contact Skyler Archibald to complain about this program. (503) 738-3311

Stupid Art project trying to be clever via Ted Talks.

23andMe and other genetic screening services will give your precious DNA to cops.

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Don't use one of these machines!

Big Brother just took a dump in the pool

By Cameron McKirdy

Survival Bros combs The Woods, and identifies King Bolete, or Porcini Mushrooms in Oregon!¬† Hunted in the Clatsop County forest near the Pacific Ocean.¬† Cameron foraged, dried, and ate them for a meal off the land.¬† Dried fungi will last a very long time in your kit. Please share this Survival Bros video, and SUBSCRIBE on YouTube.¬† Many more Adventures coming Summer 2019…

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Filmed on 6/5/19 

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Hey Friends,

Cameron McKirdy here from the Astoria, Oregon library.¬† I’m working on some website and YouTube SEO.¬† My Survival Bros channel is growing rapidly; thanks for your continued support.¬† Please take a second to SUBSCRIBE, so we can get to 10,000 community members ASAP.

Here’s my latest vandwelling food kit items in HD!¬† Buy a van and go (tip).

Previously on Survival Bros… #Chevy #G20 #van

My van blows a head gasket on a classic Chevy G20 Gladiator after a hose breaks, and the temperature gauge fails to work.¬† Watch the newly release dramatic video footage now!¬† Smoke is never a good thing, unless it’s weed.

Next Up: Hustling on The Streets!  Watch a clip of items I tried to sell to a buyer from Facebook.  She was interested in a glass bottle, but I ended up getting $35 from her for half of this junk.  I had a blast going to 200 garage sales this summer to bargain hunt, and haggle with strangers.

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On Seaside, Oregon beach where Cameron McKirdy produced “Abandoned” episode #5 called Nuclear Waste with team VICELAND Canada.¬† Have you seen the “Vanagon Survivalist” giving a hug to Pro Skater Rick McCrank?¬† It’s on Hulu, and Amazon.


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Produced by Cameron McKirdy

Watch and learn how to get a free home, vehicle, or abandoned trailer like this one I found. ¬†It was left on a back road in Oregon. ¬†If someone doesn’t claim it by the posted time on the public notice, then it will be towed and impounded. ¬†To get a free house, etc. just call the Sheriff and tell the police it’s yours now, and you will be taking responsibility¬†of ownership. ¬†

I could put this on a friend’s property, or pay only $35 per month to store it locally. ¬†Decisions…Decisions…and here I am blogging about it.

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By Cam The Professional Cuddler

Hello Friends,

In this Survival Bros vlog I visit a gym to use a free trial membership.  Really, I just wanted to use the sauna and shower at no cost.  I encourage you to ask more, and see what you can get in life.

Using an infrared sauna will get rid of toxins, open pores, and relax tense muscles. ¬†It was hot as Vegas, but I loved IT. ¬†I lasted 25 minutes. ¬†No idea what the temperature was! ¬†After this I drove my new Mustang to Portland to hustle at pawn shops and thrift stores. ¬†I forget what I found…but I’ll find it again. ¬†ha¬†

Best Wishes from Oregon,


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By Cameron McKirdy – Survival Bros Founder

Learn about getting food and supplement samples from your local shops at NO COST.  I visit health food stores such as GNC, and ask the cashier for freebies, or take items from their basket of product trials.  These individual servings will be stored properly in Ziploc bags, and placed in various emergency preparedness kits, plus my Everyday Carry backpack.  I have saved tons of money using this method of urban scavenging.  You can make your own freebie haul like this with little effort.

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By Cameron McKirdy

Check out the¬†vintage bike frame I was given for FREE. ¬†I’ve always wanted an old school Specialized Rockhopper, so I had to fix it up, and ride. ¬†The bicycle needed some TLC. ¬†I bought new handlebars for $1, rubber grips, a back tube and tire, plus located a matching racing seat and post. ¬†It must be a 1989, or 1990 Specialized, featuring Shimano Deore LX components. ¬†The original matching wheels came with. ¬†

Survival Bros also pressure washed everything, to get the road grim off. ¬†Just had to share the photos with the fans. ¬†I haven’t seen this bike, this nice, anywhere online in my searching. ¬†I sold the restored project for $150. ¬†Funny part was, the buyer showed up in a classic Volkswagen Vanagon like mine, so we had lots to talk about, and share. ¬†This bike was just too small for me, with a 17 inch frame, it’s best suited for a teen. ¬†It went to a good home, and freed up space inside my van.¬† More cycling projects being blogged about soon. ¬†

Specialized Rockhopper CompHolding a Battleship Grey colored Rockhopper Comp frame

Vintage Rockhopper Battleship GreyRiding the fully restored mountain bike for the first time on trails

Read about when I found a Specialized Allez Sport from Goodwill!

Produced By Cam McKirdy

In this HD video clip I relieve pressure on my foot. ¬†These big blisters were the result of an 18 mile hike on The Ramona Falls Loop and The Pacific Crest Trail. ¬†I should have busted out the Moleskin as soon as it started hurting, but I didn’t think they would develop so quickly, and puff up like this. ¬†If your blisters are huge, there’s nothing wrong with poking into them with a sterile knife or needle. ¬†You can sterilize your tools by cleaning them with alcohol, a lighter, or boiling them in hot water. ¬†It’s also a good idea to soak the wound in Epsom salts for up to 30 minutes. ¬†Plus, apply an antibacterial cream like Neosporin before covering with a bandage. ¬†Clean the area twice daily if possible too. ¬†Prevention is key. ¬†Wear thick socks, and break in your hiking boots long before you hit the trail. ¬†

survival bros logoDisclaimer: ¬†Information provided on the Survival Bros blog is for entertainment purposes. ¬†Do what’s right for you.