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Produced by Cameron McKirdy in Oregon

I’m kind of surprised Homeless People haven’t taken all the food already.

Survival Bros pulls over to look at an Outdoor Community Food Panty! Have you seen one of these pantries in your neighborhood? If not, maybe you should make one for less fortunate people. It is the season for giving. So be creative, and generous during the Holidays. Like our video on YouTube for us, comment, and share this blog post with your friends. Thanks for being here.

I also love this idea.

By Cameron McKirdy

Check out the contents of a Blessing Bag made by Girl Scouts for Homeless People.  Please share this video!  Send this to a friend, and add it to your own YouTube Playlist.  I hope you consider making kits like this for vandwellers in your area.  The less fortunate could use your help as Winter approaches. #vanlife

Thanks for visiting our blog.  More on the way from Oregon.

From Survival Bros

Video of a Man peeing in Nature while enjoying a view of the Pacific Ocean.¬† It’s legal to urinate outdoors in the State of Oregon.¬† Do you piss outside?¬† Survival Bros thinks it’s natural, and fun!¬† Viewers must agree, because this was our #1 video of the Summer.¬† Mark your territory boys!¬†¬†

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Produced by Cameron McKirdy with “Big” Schlink in America

Survival Bros takes a huge excavator on a crazy farm ride.  Watch us play with a giant destruction machine. We hit a trailer, smash concrete, play with a bucket, cross a creek, remove a tree, and dig in the garden! Subscribe on YouTube for more fun videos with friends.

Clatsop Veteran’s Farm in Oregon on Facebook

By Cameron McKirdy

Survival Bros combs The Woods, and identifies King Bolete, or Porcini Mushrooms in Oregon!¬† Hunted in the Clatsop County forest near the Pacific Ocean.¬† Cameron foraged, dried, and ate them for a meal off the land.¬† Dried fungi will last a very long time in your kit. Please share this Survival Bros video, and SUBSCRIBE on YouTube.¬† Many more Adventures coming Summer 2019…

Copy and Paste:
Filmed on 6/5/19 

#pnw #fungi #mushrooms #oregon #cam

Hey Friends,

Cam coming at you from the beach in Oregon. ¬†#Seaside ¬†I’m so glad you’re here to share with me. ¬†Thanks for all the thoughtful comments, and please remember to¬†SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE TO #SURVIVALBROS¬† Watch our 300+ videos at no cost.¬† We now have 6,399 subscribers, and growing. ¬†Thanks for participating. ¬†I love this community of #backpackers #healers #preppers #activists #nolabels¬†

It’s been a wild ride these past few years. ¬†If you’ve been following my HD videos, I was #vandwelling for 2.5 years in my Volkswagen Vanagon. ¬†I put many miles on her, riding the nugget from hot spring to couches, and cabins. ¬†It’s a lifestyle I would go back to, but my survival situation has changed.

I bought a new van! ¬†And it broke down. ¬†Costing me a fortune. ¬†Then I was on foot, and in a tent. ¬†Winter hit. ¬†I had challenges, and the weather was nasty. ¬†It was the worst I’ve ever seen it in the #PNW ¬†Now I have a place to stay, a fast car, a part-time job, and an office to make more videos and #Art. ¬†I am very #blessed and grateful. ¬†

So here we are.  Standing strong in the chaos.  Better prepared.  

What do I want to do next?  Stay tuned.  

Preview:  More LOVE for FREE!  I appreciate you.  #hugs  

I’m a Professional Cuddler too ya know – ¬†#platonic #touch

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Fakebook SUCKS.

See the new boots Cam got for Spring Time in Oregon!  Thanks for watching, and participating in the movement.

By Cam The Cuddler

Survival Bros Founder Cam and blogger Kelvin cover essential gear stored in the trunk of a reliable vehicle in case of a disaster. ¬†We both live on the Oregon Coast, and are actively preparing for a tsunami to wipe out our¬†hometown¬†of Seaside, #OR ¬†What do you think this American #prepper has left out? ¬†My YouTube subscribers think he needs more water, a BB gun, and a big fixed blade knife for extra protection. ¬†However, I can tell you, this guy has dug his own well on his family’s property. ¬†So, he meets the one gallon per day, per person quota. ¬†Kelvin also has another backup vehicle that is expertly maintained, and fast – a Dodge Stealth. ¬†

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Watch Cam’s¬†new #vandwelling #experience for Survival Bros . com

Preparedness Expert Cameron McKirdy from #SurvivalBros lists his gear items for living in a 1994 Chevy 20 van and tent camping.  He is on tour in Oregon, and making new videos for viewers.  Subscribe to our channel for travel vlogs, and more #vanlife living ideas.  Comments are appreciated. 

Cameron McKirdy . com

By Cameron McKirdy

What’s good? ¬†Its been a Heaven of a year! ¬†Survival Bros has beefed up the website with frequent posts, vivid photos, and new HD video productions. ¬†Visit the ARCHIVES for all of the fun, and emergency¬†preparedness¬†news.

In the last 365 days, I’ve won a game show on ABC, got a Volkswagen Vanagon to live out of, restored vintage mountain bikes, visited hot springs, and hung out with killer whales in Oregon. ¬†I’ve shared so much with you, and it felt great. ¬†I hope my experiences have sparked your mind, and opened your heart. ¬†Make 2015 the best year ever. ¬†You can do anything you want.

Here’s my favorite YouTube videos from 2014, in case you missed the action and adventure:

My #EDC backpack gear for #Survival

Steel Target Shooting Demonstration with Tactical Gypsy

Cameron McKirdy’s LifeProof smartphone case review as seen on The ABC World News with Diane Sawyer

How to get FREE stuff in life

Video of my #vandwelling setup on the Oregon Coast

Checking out William Henry knives at a jewelry store

The perfect vehicle for The Zombie Apocalypse

Exploring World War II bunkers on Tillamook Head near Seaside, OR

Doing yoga with certified instructor Sarah Whisler at the beach

You can’t define Survival Bros, or Cameron McKirdy. ¬†There’s no way of knowing what will come in the year 2015. ¬†Stay tuned. ¬†Thank you for your support of this project. ¬†I’ve produced all this for free. ¬†Please continue to like, comment, share, and subscribe to us. ¬†Let’s make the Survival Bros community even greater in the days to come.

Mocha Survival Puggle

Mocha The Puggle and I love you! (Hiking Saddle Mountain)



By Cameron McKirdy 

See what car living is like for a gypsy travelling on the road in HD video. ¬†I think he has a great gear setup for van dwelling. ¬†I’m jealous of his sink, with a clever gravity fed water system, harnessing an inexpensive solar shower. ¬†Plus, his lighting setup works, and¬†didn’t cost much, thanks to a trip to Dollar Tree. ¬†You can’t tell Hugh is in there either, since it’s a cargo van without side rear windows. ¬†The dark exterior paint color blend into the darkness, making him more stealth. ¬†I like what he has done to insulate the metal sides with cardboard and aluminum tape. ¬†Hugh knows the cardboard is organic material, and will eventually decompose, but it’s easy to replace with fresh insulation later. ¬†Even the interior wall panels are stuffed with recycled shopping bags for added warmth. ¬†We list all of the car camping items for you to spark your imagination, but is there anything you’d add to the recreational vehicle? ¬†More van dwelling videos on the way. ¬†Stay tuned to Survival Bros. ¬†

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