Going Inside The Famous Gateway Arch In St. Louis MO

Posted: February 4, 2013 in Adventures, Parks
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Produced by Cameron McKirdy

If you follow Survival Bros, then you know I just got back from St. Louis. I had too much fun there. Now, it’s back to the grind, and making videos. The short video above is what it’s like to be inside the beautiful Gateway Arch. The ticket to the observation deck is $7. The pods that took us to the top are tiny. They uncomfortably sit five. It took 4 minutes to float up via elevator. From the peak of the arch I had a spectacular view of all St. Louis. It’s a fascinating, and lively town, especially if you enjoy baseball, beer, and BBQ. But the arch was the highlight of my trip.




  1. Sue Bastiani says:

    Thanks Cameron, great chance to see something I always wondered about! Drove by there one time on the way to our new home in DC, 4 lanes merged into one and I was sure the semi next to us was going to smash us! Miraculously, we survived with our awful Maverick pulling an old Terry Trailer. Good times.

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