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Produced by Cameron McKirdy

Survival Bros uses an old Gerber “Flayer” knife to chop fruit for a quick product review.¬† This knife is hard to find.¬† Cameron bought it at a garage sale for just $3.¬† Now he has it up for sale on his eBay account: Survival Bros Listings¬† Check out our online Auctions, and bid on some cool outdoor gear.¬† More here soon on your Emergency Preparedness Blog: #survivalbros¬† Please comment on this video, like it, and share the link with your friends.¬† Thanks for watching our channel, and reading our articles!

Cam recommends cleaning and conditioning old leather with Saddle Soap, or Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam.  But does it work on Lizard?  Let us know.

By Cam and Kelvin in #Oregon

Survival Bros takes off on The Gambler 500 Rally. It’s the World’s Largest Trail Cleanup. Think our $300 Surbaru Legacy Wagon LX will make the trip? This car is primed for disaster! Take a look at the Summer Survival Kit inside. Share this HD GoPro Video with your friends. Subscribe on YouTube for more fun, and preps from the Pacific Northwest. #pnw #abg #or #wa

Thanks for hanging out with Survival Bros

From Cam!

Watch Survival Bros open packs of Basketball Cards. These are 2018-19 Panini sports cards from WalMart. Each “Hanger” box was $9.98. It was a good investment of money personally, because I happened to get what I wanted, and was prepared to preserve it in protective cases. Plus, I never risk more cash than I can afford to lose. I was happy to score a LeBron, Trae Young Rookie, and a Kevin Durant Jersey insert.

I’ve been collecting baseball and basketball stars since Childhood! I know how to value, and trade this asset class. Comment if you collect.


What’s your side hustle?

Watch Cam’s¬†new #vandwelling #experience for Survival Bros . com

Preparedness Expert Cameron McKirdy from #SurvivalBros lists his gear items for living in a 1994 Chevy 20 van and tent camping.  He is on tour in Oregon, and making new videos for viewers.  Subscribe to our channel for travel vlogs, and more #vanlife living ideas.  Comments are appreciated. 

Cameron McKirdy . com

By Cameron McKirdy

Attention my fellow¬†Survival Bros: Check our my new vehicle for car camping! ¬†The old 2.1 Liter Volkswagen Vanagon has been sold to a hippie. ¬†This 1994 Chevrolet G-20 van cost $2,000, and has 136,000 miles on it. ¬†I’m hopeful that the Chevy will be much more reliable than the 1986 VW bus I lived in for nearly 2.5 years! ¬†I must have had AAA tow my last ride 13 times to a mechanic or home.

#SurvivalBros is creating a new video series on vandwelling in this RV. ¬†You’re gonna want to see every episode of my travels. ¬†I’m bursting with information, and tips to share about living on the road. ¬†Share this vlog and blog post with friends into #vandwelling ¬† Subscribe today on YouTube HERE!


Hanging out at “Surfer’s Parking Lot” near The Cove in Seaside, Oregon. Checking the wave conditions and people watching along the coast.

Produced by Cameron McKirdy

Chill out on the North Fork of the McKenzie River with #SurvivalBros and Papilio Oregonius butterflies.  This is the official insect of Oregon State.  Filmed near Cougar Hot Spring, in the Willamette National Forest.  SUBSCRIBE NOW ON YOUTUBE FOR MORE!  

What a spectacular day this was by the water. ¬†The sun scorched my naked body. ¬†It burned getting into the 106 degree water later that evening at Terwilliger Hot Springs. ¬†I did dive headfirst into the crystal clear river. ¬†Exhilarating. ¬†However, do you have any idea how hard it is to hold your junk with one¬†hand? ¬†Just saying, it wasn’t staying put. ¬†Thankfully through the power of editing, the family jewels remained in safe keeping. ¬†

I ventured to this sacred spot two weeks earlier, and saw the same collection of butterflies! ¬†I counted 40. ¬†I’m amazed they were still there when I returned. ¬†My friends are posted up hard in heaven. ¬†They danced around me as I paid my respects. ¬†This area produces insanely large moths too, like this one I spotted heading into a shower last summer.

Giant Moth in OR

Thanks for watching our fun video productions.  This blog has been going strong for four years now.  Can you believe it?  Your support is so appreciated.  You rock!

Oregon Swallowtail Butterflies

By Cameron McKirdy

A survivalist and cancer fighter answers my questions about his unique ride. ¬†This electric trike gets 240 miles per gallon of gas. ¬†Talk about frugality and wellness wrapped in one man’s mission to live! ¬†The cyclist is always moving his legs, and getting a workout while going down the road. ¬†He had this tricycle loaded with groceries, and clean laundry. ¬†It could easily haul over 100 pounds of gear. ¬†What do you think of this survival mobile? ¬†More on¬†the #survivalbros YouTube Channel. ¬†Subscribe today to watch all the HD video adventures for free online. ¬†Thanks for the support.

electric trike euge

Feel free to leave a comment or word of encouragement for this man

By Cameron McKirdy

What’s good? ¬†Its been a Heaven of a year! ¬†Survival Bros has beefed up the website with frequent posts, vivid photos, and new HD video productions. ¬†Visit the ARCHIVES for all of the fun, and emergency¬†preparedness¬†news.

In the last 365 days, I’ve won a game show on ABC, got a Volkswagen Vanagon to live out of, restored vintage mountain bikes, visited hot springs, and hung out with killer whales in Oregon. ¬†I’ve shared so much with you, and it felt great. ¬†I hope my experiences have sparked your mind, and opened your heart. ¬†Make 2015 the best year ever. ¬†You can do anything you want.

Here’s my favorite YouTube videos from 2014, in case you missed the action and adventure:

My #EDC backpack gear for #Survival

Steel Target Shooting Demonstration with Tactical Gypsy

Cameron McKirdy’s LifeProof smartphone case review as seen on The ABC World News with Diane Sawyer

How to get FREE stuff in life

Video of my #vandwelling setup on the Oregon Coast

Checking out William Henry knives at a jewelry store

The perfect vehicle for The Zombie Apocalypse

Exploring World War II bunkers on Tillamook Head near Seaside, OR

Doing yoga with certified instructor Sarah Whisler at the beach

You can’t define Survival Bros, or Cameron McKirdy. ¬†There’s no way of knowing what will come in the year 2015. ¬†Stay tuned. ¬†Thank you for your support of this project. ¬†I’ve produced all this for free. ¬†Please continue to like, comment, share, and subscribe to us. ¬†Let’s make the Survival Bros community even greater in the days to come.

Mocha Survival Puggle

Mocha The Puggle and I love you! (Hiking Saddle Mountain)



By Cameron McKirdy – Survival Bros Founder

Survival Bros smashes the screen of a cellphone with a new COAST Products F611 Tactical Field blade. ¬†It was total destruction! ¬†The carbide tip can also muscle through regular glass,¬†Plexiglas, and plastic. ¬†It’s a¬†sturdy¬†knife, and I usually have it handy at the bottom of my backpack, just in case. ¬†The F611 is a solid¬†tool for camping, because it can help you process wood for a fire, or even when creating an emergency shelter. ¬†You’ll like working with it, and it’s¬†guaranteed¬†by COAST.

Please SUBSCRIBE on YouTube, like, comment, and share if you want more HD videos. ¬†Visit the COAST Products for more gear, and information. ¬†Here’s the link to my other blog on Art, and video production.¬†¬†

Tech Specs:

Cost $43.99 Retail

  • 7Cr17 stainless steel blade
  • 6.0 in. blade
  • 11.0 in. overall
  • 10.8 oz.
  • Tactical elastomer handle on stainless steel frame
  • Molded, hard protective sheathCoast F611 Survival Field Knife

A budget survival knife worth considering


By Cameron McKirdy

This week Survival Bros went hiking in the woods near Cannon Beach, Oregon to kill and eat a bunny. ¬†We saw, but didn’t catch the animal, so we explored the forest near logging roads. ¬†To my shock we stumbled upon a massive survival shelter made from tarps, logs, cordage, and more. ¬†There was even a 4-person tent inside, and the shack had a clean tarp floor. ¬†The place was loaded with camping gear, and everything you’d need to be self-sufficient in the outdoors for a long time. ¬†Watch the HD video to see how it was built, and what’s stored on the site. ¬†Join the Survival Bros community on YouTube, and SUBSCRIBE TODAY! ¬†It’s free of charge. ¬†


Best Tarp Shelter in Woods

The best tarp shelter we’ve ever seen in the woods