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In this HD video, I show you how to get free food samples at any Safeway Grocery Store simply by asking. ¬†First stop; The Bakery. ¬†I scored¬†a chocolate chip cookie, and a rich brownie with fudge frosting by using little effort. ¬†Getting this freebie was child’s play, but the complementary grub isn’t available only for the kids, as you may have thought. ¬†I use this method on most of my visits to large retailers. ¬†The bakers told me they give out 10-15 trays of 45 count cookies daily. ¬†So claim your grub, and don’t let free calories go uneaten. ¬†Also of note, The Bakery is on my way from the back of the grocery store, where I check the half off sale items anyways.¬†

Free samples and¬†bargains¬†can be had, even at the most expensive Safeway in America, located in my hometown of Seaside, Oregon. ¬†I do this wild stuff to offset the cost of my calorie intake, and for my own sick amusement. ¬†I want to get the maximum out of any given situation, like I did in this social¬†experiment. ¬†The¬†employees are typically¬†really generous, and don’t mind my request. ¬†
Free Cookie Samples Safeway
A friend and I¬†once got three types of no cost cookies for each person asking. ¬†So we enjoyed a variety of desserts for free to enjoy while filling my cart. ¬†Share your comments below on urban¬†scavenging.Beef Sample at Safeway DeliIn this photo I show off my huge haul of three roast beef pieces after¬†politely¬†requesting to try some red meat at the deli¬†counter. ¬† This was enough flesh for a hearty sandwich, but I ate it in store, and even shared some with another shopper! ¬†Push the limit, and ask to sample each and every appetizing¬†food type behind the glass. ¬†It’s the education you need to become a smarter shopper.

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By Cameron McKirdy of Survival Bros

Watch on HD video as an unhappy customer calls and complains about unsatisfactory food to get his money back.  A replacement product voucher was shipped to his address, for a similar ice cream item of choosing.  Checks for cash are often sent for similar situations.  Expect valuable coupons in addition to an apology letter.  

Do you call companies when you don’t like the product you paid for?

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Get your money back if you aren't happy with your purchase.  Call.

Get your money back if you aren’t happy with your purchase. Call.