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By Cameron McKirdy

Former Marine Tactical Gypsy has an¬†exclusive¬†Survival Bros blog and new elk jerky recipe for you. ¬†He hunts in Oregon with¬†seven other buddies, and no matter how much they kill, they split the meat evenly so nobody is left out. ¬†This season his hunting party terminated five bulls, producing around 225 pounds of meat each. ¬†He has used the animal for sausage, country fried steaks, and thick jerky strips. ¬†His favorite cut is the back strap, which runs on each side of the spine. ¬†It’s the most tender part, and is amazing in a stew of vegetables and spices. ¬†Simmer that on a low boil for awhile, and you have a man meal sure to satisfy. ¬†Tactical Gypsy also told me he likes to pan sear the meat first, to lock in the juice.

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To produce scrumptious elk jerky he cut slabs 1/4th of an inch thick, because they shrink. ¬†His recipe calls for six or seven pounds of flesh, so he ends up with big nuggets to feast on. ¬†Each hunk is approximately 4″ x 1″ wide. ¬†The marinade calls for 4 1/2 cups of soy sauce, with plenty of Worcestershire¬†depending on personal preference. ¬†Mix in 1 pound of brown sugar, then a 8 oz. bottle of hickory liquid smoke flavoring. ¬†Soak the elk in a bowl, or deep pan, and refrigerate for 12 hours.. ¬†After that, use a colander to run off the marinade. ¬†Next, lay out the strips on the dehydrator trays evenly, with bigger pieces going on the bottom. ¬†Sprinkle on coarse black pepper, turn the machine on high, and let her rip. ¬†Check back every few hours, and rotate the racks as needed. ¬†In 12 additional hours you’ll have a stash of jerky to devour, and give out to your friends. ¬†Tactical Gypsy, if you are reading this, please save me a nug or two. ¬†Survival Bros will have more blogs soon. ¬†Check back often. ¬†Likes, shares, and comments are appreciated.

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pain quoteBy Cameron McKirdy

Two of my close friends have shot themselves in the head in separate recent tragedies. Another failed in his suicide attempt. Not good. Not cool. If you need help, get some. Talk to your friends, family, or call prevention experts like The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK. People are available 24/7. You can work through your problems. You are LOVED! Please like and share this post if you agree. Thanks.

Yesterday I checked out the Collector’s West Gun & Knife show in PDX.¬† It was a big¬†event, with tons of vendors, and people trading gear too.¬† I took home a few things, and learned a lot.

The show ends today, but visit to see when it will be in your area.¬† It’s worth the $12 for admission, and $8 for parking.¬† I was able to price out stuff I’m interested in, and get my hands on it too.¬† There were deals galore on new and¬†used guns.¬† Booths had closeouts on every style and brand of knive imaginable.¬† Coast Products was there.¬† My friend got a powerful LED keychain light from them.¬†

I also ran into my buddy Shawn Gregory.¬† He makes quality “Predator Paracord” bracelets, gun slings, lanyards, and more.¬† I got a few samples to test, including the badass band below.¬† It’s comfortable, and¬†stands out.¬† You can never have too much cordage just in case.¬† More on Predator Paracord later, but go to to see all of his bold designs.¬†

The Girl Scouts were also in the house.¬† I walked quickly by them, because I was saving room for Voodoo doughnuts, but it was great to see kids at a gun show.¬† It was a safe enviroment, and fun for everyone.¬† It’s important to teach kids about preparedness early.¬† ¬†

I found another company with a product called 4EverLights, ( with epic reusable glow-in-the-dark lights.¬† ¬†They have a huge variety of sizes, and styles that really do work.¬† I had to get some to test and review for Survival Bros.¬† Sunlight isn’t required, so you can quickly charge them with a flashlight, or whatever.¬† I like that they don’t affect my night vision either like brighter light sources¬†would.¬† Ya best believe one is going on my bug out bag, and with me camping.

It was a great show.¬† If you missed it, there will be another soon.¬† Just get to one, and get prepared.¬† You never know when you’ll be faced with a crisis.¬†Plus, a gun show is an excellent place to network with other serious preppers.¬†

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