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Cameron McKirdy finds a Free Boat with a trailer on the side of Highway 101 in Garibaldi, Oregon. Would you haul it home?¬† This would make a great project, but it would be tons of work.¬† Also, you’d have to pay $ to keep the tags up to date if you were going to put it in the water.¬† Survival Bros wants you to think outside the box!¬† Thanks for visiting our WordPress Blog.¬†

Will somebody please take this boat off my hands?


Look what else I found on the side of the road!¬† You’re a tow away from a new home Bro.

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By Cam The Cuddler

I have an empty seat in my van. Maybe you can help me fill the position. Think you have what it takes to #survive vanlife? Here’s a few of my requirements for the role of superstar gypsy. Comment if there should be other tasks.

1. Must keep it (van) oiled. However, I may need sunscreen applied to my body as well to protect from harmful UV radiation.

2. Have to be on lookout for nude sunbathing locations. Obviously.

3. Should be generous…ready to give what you can to people and animals in need. We will be hugging trees too here in Oregon.

4. Light Navigation. Don’t disract me. Know your right from left?

5. Needs to be able to spot garage sales on weekends. I get first dibs on manly stuff.

Bonus if you’re athletic, have a driver’s license, and smell wonderful most of the time. Inexperience not required, but preferred. This adds to sense of adventure I think, as we try new things.

To apply to become a traveller, email me about yourself with a picture. In all honesty, I would like to meet a healthy girl to love on. I live a fun and wild life, and I’d like to share the journey with a nugget. Hit on me, or just send a nice note of platonic encouragement.

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Produced by Cameron McKirdy

Watch and learn how to get a free home, vehicle, or abandoned trailer like this one I found. ¬†It was left on a back road in Oregon. ¬†If someone doesn’t claim it by the posted time on the public notice, then it will be towed and impounded. ¬†To get a free house, etc. just call the Sheriff and tell the police it’s yours now, and you will be taking responsibility¬†of ownership. ¬†

I could put this on a friend’s property, or pay only $35 per month to store it locally. ¬†Decisions…Decisions…and here I am blogging about it.

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By Cameron McKirdy

Attention my fellow¬†Survival Bros: Check our my new vehicle for car camping! ¬†The old 2.1 Liter Volkswagen Vanagon has been sold to a hippie. ¬†This 1994 Chevrolet G-20 van cost $2,000, and has 136,000 miles on it. ¬†I’m hopeful that the Chevy will be much more reliable than the 1986 VW bus I lived in for nearly 2.5 years! ¬†I must have had AAA tow my last ride 13 times to a mechanic or home.

#SurvivalBros is creating a new video series on vandwelling in this RV. ¬†You’re gonna want to see every episode of my travels. ¬†I’m bursting with information, and tips to share about living on the road. ¬†Share this vlog and blog post with friends into #vandwelling ¬† Subscribe today on YouTube HERE!


Hanging out at “Surfer’s Parking Lot” near The Cove in Seaside, Oregon. Checking the wave conditions and people watching along the coast.

By Cameron McKirdy

¬†Mitsubishi Fuso FG 140 4×4 truck spotted in Seaside, Oregon! ¬†This emergency preparedness rig has an ideal setup for extreme mobile living, and protection from undead zombies among us. ¬†Would you car camp in this monster? ¬†It looks comfortable, and well designed. ¬†It may be bigger than I’d want for bugging out, and I don’t know about the color, but it’s an excellent truck platform to work from. ¬†The Fuso just needs a¬†snorkel¬†if it’s going to spend the winter on the Oregon Coast. ¬†I didn’t¬†see a camera system installed either for extra security.

This beast looks like a completely custom job, made to be multi-purpose. ¬†There’s few places it couldn’t go on Earth. ¬†I’d love to hear what you have to say about this setup in the comment section, or on our YouTube channel. ¬†I’m sure this vehicle will be on the road for a long time, baring an unforeseen¬†marauders, or natural disasters, etc. ¬†Please SUBSCRIBE to Survival Bros by entering¬†your email on the top left side of the screen! ¬†Stay tuned for more emergency preparedness news, because you can’t know what’s around the corner.

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Mitsubishi Zombie TruckA Zombie Aapocalypse Edition 4×4 truck parked in Seaside, Oregon


By Cameron McKirdy

This week Survival Bros went hiking in the woods near Cannon Beach, Oregon to kill and eat a bunny. ¬†We saw, but didn’t catch the animal, so we explored the forest near logging roads. ¬†To my shock we stumbled upon a massive survival shelter made from tarps, logs, cordage, and more. ¬†There was even a 4-person tent inside, and the shack had a clean tarp floor. ¬†The place was loaded with camping gear, and everything you’d need to be self-sufficient in the outdoors for a long time. ¬†Watch the HD video to see how it was built, and what’s stored on the site. ¬†Join the Survival Bros community on YouTube, and SUBSCRIBE TODAY! ¬†It’s free of charge. ¬†


Best Tarp Shelter in Woods

The best tarp shelter we’ve ever seen in the woods