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By Cameron McKirdy

On outside:

– S Biners

– Blinking Red Light

– Tool Tether

– Grocery Ties

– Compass Keychain Tool

Front pouch:

– LG G2 with Ballistic Shell Gel Case

– Ear plugs

– Wall charger for smart phone

– Superfood pills – Maca, turmeric, bee pollen, B 12

– Duct Tape on card

– Coast Products PX20 Dual Color flashlight with pouch

– Camera Case (Case Logic)

– Kershaw Blur – Tanto Tiger Stripe folding knife

– Leatherman Skeletool

РMoist Wipes for hygiene

–¬†Toothpaste¬†and travel brush

– Chapstick

– Ballpoint Pen

– Listerine Breath Strips

– Sharpie Oil Pain Pen

– Tide Pen for stains

– Large Professional Sharpie Pen

– Coast Products DX356 knife

– Large Bic Lighter

Main Pouch:

– LED LENSER H14 Headlamp

– Dri-Fit Nike Hat – Go Ducks!

– OPTIONAL: Change of clothes, solar panel

– Notebook for ideas, contacts, calculator

– GSI Outdoors Stainless Steel 1 Liter bottle

– Mechanix Wear M Covert Gloves (Large)

Coast Products F611 Survival Knife with glassbreaker

– Camelbak 3 Liter hydration pack

Right Side Pouch:

 РFood Kit, Airborne Plus Energy Mix, raw food bars, honey, protein bars, condoms, vitamins, Chapstick sample, sugar, oatmeal, dish-washing soap, tea, salmon packets, instant soup, microwavable popcorn, and more Antibacterial Moist Wipes

Left Side Pouch: 

РAluminum Free deodorant, poncho, emergency blanket, Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Kit, spare cell phone and charger, camera charger and camera, shampoo, soap

Notes:  Everyday Carry Backpack items change all the time.  Make something like this for yourself for everyday emergency preparedness.  My pack also has a rain cover, but I have considered buying a medium sized dry bag.  I also carry 3m protective sunglasses, paracord bracelet, keychain with tools, one Hoo-Rag bandana, my wallet, and a mace pen, but the self-defense weapon fell out in my van before filming.  Oh well, I survived.  Please like, comment, and subscribe to the blog and our Survival Bros channel on YouTube.  We are on Facebook too!  Thanks for watching.  Peace and love.

EDC Backpack ItemsPhoto of the full EDC Backpack Gear Setup for Survival Bros.


Produced by Cameron McKirdy

One of the most popular every day carry knives is the Kershaw Chive designed by Ken Onion. ¬†This sly blade features the patented SpeedSafe assisted opening, giving it a remarkable feel. ¬†In the HD video I put the knife to the test, slicing a can, plastic bottle, different types of cordage, and much more. ¬†On Youtube I couldn’t find anyone doing a legit cut test with the Chive, so I made an extreme one.

I was genuinely surprised to see that the Kershaw didn’t dull after cutting the soda can. ¬†I muscled through the bottom, and I was sure it would damage the blade, or at least scratch the titanium-oxide rainbow coating. ¬†But even after that, I was able to shave off a good chunk of arm hair in a few strokes. ¬†The knife did everything I wanted it to, making it a perfect EDC tool. ¬†It’s ultra lightweight too, at only 1.7 ounces. ¬†

The Chive comes in a wide¬†variety¬†of colors, some with different handle materials, but the Rainbow version is the most¬†expensive. ¬†There’s nothing girly about it. ¬†The wild coating reminds me of an oil slick, which are always interesting to look at. ¬†I like the stepped thumb studs, because they are rigid, making the small 1 15/16″ blade easy to open. ¬†However, I prefer to use the flipper on the back, because I feel it’s a little safer, and there’s no chance of¬†slicing¬†my thumb on deployment. ¬†It does have a solid tip-lock system for safety, so the knife won’t open when you pull it¬†out of your pocket. ¬†In addition, I love the long, sturdy pocket clip. ¬†It’s not rainbow, just polished steel with the Kershaw logo etched down it. ¬†Plus, the jimping on the top of the blade gives you more control, which is good because the Chive is small, and somewhat slick due to the coating.

At the end of the day, the Kershaw Chive is a legend. ¬†Trust me, you want one. ¬†It makes a great keychain knife, and if you carry it on you, you’ll use it daily. ¬†For additional tech specs, and to view other models, visit¬†¬† Thanks for visiting and supporting Survival Bros – your emergency preparedness blog. ¬†Comments, likes, and shares are appreciated. ¬†What knife would you like me to test next, and what should I destroy with it? ¬†Peace.

rainbowchive_1600vib_1The Kershaw Rainbow Chive – Model 1600VIB

My survival keychain video starring The Chive

Popping Blisters with the small knife after hiking on the PCT

Produced By Cameron McKirdy

This is my new and improved EDC keychain system. ¬†Now I have many practical items handy at all times, with little redundancy. I plan on changing out gear as I acquire smaller, higher quality tools, but this is stuff I had on hand. Everything fits easily in my pocket, since I usually wear athletic shorts, and not tight pants like a hipster. ¬†I’ve also hooked my everyday carry survival keychain to the belt loop on my jeans, and to the outside of my tactical Bug Out Bag, for easy access. ¬†I’d like to add a telepen, peanut lighter, USB thumb drive, glow in the dark tape, 550 paracord, bit driver, seat-belt cutter/knife sharpener, and maybe something for self defense like a kubaton, or pepper spray. ¬†

I will update this blog post as the project develops. Tell us what’s on your keychain, and help out other Survival Bros readers. Below is the EDC Keychain items list. Thanks for visiting.

– Sharpie Mini
– CRKT Eat N’ Tool (tactical spork)
– 4 In One Tool: whistle, compass, thermometer, magnifying glass
– Gerber Shard multitool: pry bar, bottle/can opener, Phillips/Standard screw driver, nail puller
– Coast Products TX5 Night Vision Red Keychain light
– LED LENSER P3 AFS P focusing LED light with pocket clip, sheath, and carabiner included
– Leatherman Style Multitool: knife, tweezers, nail file, and scissors
– Kershaw Rainbow Chive with Tip-lock (Ken Onion Design)
– Mini Nail Clippers
– Waterproof pill container
– Lighter Leash for Bic
– Belt Loop Clasp

Produced By Cam McKirdy

In this HD video clip I relieve pressure on my foot. ¬†These big blisters were the result of an 18 mile hike on The Ramona Falls Loop and The Pacific Crest Trail. ¬†I should have busted out the Moleskin as soon as it started hurting, but I didn’t think they would develop so quickly, and puff up like this. ¬†If your blisters are huge, there’s nothing wrong with poking into them with a sterile knife or needle. ¬†You can sterilize your tools by cleaning them with alcohol, a lighter, or boiling them in hot water. ¬†It’s also a good idea to soak the wound in Epsom salts for up to 30 minutes. ¬†Plus, apply an antibacterial cream like Neosporin before covering with a bandage. ¬†Clean the area twice daily if possible too. ¬†Prevention is key. ¬†Wear thick socks, and break in your hiking boots long before you hit the trail. ¬†

survival bros logoDisclaimer: ¬†Information provided on the Survival Bros blog is for entertainment purposes. ¬†Do what’s right for you.

kershaw blur gbThis is the blade I carry every day. ¬†It’s the famous Kershaw Blur, but with a carbide tip designed to shatter glass with ease. ¬†It does, as you can see in my video review below. ¬†

I’ve been testing the Kershaw Blur for 2 months now. ¬†I love it. ¬†It’s quality, and produced locally in Tualatin, OR. ¬†I rep gear made in the USA as much as possible, especially Oregon. ¬†The first thing that¬†fascinated¬†me with the knife is the unique design. ¬†It’s beautiful. ¬†Simple. ¬†Elegant. ¬†The subtle curves are sexy. ¬†I couldn’t wait to get her out of the box. ¬†Initially, I noticed how fine the blade is. ¬†It’s razor sharp. ¬†Also, I was impressed with how well the scallops cut. ¬†Slicing through materials like cardboard, plastic, rope, and paper is effortless, and so is opening it, thanks to the SpeedSafe assist. ¬†It flies out, and feels extremely secure in place with the liner lock.

Another excellent feature is the rigid angled thumb studs. ¬†You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to grip the nubs, and whip it out. ¬†Kershaw really made something special with the Blur. ¬†They even upgraded the steel in this new version to¬†Sandvik 14C28N with DLC coating. ¬†So it’s tough. ¬†Which brings me to the tiny carbide tip¬†embedded¬†in the aircraft¬†aluminum¬†handle. ¬†People don’t even notice the special tip at first, but believe me, it works. ¬†I broke a sheet of glass in my video, plus several bottles with minimal effort. ¬†The glass breaking feature is one I have to have on my EDC knife. ¬†It could save my life if I’m ever trapped in a vehicle, and it’s not bad for¬†self defense¬†either. ¬†

The Kershaw Blur is a great size, and light at only 4.2 ounces. ¬†I like the blade length too, at 3 3/8″. ¬†The overall length is 7 7/8″, and 4 1/2″ closed.¬† And the belt clip is removable, so you can have the tip up or down. ¬†In the end, this is the knife I trust with my life right now. ¬†It’s blacked out, and stealth. ¬†But above all, it’s well made, and sharp as hell. ¬†Survival Bros gives it 5 Stars. ¬†I can’t complain about it at all, besides the handles getting a little scratched up after smashing so much glass. ¬†I go into more detail in my HD video review below. ¬†Please comment, and feel free to ask me any questions about it. ¬†Thanks for visiting Survival Bros – Emergency Preparedness.

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