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By Cameron McKirdy

What a year 2021 has been! I’ve been busy working on my preps, and hustling. Excuse me for not posting much recently. You can always reach me by email at I love hearing from readers, and fellow Survivalists. Below are my newest videos. I have lots of plans to produce quality content this Summer. Stay tuned, and look out for a Giveaway when I hit 12,000 YouTube Subscribers. Thanks for watching, and participating in this community.


GMC Hummer flips in a busy intersection
Man saves gas by pushing truck in KFC Drivethru
Cam shows off his Ford Mustang Bug Out Vehicle in C-Side
Finding $20 in a parking lot
Giving Money to a stranger while living the #vanlife
Relax to this video of incense burning in a VW
Adding Reflective Tape to a car for extra visibility
Working for DoorDash during Lockdown
Starting “The Baby Bird Challenge” with my dog
Flipping Space Jam McDonald’s Toys on eBay for Profit
Finding Free Beer again on The Road


Produced by Cameron McKirdy with “Big” Schlink in America

Survival Bros takes a huge excavator on a crazy farm ride.  Watch us play with a giant destruction machine. We hit a trailer, smash concrete, play with a bucket, cross a creek, remove a tree, and dig in the garden! Subscribe on YouTube for more fun videos with friends.

Clatsop Veteran’s Farm in Oregon on Facebook

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Watch Cam and Captain play and be happy on the beach in Seaside, Oregon

Captain is a Newfoundland and Timber Wolf mix.  This dog is five years old!  He has been on a raw food diet his entire life, with no health issues requiring vet visits.  Subscribe to Survival Bros on YouTube and Follow our Instagram:

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Produced by MC McKirdy

Survival Bros shows you how to get free food for your pets. ¬†With these four methods you’ll save money and treat your animal to the best in nutrition. ¬†It doesn’t take much time to try out these scavenging techniques. ¬†Prepare for the future by stashing some samples for later consumption.

You can try:
Requesting samples at health food and pet stores, filling out forms online for freebies, going to your food bank, and asking Vets in they have any bites.

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free dog foodcam2

Blogger Cam McKirdy reporting from the streets


Starring Mocha The Puggle with Cameron McKirdy

A pug beagle combination dreams in her sleep, and acts funny on camera in HD video. ¬†My pet is 7 years old, brindle, plus great at catching and fetching. ¬†Her birthday is on Valentine’s Day. ¬†Mocha The Puggle currently helps run the emergency preparedness blog. ¬†She loves vandwelling in the Volkswagen Vanagon with her copilot. ¬†But believe me, she is a bed hog, regardless of her petite stature. ¬†

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Mocha Survival PuggleMocha The Puggle has climbed Saddle Mountain in Oregon.  Have you?


By Cameron McKirdy

A pug beagle combination dreams in her sleep, and acts funny on camera in HD video. ¬†My pet is seven years old, brindle, plus great at catching and fetching. ¬†Her birthday is on Valentine’s Day. ¬†Mocha The Puggle currently helps run the emergency preparedness blog Survival Bros. ¬†She does this for fun, and isn’t a paid contributor. ¬†Subscribe to this website via email for updates sent directly to your inbox. ¬†

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Mocha The PuggleMocha beat after hiking to the Saddle Mountain Summit in Oregon

By Survival Bros President Cameron McKirdy

Play ball with the Survival Bros mascot Mocha The Puggle. ¬†She is a pug and beagle combo, and contributes often to the blog. ¬†This is HD video of her catching and throwing the mini tennis ball back to me. ¬†She is the best. ¬†Having a pet like a dog around sure boosts moral during tough times. ¬†Doesn’t she look fly in the Seattle Seahawks jersey? It’s big, but she likes her gear baggy. ¬†More fun productions at


Mocha has conquered Saddle Mountain in Oregon

Produced By Cameron McKirdy

Check out the kitty bum camp on The¬†Columbia River in Astoria, Oregon. ¬†Somebody is taking good care of these homeless animals, but I doubt it’s the city. ¬†Survival Bros hasn’t seen anything like this before. ¬†We just said hi, and didn’t disturb them. ¬†What a view the cats have. ¬†Lucky.

astoria oregon signThe Astoria Oregon Welcome Sign


Saddle Mt Summit Photo

Ready or not, my chubby puggle Mocha was going hiking with me. ¬†I took the pug/beagle combo to the top. ¬†She made the summit by herself, but it was a struggle. ¬†It was a sweltering 80 plus degrees out. ¬†My poor dog hasn’t been training hard lately. ¬†Her exercise routine consists of going from the couch to food and back. ¬†But Mocha and I have hiked, so I knew the 5-year-old mutt still had it. ¬†I remember the first time I let her off the leash on a trail. ¬†She was running back and forth, up and down it. ¬†The puggle was so excited to be out of the apartment. ¬†I couldn’t contain her. ¬†Once she even fell off a cliff as the bank eroded and I had to quickly swing her up by the leash and collar to save her. ¬†Mocha is much fatter now, but we are working on it.

Mocha The Puggle

When we got to Saddle Mountain State Natural Area her nose was working overtime. ¬†There were lots of people hitting the trail, and camping. ¬†I brought water, and gave the puggle breaks. ¬†I made her sit, and she would lay in the shade when she could. ¬†The hike is 5 miles¬†round trip,¬† but the elevation change is brutal. It’s 1603 feet to be exact, with the top at 3283 feet. Mainly I was concerned about her paws bleeding. ¬†There is lots of metal fencing on the ground to contain the loose rocks, and I didn’t know if that would bother her. ¬†On the way up I kept Moc on the leash, 1 because there’s cliffs, and 2 because lots of people were coming down the trail with dogs. ¬†I wanted to protect her. ¬†However, on the way down I decided it would be better to let her follow me off leash. ¬†She didn’t want to walk on the trail because the gravel was hurting her. ¬†So she waddled along side the main path, and didn’t hurt anything. ¬†Plus, it was getting late, and we were basically the last down.

Mocha Survival Puggle

On the way we checked out a geocache hidden on a side trail. ¬†I’ve found it before, but I wanted to see all the new stuff inside, and sign the log book again. ¬†Not many people locate it each year. ¬†I traded in a emergency paracord bracelet for a CD with clues to another cache. ¬†I’m getting into geocaching because it’s something fun to do while hiking, or when you’re just out and about. ¬†There’s more than 2 million geocaches planted around the world. ¬†This hobby also forces me to¬†analyze¬†and use maps too. ¬†I filmed Mocha and I checking out what was inside the ammo box this time.

After a few solid hours of hiking, Mocha, my cameraman, and I reached the peak. ¬†We all sat down and took in the majestic views of the North Coast. ¬†You can see the whole coastline, from Seaside well into Washington State. ¬†Poor Mocha was beat. ¬†She was gasping for air, and I was a little worried about her. ¬†We had just enough water left to quench her thirst, but more would have been nice. ¬†Usually there is a spring about halfway up that I feel is safe to drink from. ¬†My dog did lap up the puddle there, but I wasn’t getting on all fours. ¬†In the end, Mocha killed it. ¬†I was so proud of her. ¬†I kept her motivated with words of encouragement, smacking her butt, and tossing turkey¬†jerky¬†in her mouth. ¬†On the way back I told Moc we were going back to the car and home for ice cubes (her fav). ¬†My legs were jello, and Mocha was walking funny, but we accomplished the mission. ¬†Next time we will be even stronger, and smarter about it. ¬†

Cam and MochaMocha knew we were going to the top.  If you want to rock a paracord bracelet for emergency preparedness made by Survival Bros, send $8 to via PayPal.  Thanks and best wishes from us both.

Pets love trails. We run, jump, and play in the mud, and our puppy does the same. Here at Survival Bros, we care about our animals, so we take good care of them, and prepare for their survival needs. This is a short list of items to have in a pet first aid kit. Some of these things you may already have on hand. All items can fit in a large Ziploc bag, which we like so everything is easy to see. Any portable waterproof container would be wise. Or you can even make a tactical dog vest, so they can carry their own gear. The point is, make one that works for you and your furry friend too.

  • Blunt tipped scissors to cut away clumped hair, or tangled sticks without poking your pet.
  • Bottle of eye wash solution is a great sterile way to flush any debris from your pets eye.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide works well for cleaning small wounds.
  • Triple antibiotic ointment for dressing wounds after they have been properly cleaned.
  • Sterile nonstick pads are best as adhesive strips don’t really stick to puppy fur (Vet Wrap).
  • Nail trimmers, tweezers, and comb.
  • A leash in case it’s not your animal your treating, you still need to be able to control them if they are able to walk.
  • A big clean towel to dry them off, warm them up, or if needed, stop bleeding by applying pressure.
  • A muzzle that fits your animal is good to have in your kit in case they are scared, or hurt bad enough. You love them, they love you, but in a fear moment while you’re trying to help them, they might bite you. Also consider putting a plastic cone around their head to prevent further injury.
  • Rain coat or poncho with hood.
  • Harnesses are helpful.
  • Also, make sure to have your animal’s tags on them in case they get lost. You can also have a microchip implanted in your pet for security reasons, and tracking. It’s a little 1984, but it could come in handy if a collar breaks.
  • Instant Cold Pack for swelling.
  • Benadryl (diphenhydramine) for insect bites and bee stings.
  • Rectal thermometer.
  • Gloves.
  • Extra pet food and water.

Basic first aid is applicable to animals and humans. Knowing how to properly clean and dress a wound is survival basics. Being able to do it on yourself, someone else, or a pet means you can potentially safe the life of a loved one. In an emergency, remember to keep calm, think rationally, and address one issue at a time. Be extreme out there people, and take your pets outside with you! And please visit Survival Bros again soon. Peace.