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By Founder Cameron McKirdy

Items for Emergency Preparedness in a Bear Vault for Backpacking.¬† People use these on hiking trips to store food.¬† Bears and other animals can’t get inside.¬† I thought it would be the ideal cache container for extra survival gear.¬† What a thrift store find for $2.99.¬† Keep working on your Survival Kits.¬† We recommend you store caches in safe locations, above and below ground.¬† Ask your friends and family if you can put stuff at their place just in case of a disaster.¬† There’s tons of turmoil, and unrest on Earth.¬† Uncertainty.¬† So plan ahead Survival Bros.¬†¬†

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By President Cameron McKirdy

I challenge you to carry a water container wherever you go on the daily! ¬†You’ll be healthier, and happier. ¬†I do this to stay hydrated, and make sure I’m not too over¬†caffeinated. ¬†


Plus, try adding lemon juice to your beverage to stimulate your metabolism, improve your digestion, and aid in the detoxification process.  

Did you know drinking cold water will burn extra calories for you too? ¬†It’s true. ¬†Just don’t drink a ton of water at once, because you can die from too much liquid intake. ¬†

Thanks for supporting the blog!  Make the most of today.  Take care of yourself, and each other.  Peace, love, and big hugs to you.

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By Cameron McKirdy – Survival Bros Founder

Learn about getting food and supplement samples from your local shops at NO COST.  I visit health food stores such as GNC, and ask the cashier for freebies, or take items from their basket of product trials.  These individual servings will be stored properly in Ziploc bags, and placed in various emergency preparedness kits, plus my Everyday Carry backpack.  I have saved tons of money using this method of urban scavenging.  You can make your own freebie haul like this with little effort.

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Learn about items helpful to have on hand just in case of a disaster.  These survival products could save your life!  So stockpile this stuff, and other gear you would want.  Imagine going through adversity.  What would want for tools?  Let the community know below.

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Emergency Kit Items Listed:

– Backpack with Straps

– Emergency Whistle

РGarbage Bag 

– Dust Mask

– Band-Aids

– Hand Sanitizer

– Water Bottle (1 gallon a day for 3 days, for each person)

– Rain Poncho

– Emergency Blanket

– Flashlight

All free of charge thanks to #Allstate 

By Cameron McKirdy

car camping food listCar camping is one of my favorite blog topics. ¬†I hope you find it interesting too. ¬†Here’s a checklist of my top foods to store in your vehicle. ¬†Many items instantly turn into grub by adding hot water. ¬†I got ideas for the perfect van dwelling foods by watching YouTube videos of Thru Hikers packing for their long distance trips. ¬†Search for Pacific Crest Trail aka PCT, or Appalachian¬†Trail¬†Backpackers¬†online.

Ziplock bags are a trusted way to keep organized. ¬†You can even write on the outside with a permanent pen to label things. ¬†Plus, plastic sacks maintain some protection from water, rats, an other elements. ¬†Let me know if you have any questions about my setup. ¬†Add several gallons of distilled and spring water (not pictured), and I’m ready to go off the grid for weeks. ¬†I’m stocked up on:

  • Honey with ginseng, bee pollen, and royal jelly
  • Drinks: water, aloe water, coconut beverages, teas, fruit juices
  • Soups in cans to heat and serve, and powdered packets
  • Protein Powder, plus various green powders (wheat grass)
  • Pasta Sides, and Dishes like Top Ramen
  • Dehydrated Food such as Mountain House Freeze Dried Meals (Apple Crisp is my favorite)
  • Fruit: Fresh Produce like apples and bananas, also fruit strips, bottles, and cans
  • Nuts and Seeds like Almond and Hemp
  • Granola Bars, and Oatmeal¬†
  • Instant Coffee, instant milk
  • Condiments: Packets of butter, salsa, pepper, salt, raw sugar, mayonnaise, ketchup, and everything else Free and Holy
  • Canned meats: Flavored tuna, Spam, Chicken Salad with crackers


By Cameron McKirdy

Scary GoPro Black High-Definition video footage at Devil’s Cauldron from Survival Bros. ¬†Shot with my HD Head Camera on, while walking above a rocky cliff near the Oregon Coast Trail. ¬†This state long hiking trail follows the shore, and includes sections on paved Highway 101. ¬†These cliffs are close to the Neahkahnie Mountain trail head. ¬†More GoPro videos coming soon on this blog. ¬†Exciting, I know!

Be safe outdoors. ¬†And remember, it didn’t happen unless there’s video proof of it. ¬†Email me at if you have questions, comments, or would like to share an article/something you’ve produced. ¬†I’m always looking for EDC pictures. ¬†So let’s see the pocket dumps, and which items you find useful daily. ¬†Thanks.large_Oswald-West_map

Map of Oswald West State Park in Oregon

Produced by Cameron McKirdy and Tactical Gypsy

Survival Bros opens¬†a brand new blade called the Cold Steel Recon Tanto. ¬†Watch the HD video for the¬†glorious¬†tech specs, and the reasons why we purchased this model. ¬†¬†The weapon will be going to Afghanistan on deployment soon. ¬†It’s a magnificent tool, and a work of art. ¬†Plus, since it’s a Cold Steel, you know its been torture tested to the max, and can take any beating you can dish out. ¬†Like the Recon Tanto knife? ¬†Tell us about it.


In this video we check¬†out a new tool for the woods, cover the details, and our planned usage. ¬†I can’t wait to throw this tomahawk! ¬†The Cold Steel Frontier Hawk feels extremely well balanced. ¬†It’s an excellent value for the low retail price of just $39.99. ¬†Make sure to visit to watch their awesome videos, and request a free product catalog and DVD. ¬†

frontier hawk cold steel

You can’t go wrong with the Cold Steel Frontier Hawk in your hand.¬†

Produced By Cameron McKirdy

This is my new and improved EDC keychain system. ¬†Now I have many practical items handy at all times, with little redundancy. I plan on changing out gear as I acquire smaller, higher quality tools, but this is stuff I had on hand. Everything fits easily in my pocket, since I usually wear athletic shorts, and not tight pants like a hipster. ¬†I’ve also hooked my everyday carry survival keychain to the belt loop on my jeans, and to the outside of my tactical Bug Out Bag, for easy access. ¬†I’d like to add a telepen, peanut lighter, USB thumb drive, glow in the dark tape, 550 paracord, bit driver, seat-belt cutter/knife sharpener, and maybe something for self defense like a kubaton, or pepper spray. ¬†

I will update this blog post as the project develops. Tell us what’s on your keychain, and help out other Survival Bros readers. Below is the EDC Keychain items list. Thanks for visiting.

– Sharpie Mini
– CRKT Eat N’ Tool (tactical spork)
– 4 In One Tool: whistle, compass, thermometer, magnifying glass
– Gerber Shard multitool: pry bar, bottle/can opener, Phillips/Standard screw driver, nail puller
– Coast Products TX5 Night Vision Red Keychain light
– LED LENSER P3 AFS P focusing LED light with pocket clip, sheath, and carabiner included
– Leatherman Style Multitool: knife, tweezers, nail file, and scissors
– Kershaw Rainbow Chive with Tip-lock (Ken Onion Design)
– Mini Nail Clippers
– Waterproof pill container
– Lighter Leash for Bic
– Belt Loop Clasp

Cameron McKirdy produced this new Survival Bros IT’S EPIC Youtube channel trailer.

Produced by Cameron McKirdy

You’re off the grid, but you need power. That’s when you wish you invested in a solar panel charger, like the Solarmonkey¬†from Powertraveller that I tested in the HD video above.

If I’m alone in the woods, it’s nice to know my cell phone has power just in case. That’s why the Solarmonkey¬†Adventurer comes with. If I fall off a cliff, having my iPhone¬†handy sure beats a whistle. Powertraveller¬†has created a huge variety of solar chargers,¬†excellent for any job. From small ones that can give your¬†phone¬†a boost, to large solar panels that can keep your laptop running. I like the Solarmonkey Adventurer¬†because it’s a great size for backpacking, and mountain biking.

The powerful internal lithium polymer battery is 2500mAh, and will charge fully in 12 hours or less. Plus, you can charge the battery, and a device at the same time, saving time.  And it can plug into a wall, or DC outlet.  I was shocked at how fast it charges my phone. The system is lightweight too, tipping the scales at only 9.3 ounces.  The dimensions are 6.6 x 3.7 x 0.8 inches.

It comes with many tips to be compatible for your device, and a heavy-duty “Monkeytail” cable made just for Apple products. The neoprene case it comes in is durable also. It will keep the solar panels safe, and secure. A carabiner is included. I use that often so it can just hang off my bag. As I mentioned in the video review, the¬†panels are shock and water-resistant. It outlasted me pouring water on it while charging, and surprisingly worked after I froze it. The Solarmonkey¬†Adventurer from Powertraveller is badass. I can easily recommend it¬†to my friends.¬† Thanks for visiting Survival Bros.¬† Come back soon.solarmonkey-adventurer-5