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Pro Eater Cameron “Consumption” McKirdy devours insects, and bugs on baked goods for views!¬† Watch the Survival Bros Founder eat Crickets and Larvae on fresh doughnuts.¬† This funny video was to celebrate getting 10,000 YouTube Subscribers.¬† Follow us on our Channel HERE.¬† We will be doing a Big Giveaway soon.¬† Stay tuned.¬† Thanks for watching, and enjoy the disgusting Eating Challenge.¬† Share it with a friend.¬†¬†

Survival Food made with Bacon and Cheese flavored insects, plus Mexican Spice dried bugs. Gross, right? Please comment.  #food #insects #donuts


Cameron McKirdy has a headache from eating too much food over the Holidays. He feels like he went out drinking last night! Symptoms include extreme fatigue, sensitivity to light, bloating, nausea, dehydration, and a migraine headache. Survival Bros recommends putting down the food, and fasting until 2020.  Did you eat too much salt, fat, and sugar also?   Thanks for visiting the Survival Bros blog on WordPress.

#food #hangover #2020

Cameron McKirdy produced a new #EDC or Everyday Carry video update!¬† Check out the latest gear Survival Bros uses to stay safe, and be prepared for emergency situations.¬† Many products have multiple uses.¬† For example, you could use the headphone wires as cordage to keep something together.¬† HD video filmed with the new GoPro Hero7 Black camera.¬† It’s just OK.¬† The lens fogged up from the body heat coming off of my hand.¬† I thought this video was ruined, but I’m happy with the post.¬† Making YouTube videos is tough, but rewarding.

Subscribe to us on YouTube!¬† We are so close to 10,000 channel subscribers.¬† Thanks for your support.¬† I hope this blog and project help you.¬† Enjoy the snow show.¬† We are so close to Spring…

Cam carrying his 110 Liter Kelty Backpack up Tillamook Head to the Hiker Cabins in Seaside, OR



By Cameron McKirdy

McKenzie River Trailhead Sign

An hour East of Eugene, the McKenzie River Recreational Trail waits to be conquered. ¬†A 26 mile path skirts the cold, rippling waterway. ¬†It’s one of America’s premier destinations for bikers, and hikers. ¬†Outdoor enthusiasts can also be spotted during the summer on the water in rafts of all shapes and sizes. ¬†Survival Bros floated it.¬† However, here’s what’s its like to¬†attack¬†the upper part of the wilderness trail on my bicycle.

The 1986 Volkswagen Vanagon is locked. ¬†Bike is ready. ¬†God bless my vintage Univega Alpina Pro mountain bike. ¬†It’s a hardtail with tire liners for extra protection, so I shouldn’t have trouble¬†pummeling¬†porous lava rocks. ¬† This will be my first ride¬†with it off of pavement, or graveled logging roads. ¬†Exciting. ¬†Water, check. ¬†Mechanix gloves, yes. ¬†3M safety shades, on. ¬†Let’s crush this.

And I’m off. ¬†Going downhill mostly, to Clearwater Lake from the top of the trail. ¬†I will have to fill my stainless steel water bottle at the campground. ¬†Problem is, it’s hard to know what’s undrinkable, and what’s potable with all the well pumps around. ¬†I may have to take a chance, because I’m not buying water. ¬†I’m looking forward to adding 2 packets of Airborne Plus Energy into my drink for flavor, vitamins, and minerals.

The plan is to tackle the challenging section of course around the lake first, then take an easy trail back uphill to my vehicle.  OK, get centered.  Where are you?  In the moment.  Faster!!!

Root! ¬†Pop the front wheel over, and peddle. ¬†Good. ¬†Lean into this corner. ¬†Branch…We’re bushwacking today. ¬†Alright, NOW break. ¬†Shift weight back, coming off the seat. ¬†Who put this tree down here? ¬†Ever heard of a chainsaw? ¬†Pick up your bike. ¬†Thankfully, it’s lightweight, full chromoly frame. ¬†I’m so happy I invested in¬†tuning¬†this vintage ride up. ¬†The guys at Canyonview Cyclery took care of me. ¬†This is the video I produced at their shop after the Univega was restored to glory.

¬†There’s the edge of the water at Clear Lake. ¬†I’ve never seen water so pristine. ¬†I bet I could drink straight from the lake. ¬†Ducks do it. ¬†I almost hit one fowl in my way. ¬†Move mallard. ¬†Already, I’ve narrowly avoided about 10 chipmunks, and a large rabbit too. ¬†I’ve seen¬†squirrels¬†try to take on bikes before. ¬†They ended up in the spokes without a head.¬†¬†That would ruin my day. ¬†I need a bell on this bike of mine to signal wildlife. ¬†

Now comes the hard part. ¬†Negotiating lava rock fields on two wheels. ¬†But I’ve been here before. ¬†Only I came from the opposite direction last time. ¬†I’m going to have to push it up this long hill. ¬†It feels great to get off my butt, and work other muscle groups. ¬†I like my new bicycle handle bar ends. ¬†Now I have more hand positions, and can really pull myself up steep inclines. ¬†

I’m flying. ¬†Let’s not forget our 5 D’s of mountain biking:¬†dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge! ¬†Corner! ¬†Hard left. ¬†Leaning into it, and looking where I want to go. ¬†Holy guacamole. ¬†I almost sailed into the lake. ¬†The canoers would have liked to see that. ¬†I’d rather not be fishing. ¬†This is what I came to do.

Bump. ¬†My nuts. ¬†Watch the nuts. ¬†You’re going to need those. ¬†Oh God, I have to split between a root, and a rock going fast. ¬†No room for error. ¬†Arrghhh. ¬†Made it. ¬†But that took all of my upper body strength. ¬†I haven’t screamed that loud since…oh, let’s keep it PG. ¬†I’m dumping sweat. ¬†This is my hell workout. ¬†Put it all on the line. ¬†Gasp. ¬†Exhale. ¬†Breath. ¬†Sigh. ¬†Focused. ¬†A few more miles of rocky road, and then a less technical section to savor. ¬†The McKenzie River Recreational Trail is damn tough. ¬†No wonder it’s one of the World’s most celebrated biking areas. ¬†I can do this. ¬†Finish strong. ¬†I’m the man. ¬†BEAST MODE!

mckenzie river map

Map courtesty of the USDA – Link to info on the McKenzie River National Recreational Trail

Watch an exciting video I produced with my GoPro Black Head Camera mounted during another ride here.

I had a horrible mountain bike accident on the McKenzie a few years ago. ¬†I’m still healing from the traumatic crash, but here’s tips on healing bruises and scratches from that with gruesome injury photos for you to marvel at.

bruise legI’m lucky I didn’t break my leg!¬†