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By Survival Bros of Oregon, #USA

Learn about investing in trading cards from the owner of New Hobby in Salem, Oregon.¬† Collectors are also raiding Target and WalMart for packs of Prizm by Panini.¬† Fans of Zion Williamson are #zionhunting this young player for personal collections, or to invest in as a trader.¬† He hasn’t played a game yet due to knee surgery, but is expected back on the basketball court soon for the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans team.¬† It’s fun to look for autographs, relics, and numbered cards in both hobby and retail sets.¬† Bball cards are popular on selling sites and¬† Comment if you like this blog topic.¬† Good health to you, and yours this Holiday Season.¬†¬†

Watch as a YouTuber pulls a Zion Williamson autograph from a “Hanger Box” that cost under $20!

Bonus Video from CARDSMITH BREAKS on YouTube.¬† “The Zion Mixer.”¬† Fans pay for a chance to win these cards.¬† Watch the guys pull three huge #zions at the Local Card Shop.

New informative video from SPORTS CARD INVESTOR on #yt  Who do you collect?  Time to stack?

Zion Williamson Prizm Crusade Rookie Card

Collectors are #zionhunting these Prizm “Silver” trading cards in packs and boxes!

From Cam!

Watch Survival Bros open packs of Basketball Cards. These are 2018-19 Panini sports cards from WalMart. Each “Hanger” box was $9.98. It was a good investment of money personally, because I happened to get what I wanted, and was prepared to preserve it in protective cases. Plus, I never risk more cash than I can afford to lose. I was happy to score a LeBron, Trae Young Rookie, and a Kevin Durant Jersey insert.

I’ve been collecting baseball and basketball stars since Childhood! I know how to value, and trade this asset class. Comment if you collect.


What’s your side hustle?

By Cameron McKirdy

A survivalist and cancer fighter answers my questions about his unique ride. ¬†This electric trike gets 240 miles per gallon of gas. ¬†Talk about frugality and wellness wrapped in one man’s mission to live! ¬†The cyclist is always moving his legs, and getting a workout while going down the road. ¬†He had this tricycle loaded with groceries, and clean laundry. ¬†It could easily haul over 100 pounds of gear. ¬†What do you think of this survival mobile? ¬†More on¬†the #survivalbros YouTube Channel. ¬†Subscribe today to watch all the HD video adventures for free online. ¬†Thanks for the support.

electric trike euge

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Saddle Mt Summit Photo

Ready or not, my chubby puggle Mocha was going hiking with me. ¬†I took the pug/beagle combo to the top. ¬†She made the summit by herself, but it was a struggle. ¬†It was a sweltering 80 plus degrees out. ¬†My poor dog hasn’t been training hard lately. ¬†Her exercise routine consists of going from the couch to food and back. ¬†But Mocha and I have hiked, so I knew the 5-year-old mutt still had it. ¬†I remember the first time I let her off the leash on a trail. ¬†She was running back and forth, up and down it. ¬†The puggle was so excited to be out of the apartment. ¬†I couldn’t contain her. ¬†Once she even fell off a cliff as the bank eroded and I had to quickly swing her up by the leash and collar to save her. ¬†Mocha is much fatter now, but we are working on it.

Mocha The Puggle

When we got to Saddle Mountain State Natural Area her nose was working overtime. ¬†There were lots of people hitting the trail, and camping. ¬†I brought water, and gave the puggle breaks. ¬†I made her sit, and she would lay in the shade when she could. ¬†The hike is 5 miles¬†round trip,¬† but the elevation change is brutal. It’s 1603 feet to be exact, with the top at 3283 feet. Mainly I was concerned about her paws bleeding. ¬†There is lots of metal fencing on the ground to contain the loose rocks, and I didn’t know if that would bother her. ¬†On the way up I kept Moc on the leash, 1 because there’s cliffs, and 2 because lots of people were coming down the trail with dogs. ¬†I wanted to protect her. ¬†However, on the way down I decided it would be better to let her follow me off leash. ¬†She didn’t want to walk on the trail because the gravel was hurting her. ¬†So she waddled along side the main path, and didn’t hurt anything. ¬†Plus, it was getting late, and we were basically the last down.

Mocha Survival Puggle

On the way we checked out a geocache hidden on a side trail. ¬†I’ve found it before, but I wanted to see all the new stuff inside, and sign the log book again. ¬†Not many people locate it each year. ¬†I traded in a emergency paracord bracelet for a CD with clues to another cache. ¬†I’m getting into geocaching because it’s something fun to do while hiking, or when you’re just out and about. ¬†There’s more than 2 million geocaches planted around the world. ¬†This hobby also forces me to¬†analyze¬†and use maps too. ¬†I filmed Mocha and I checking out what was inside the ammo box this time.

After a few solid hours of hiking, Mocha, my cameraman, and I reached the peak. ¬†We all sat down and took in the majestic views of the North Coast. ¬†You can see the whole coastline, from Seaside well into Washington State. ¬†Poor Mocha was beat. ¬†She was gasping for air, and I was a little worried about her. ¬†We had just enough water left to quench her thirst, but more would have been nice. ¬†Usually there is a spring about halfway up that I feel is safe to drink from. ¬†My dog did lap up the puddle there, but I wasn’t getting on all fours. ¬†In the end, Mocha killed it. ¬†I was so proud of her. ¬†I kept her motivated with words of encouragement, smacking her butt, and tossing turkey¬†jerky¬†in her mouth. ¬†On the way back I told Moc we were going back to the car and home for ice cubes (her fav). ¬†My legs were jello, and Mocha was walking funny, but we accomplished the mission. ¬†Next time we will be even stronger, and smarter about it. ¬†

Cam and MochaMocha knew we were going to the top.  If you want to rock a paracord bracelet for emergency preparedness made by Survival Bros, send $8 to via PayPal.  Thanks and best wishes from us both.