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By Cameron McKirdy

On outside:

– S Biners

– Blinking Red Light

– Tool Tether

– Grocery Ties

– Compass Keychain Tool

Front pouch:

– LG G2 with Ballistic Shell Gel Case

– Ear plugs

– Wall charger for smart phone

– Superfood pills – Maca, turmeric, bee pollen, B 12

– Duct Tape on card

– Coast Products PX20 Dual Color flashlight with pouch

– Camera Case (Case Logic)

– Kershaw Blur – Tanto Tiger Stripe folding knife

– Leatherman Skeletool

– Moist Wipes for hygiene

– Toothpaste and travel brush

– Chapstick

– Ballpoint Pen

– Listerine Breath Strips

– Sharpie Oil Pain Pen

– Tide Pen for stains

– Large Professional Sharpie Pen

– Coast Products DX356 knife

– Large Bic Lighter

Main Pouch:

– LED LENSER H14 Headlamp

– Dri-Fit Nike Hat – Go Ducks!

– OPTIONAL: Change of clothes, solar panel

– Notebook for ideas, contacts, calculator

– GSI Outdoors Stainless Steel 1 Liter bottle

– Mechanix Wear M Covert Gloves (Large)

Coast Products F611 Survival Knife with glassbreaker

– Camelbak 3 Liter hydration pack

Right Side Pouch:

 – Food Kit, Airborne Plus Energy Mix, raw food bars, honey, protein bars, condoms, vitamins, Chapstick sample, sugar, oatmeal, dish-washing soap, tea, salmon packets, instant soup, microwavable popcorn, and more Antibacterial Moist Wipes

Left Side Pouch: 

– Aluminum Free deodorant, poncho, emergency blanket, Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Kit, spare cell phone and charger, camera charger and camera, shampoo, soap

Notes:  Everyday Carry Backpack items change all the time.  Make something like this for yourself for everyday emergency preparedness.  My pack also has a rain cover, but I have considered buying a medium sized dry bag.  I also carry 3m protective sunglasses, paracord bracelet, keychain with tools, one Hoo-Rag bandana, my wallet, and a mace pen, but the self-defense weapon fell out in my van before filming.  Oh well, I survived.  Please like, comment, and subscribe to the blog and our Survival Bros channel on YouTube.  We are on Facebook too!  Thanks for watching.  Peace and love.

EDC Backpack ItemsPhoto of the full EDC Backpack Gear Setup for Survival Bros.



Another storm devastated the Oregon Coast this week. There was massive flooding on Highway 101 South of Seaside, OR. The road is still closed to vehicles. Only trucks are permitted to cross the high waters. Here’s the latest picture from the ODOT camera.

For current road conditions visit

The heavy rains also caused a small landslide in Astoria, Oregon. Three homes on the hill were evacuated. Plus, the trolley service has been suspended because part of the train tracks washed out along the Columbia river. It will be fixed soon, but I’ve never heard of that happening.

There’s finally a calm in Clatsop County. We’ve had hail, snow, and high winds. Brutal. Be safe out there. This is a reminder to always be prepared. Have a bug out bag in your house and car. Disaster can strike anytime, especially along the Oregon Coast.

Produced by Cameron McKirdy

Survival Bros did it again. We mobbed to Fort Stevens State Park in Oregon to mushroom hunt. Its been wet, so this time provided way better results.

First, Shauna, Mac, and I explored the wooded area west of Coffenbury Lake. We discovered many types of fungi. We brought a book called, “Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest” and used our smart phones to help identify the shrooms as we went. By the lake we found mostly Mycena, and other mushrooms that aren’t good to eat. Look at the crazy orange one we found on a tree (top right). It’s a Pholiota flammans.

After a few hours of rustling through the brush, we drove to the Peter Iredale shipwreck site to park. We walked to the Delora Dune Trail, and went north. This area is swampy, and packed with tall beach grass, and scotch broom. I started spotting medium sized, slimy brown mushrooms called Slippery Jack boletes. We collected around 130 of them in a few short hours. Later, it took a lot of work to clean them, and remove the sticky top of the cap for drying. The oven was on low all night.

Once again, we found a few edible pine spikes, and a handful of mica caps. We found so many varieties, we are still comparing pictures, and taking spore prints to identify them. Out of the edible ones we know, and dried, my buddy Mac plans on making a mushroom seasoning mix for cooking. We’ve already tried the boletes in a barley pilaf dish, that included dried chanterelles found previously on a golf course.

I also found a large Amanita muscaria, or Fly Agaric! That was a treat. They are so beautiful, warts and all. Of course they are poisonous, so get to know the family. Here’s a quick video of what we found on the hunt. We used Coast Knives from Portland Oregon to cut, and clean the mushrooms.

HD video of Survival Bros finding and cutting a few mushrooms to take home.

Anytime I’m outdoors now, I’m mushroom hunting. This area near the Columbia River is ideal for many desirable species. I hope this blog helps. Survival Bros will continue to share our experiences here, so visit often. Thanks!
– Cameron McKirdy

Cameron from Survival Bros fills up his thermos with amazing spring water. This stop is along Highway 26, East of the rest areas coming from Seaside. Check it out! It’s our favorite watering hole. There’s not many spring water sources around. People come from all over for the good stuff. Beats city water.