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Produced By Cameron McKirdy

Learn which individual servings or samples of condiments, and sauce you can find for free.  Do some urban scavenging like me.  Stockpile packets of ketchup, salsa, candy, and more items for storage.  My favorite package seen in the video is the lemon juice.  I forgot to mention it.  You can find just about any free food packet out there.  I have a secret sauce floating around my van somewhere from Burger King.  I think I eat out more for condiments than the fast food itself.

Having these sauces, and sugars, etc. on hand saves money. ¬†Take food packets¬†like the ones shown on your next camping trip for extra spice, or flavor in your meal. ¬†Get free condiments as seen on Survival Bros at¬†restaurants, and¬†convenience¬†stores. ¬†If something isn’t priced, it must be available to take. ¬†

Do you stockpile packets like I¬†do? ¬†I feel like such a rebel when my pockets are full, and I’ve made a clean getaway with the loot.

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Free Condiments Food KitFree Condiments Food Kit by Survival Bros – An Alternative News Community

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