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By Cameron McKirdy

Check out the contents of a Blessing Bag made by Girl Scouts for Homeless People.  Please share this video!  Send this to a friend, and add it to your own YouTube Playlist.  I hope you consider making kits like this for vandwellers in your area.  The less fortunate could use your help as Winter approaches. #vanlife

Thanks for visiting our blog.  More on the way from Oregon.

By Cameron McKirdy

In these HD #survivalbros videos I source product, or pick stuff, to potentially resell at a profit.  I purchased nearly 27 pounds of Goodwill donations at 99 cents per lb in one day, as seen in the first vlog below.  Watch these guides to learn more about picking, aka hustling.  I chose a diverse range of merchandise, buying everything from purses to Nintendo Wii video games.  I think I scored on my thrifting haul adventure, but you  be the judge.  SUBSCRIBE TO SURVIVAL BROS ON YOUTUBE HERE to join the conversation.  Thanks for watching.     

goodwill outlet 32

Cam found Minion Goggles at The Bins in Portland, Oregon

Pro Tips for  Shopping at The Goodwill Outlet Bins:

  1. Wear gloves. ¬†This way you can toss stuff, and protect your hands from sharp objects…
  2. Weigh your cart several times to see where your at, and to preview what you may spend.
  3. Take a chance on an item or two that you know nothing about.  It may prove to be a super find.

More advice coming in blog articles soon…..


Produced By Cameron McKirdy and Tactical Gypsy

A former Marine, currently in the National Guard shows you how to build medical packs to stop bleeding from a¬†traumatic¬†wound. ¬†With a¬†first aid kit like these¬†examples¬†you could take care of yourself during an emergency, or¬†assist¬†another person in need of attention, possibly saving a life. ¬†There’s more to it than gauze and tape though. ¬†You must train, and develop this skill set. ¬†What’s in your med bag? ¬†Thanks for visiting Survival Bros. ¬†


By Cameron McKirdy

Survival Bros checks out a survival tin¬†kit example at Cougar Ridge Knives¬†in Gearhart, OR. ¬†What would you put in your Altoids container? ¬†Feel free to criticize, or praise this kit. ¬†We didn’t make it. ¬†It’s all in good fun for¬†preparedness. ¬†Send or drop off your survival tin for a chance to win three great prizes. ¬†Our giveaway has been extended to May 1, 2014. ¬†Here’s the original blog post with the official contest rules, etc. ¬†

Watch the video for the Survival Bros. and Cougar Ridge Knives contest:

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