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By Cameron McKirdy 

After watching this HD video guide, you’ll know the type of stuff in a Bug-Out Bag. ¬†His example works for his needs.¬† People create these emergency preparedness backpacks with survival gear just in case of a disaster. ¬†It’s important to have supplies like these items listed handy. ¬†Keep them secure. ¬†

Survival Bros Challenge:  Make an emergency Go Bag kit like this, and give it to a loved one.  Have fun making a backpack.  Please share this video with a friend, comment, and like.

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By Cameron McKirdy

car camping food listCar camping is one of my favorite blog topics. ¬†I hope you find it interesting too. ¬†Here’s a checklist of my top foods to store in your vehicle. ¬†Many items instantly turn into grub by adding hot water. ¬†I got ideas for the perfect van dwelling foods by watching YouTube videos of Thru Hikers packing for their long distance trips. ¬†Search for Pacific Crest Trail aka PCT, or Appalachian¬†Trail¬†Backpackers¬†online.

Ziplock bags are a trusted way to keep organized. ¬†You can even write on the outside with a permanent pen to label things. ¬†Plus, plastic sacks maintain some protection from water, rats, an other elements. ¬†Let me know if you have any questions about my setup. ¬†Add several gallons of distilled and spring water (not pictured), and I’m ready to go off the grid for weeks. ¬†I’m stocked up on:

  • Honey with ginseng, bee pollen, and royal jelly
  • Drinks: water, aloe water, coconut beverages, teas, fruit juices
  • Soups in cans to heat and serve, and powdered packets
  • Protein Powder, plus various green powders (wheat grass)
  • Pasta Sides, and Dishes like Top Ramen
  • Dehydrated Food such as Mountain House Freeze Dried Meals (Apple Crisp is my favorite)
  • Fruit: Fresh Produce like apples and bananas, also fruit strips, bottles, and cans
  • Nuts and Seeds like Almond and Hemp
  • Granola Bars, and Oatmeal¬†
  • Instant Coffee, instant milk
  • Condiments: Packets of butter, salsa, pepper, salt, raw sugar, mayonnaise, ketchup, and everything else Free and Holy
  • Canned meats: Flavored tuna, Spam, Chicken Salad with crackers


By Cameron McKirdy

Survival Bros gives you a tour of the 1986 Volkswagon Vanagon, and discusses van dwelling.  I use the Coast Products TX100 LED flashlight to show you how dark the windows are now with tint and black vinyl covering them.  Look at the other gear I use and how, including my Kelty Recluse 2.5 insulated sleeping pad.  You have to have some kind of mat to lay on to be comfortable camping.

I’ve been doing a great job of staying clear of local police. ¬†I continue to camp on private property with¬†permission¬†from the owner, or legally at camp grounds. ¬†Plus, by staying at designated rest areas, the cops can’t charge me with¬†overnight camping. ¬†The police have better things to do anyways, like uphold their oath to The Constitution, and keep the peace. ¬†We know law enforcement is big fans of our emergency preparedness blog, so thanks for visiting! ¬†More adventures from the road soon. ¬†