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By Founder Cameron McKirdy

Items for Emergency Preparedness in a Bear Vault for Backpacking.¬† People use these on hiking trips to store food.¬† Bears and other animals can’t get inside.¬† I thought it would be the ideal cache container for extra survival gear.¬† What a thrift store find for $2.99.¬† Keep working on your Survival Kits.¬† We recommend you store caches in safe locations, above and below ground.¬† Ask your friends and family if you can put stuff at their place just in case of a disaster.¬† There’s tons of turmoil, and unrest on Earth.¬† Uncertainty.¬† So plan ahead Survival Bros.¬†¬†

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Produced By Cameron McKirdy 

Tactical Gypsy, a Marine currently in the National Guard gives you a rundown on his everyday carry¬†gear. ¬†These are items he brings with him¬†wherever¬†he goes in general. ¬†His tactical backpack is packed with things that could¬†help him overcome adversity, and adapt to his environment. ¬†Below is the full load-out list to help you plan out your own emergency bag. ¬†With over 26,000 views on YouTube, this HD video will soon be our most popular production. ¬†Please subscribe to us on YouTube¬†to watch all of our epic videos, and to join in the discussion there. ¬†Thanks for all of your support. ¬†We have big plans for ¬†for Survival Bros. ¬†We’ve launched a secure store to provide you with gear, and nutritional supplements to make you more prepared for life. ¬†We’ll be adding tons of new products shortly, so check out the shop often. ¬†By supporting the blog, it gives us more free time to put out additional information to better serve you. ¬† We wish you the best. ¬†Now go get a prep out of the way today, to make tomorrow brighter. ¬†Peace and love.

Tactical Gypsy’s EDC List:

– Notepad aka Black Book with Pen(s)

– Casio G’zOne Smart Phone

– Surefire LED Flashlight with extra batteries

– Bic Lighter

– Flavored Chapstick with SPF 15

– Wallet with cash, IDs, concealed hand gun permit, plus Passport

– Coast DX356 Knife

– Survival Straps Paracord Bracelet

– Suunto Black Core Watch

– Clothes Vary – Leather Belt

– Merrell Moab Boots (waterproof) with paracord shoe laces

– Glock 23 .40 Smith and Wesson with inside the waistband kydex holdster by Blade Tech

– Black Tactical Backpack (Adidas)

– Maxpedition Medical Pack with extra magazine, includes gauze, QuickClot, sterile pads, lots of tape

– Laptop (password protected) with charger

– Multi-tool and small serrated knife in case

– Large Plastic Bag

– Level 2 Body Armor

– Fixed blade throwing knife with paracord wrapped handle

– Boo Boo kit with Neosporin, duct tape, band-aids

– Toothpast (fluoride free) and toothpicks with floss

–¬†Combat Application Tourniquet

– Weapon Light

– Electrical Tape

– Extra Cordage (shoe laces)

– Pouch of crystals and rocks

– Keys

– Odor Spray for Bullet-Proof vest, ect.

–¬†Military¬†Lensatic Compass

– Headphones and Earplugs

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By Cameron McKirdy

Survival Bros checks out a survival tin¬†kit example at Cougar Ridge Knives¬†in Gearhart, OR. ¬†What would you put in your Altoids container? ¬†Feel free to criticize, or praise this kit. ¬†We didn’t make it. ¬†It’s all in good fun for¬†preparedness. ¬†Send or drop off your survival tin for a chance to win three great prizes. ¬†Our giveaway has been extended to May 1, 2014. ¬†Here’s the original blog post with the official contest rules, etc. ¬†

Watch the video for the Survival Bros. and Cougar Ridge Knives contest:

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