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Cameron McKirdy did this:

Survival Bros shows you exactly how to get FREE CLOTHING IN LIFE!  Click on the HD YouTube video above for the exact mission details.  All you have to do is visit your local painting supply company store, and request a complimentary painter’s shirt or even a hoodie.  Every painter needs a shirt, preferably one with sleeves to protect themselves from paint over spray, and drips.  Trust me, I’ve painted houses and after pulling globs of latex out of my chest hair, a barrier of soft, breathable protection is a must.

It’s simple: Request swag (politely), get gear.  Try this method of acquiring, and comment on the blog post here if you have any luck.  It’s worked every time for me when I need fresh clothes to wear, and there’s more than one paint shop to pick from.  

I got another free shirt, this time from Rodda Paint in McMinnville, Oregon by asking…

More proof you can do this too.  

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By Cameron McKirdy

Celebrate Scottish Heritage right here on #survivalbros with a positive comment.  The Scots have a history of making America better.  Learn and recognize on Wikipedia now.  

And how about the Pendleton wool hunting tartan dress shirt I found at a discount store for $2?!  I had to vlog about finding these fine threads.

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Pendleton Wool Blog on Tartan Day with Photos

Learn how to do some Scottish Highland Dancing since there’s¬†time:

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Cameron McKirdy was here.

Survival Bros finds a used plastic water bottle¬†full of urine in a Safeway parking lot. ¬†Have you guys gone to the bathroom this way? ¬†I’ve never thrown a refilled container out of my vehicle onto the highway. ¬†That’s just wrong. ¬†And littering will cost you. ¬†Peeing on trees is much more fun. ¬†Hug them before you go potty.

Litter weighing five pounds or less is a class C misdemeanor, punishable by a fine up to $500. If between five and 500 pounds, class B misdemeanor punishable by a fine up to $500, imprisonment up to 30 days, or both.

FACT:  It takes 450 years for a plastic bottle to decompose.  

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Produced by Cameron McKirdy

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By Cameron McKirdy

Check out the¬†vintage bike frame I was given for FREE. ¬†I’ve always wanted an old school Specialized Rockhopper, so I had to fix it up, and ride. ¬†The bicycle needed some TLC. ¬†I bought new handlebars for $1, rubber grips, a back tube and tire, plus located a matching racing seat and post. ¬†It must be a 1989, or 1990 Specialized, featuring Shimano Deore LX components. ¬†The original matching wheels came with. ¬†

Survival Bros also pressure washed everything, to get the road grim off. ¬†Just had to share the photos with the fans. ¬†I haven’t seen this bike, this nice, anywhere online in my searching. ¬†I sold the restored project for $150. ¬†Funny part was, the buyer showed up in a classic Volkswagen Vanagon like mine, so we had lots to talk about, and share. ¬†This bike was just too small for me, with a 17 inch frame, it’s best suited for a teen. ¬†It went to a good home, and freed up space inside my van.¬† More cycling projects being blogged about soon. ¬†

Specialized Rockhopper CompHolding a Battleship Grey colored Rockhopper Comp frame

Vintage Rockhopper Battleship GreyRiding the fully restored mountain bike for the first time on trails

Read about when I found a Specialized Allez Sport from Goodwill!

Produced By Cameron McKirdy

Take a look at my new commuter bike called the Giant Sedona. ¬†It’s been way more comfortable to cruise in than my hardtail mountain bike. ¬†I like being able to ride up high, and adjust the handlebars so I can sit up straight. ¬†In the HD video you can see all of the extras I threw on it. ¬†Building a bike, although it not from scratch, is still a blast, ¬†I purchased new Defender fenders to keep myself fresh, a tiny black bell so I don’t have to scream at all the tourists to move or die, water bottle holders for hydration 24/7, and a big manly basket to hold my wildflowers in (more like edible mushrooms). ¬†Andy at Prom Bike Shop in Seaside, Oregon told me this bicycle would be an excellent candidate for a 49cc motor, so I’m thing about that upgrade. ¬†It’s a work in progress. ¬†I’m just grateful to have a bike that doesn’t destroy me after riding it short distances. ¬†I’ve never owned a Giant before, but I’m sure I will be¬†satisfied. ¬†Like¬†the satin black color with gold trim? ¬†It’s different. ¬†You’ll see more videos and blogs featuring this whip soon. ¬†Thanks or supporting Survival Bros. ¬†The website has been doing great, and our YouTube audience is growing rapidly. ¬†So please subscribe to our channel here if you haven’t, or click the link to discover other related fun videos. ¬†Peace.

prom bike Seaside OR

Biking The Prom in Seaside Oregon

Produced By Cameron McKirdy

Survival Bros has a bug out bike tuned up and ready for camping this summer. I will produce another HD video on this vintage bicycle when all the bags are on, and the project is complete. Here’s a previous post on finding the Univega at a garage sale last summer.

Mens Univega Bicycle Repairs

Before the repairs

Univega Alpina Pro Bike

After being tuned up, restored to like new condition, and cleaned properly

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Produced By Cameron McKirdy

In this HD video I show you my new Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief Orthotics. ¬†I’ve been testing them for about three weeks, and they have scored off the chart in overall quality. ¬†This type is made just for men, and they fit size 8-12 shoes. ¬†I cut them down to size, threw them in my sneakers, and went to work. ¬†I was standing on concrete for 10 hours a day, and before I bought these inserts my feet were absolutely killing me. ¬†I had intense heel pain, and cramping throughout my entire foot. ¬†I couldn’t take a break, so I had to try something.

First I purchased a pair of flat, massaging gel inserts. ¬†They sucked. ¬†I still had heel pain. ¬†I took the off-brand cushioners¬†out of my kicks to return, but they left a strange indentation on my insoles, so I’m going to keep them in those dress shoes for good. ¬†Then I stepped it up, and spent a few more dollars on the Dr. Scholl’s. ¬†I’ve never owned a pair of arch supports that weren’t custom to my flat feet, so I was skeptical. ¬†However, like I said in the video, they worked to relieve my pain immediately, and I forgot all about my discomfort. ¬†I’ve been using these ever since, and I had to recommend them to everyone that follows the Survival Bros blog. ¬†Please comment if you have purchased these orthotics, or something like it.

dr scholls pro heel mens