How to Deal with Trolls in Real Life and Online

Posted: August 22, 2012 in Comedy and Art, SB Tips, Uncategorized
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Trolls are lurking! They are on YouTube, Facebook, and under bridges. These little people are trying to hurt you, and cause stress. Well no more worries because Survival Bros has a game plan for obnoxious trolls.

When a troll tries to lure me into a pointless debate, I ignore it. Trolls don’t know me, they just like to think they do. Dimwitted trolls aren’t producers, they are moochers. They live off others, and think they are somehow better. Trolls need to be put in check. If you see one, call them a troll. We know they are up to no good, and don’t belong in our society.

Another good tactic when dealing with annoying trolls is to just walk away. They can’t keep up with real, useful people. Step away from the drama. Trolls are weak. They break easily, so avoid physical confrontation. You don’t want to pick up any of their diseases, or bad vibes either.

When dealing with trolls online, just know they don’t know you. They can jibber jabber all day, but nobody listens to little people. I block trolls every chance I get. Their feedback and words are worthless, and untrue. Never listen to a troll, just laugh at their blatant ignorance. Block, unfriend, and unfollow trolls ASAP.

Don’t waste time or energy on trolls. When you recognize one, destroy it, or ignore it. They have no place. That’s the problem. Let them creep in the shadows, while free people play. To spot a troll, look for short, uncoordinated people in sports cars, with eyes that never shine. They are only harmful if you get to know them, so just stay away. Trolls are worthless. If you follow these Survival Bros tips you will be troll free, and much happier. Best wishes.

– Cameron McKirdy
Survival Bros President and Founder


  1. Les Stroud ripped off this post for his podcast. Plus my logo, and the CuddleLife name.

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