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Survival Bros vlogs about getting freebies around town by asking.  This new HD video was filmed at Country Village in Longview, Washington.  You’d be surprised how much free stuff you can acquire by requesting health food samples at local stores in person.  I’m a regular customer, so I can get complementary products in trial sizes, without purchasing a single item.  Plus, I ask nicely, and am very grateful for the edible endowments.  After all, they do call me Cameron Consumption.  I’ve got this survival system down to an Art form.  Thanks for watching.

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survival challenge 4

I also tried a marijuana CBD spray inside this Washington State establishment!




Try Earthing or Grounding outdoors today!  Have you experienced any benefits when you take off your shoes and socks to play in the grass?  Share your story here on Survival Bros.  I filmed this while on a camping trip.  I’m cruising around Oregon in my 1986 Vanagon, and doing some tenting.  Look out for new challenges soon.  

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Survival Bros goes outside for Earthing or Grounding by walking barefoot in the dirt

Produced By Cameron McKirdy

In this HD video I show you my new Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief Orthotics.  I’ve been testing them for about three weeks, and they have scored off the chart in overall quality.  This type is made just for men, and they fit size 8-12 shoes.  I cut them down to size, threw them in my sneakers, and went to work.  I was standing on concrete for 10 hours a day, and before I bought these inserts my feet were absolutely killing me.  I had intense heel pain, and cramping throughout my entire foot.  I couldn’t take a break, so I had to try something.

First I purchased a pair of flat, massaging gel inserts.  They sucked.  I still had heel pain.  I took the off-brand cushioners out of my kicks to return, but they left a strange indentation on my insoles, so I’m going to keep them in those dress shoes for good.  Then I stepped it up, and spent a few more dollars on the Dr. Scholl’s.  I’ve never owned a pair of arch supports that weren’t custom to my flat feet, so I was skeptical.  However, like I said in the video, they worked to relieve my pain immediately, and I forgot all about my discomfort.  I’ve been using these ever since, and I had to recommend them to everyone that follows the Survival Bros blog.  Please comment if you have purchased these orthotics, or something like it.

dr scholls pro heel mens

I just got the NEW Coast Products EAL20 LED lantern.  It retails for $40.  A bargain for any high quality light.  But I had to put it to the test.  So I went into the woods, and kicked it around.  First I scoped it from a distance.  I was pleased by the brightness of the flashing red LED light.  The EAL20 would be great to have around in case of emergency.  It’s very visible,  but also portable.  I also like the way it feels.  It’s rubbery, and easy to handle.  It’s a good size when you’re on the go.  I can see myself using this indoors, and outdoors; while camping, or working on a project.  Few lanterns are this versatile,  if any.

I beat it up too.  I dropped it from my side, at hip level, onto the frozen ground.  It still worked.  I booted it hard, and it didn’t mind.  Then I tossed it in the bushes.  No problem for the Coast product.  It’s durable, just like they say.  I was impressed.  It passed the Survival Bros stress test with ease.  I’m sure I will have this emergency lantern for years to come.  It will be by my bedside this evening.  I love using the red light during the night, because it doesn’t affect my night vision like white light does.  I’m still able to see fine when I turn it off, because my eyes don’t have to adjust after using the red light.  Plus, the EAL20 is loaded with features.  The best part about the design is the dimmer.  Using it at the level you want saves battery power.  There’s even a sly battery life indicator on the front, so you know how much juice is left.  In the video I misspoke, there are actually 8 red LED lights, and one bright white light bulb in the center.  I highly recommend this LED lantern.  I don’t have any issues with it at this time.  

For additional information on this product check out http://www.coastportland.comealMore extreme product reviews and HD videos soon.  Thanks for visiting the Survival Bros blog.  Save it to your bookmarks.  %^).

Produced by Cameron McKirdy

The Coast HP14 is the high performance flashlight of any man’s dreams. Ahhh, the perfect feel of the cold aluminum, and the heft that quality has to offer; ready, balanced, and durable. As with most of my reviews, the first thing I did was try and take it apart. I say try on this one because other than taking the batteries out, I can’t get it any further apart. This idea of, put together once, never fail, therefore never come apart, is the usual for Coast Products.  As I said, I could not get much apart on this light but the battery tube. The light came with and uses four AA batteries, the easiest in the world to find. Rechargeable batteries I am sure would not last long, but it’s an option.  Using lithium batteries is a way to increase the total operating time. However, the high/low settings alone will help you milk most batteries for countless hours.

As I said, I was unable to unscrew the lens portion off. Coast Products are designed to last, so there is no need to take it apart for “repairs” pff… but looking inside the lens shows the Coast logo in its signature red color, and a miracle of an LED, the Cree XM-L.  You can even adjust the blinding 339 lumens with one-hand focusing.  The bottom switch has a thick durable rubber feel, and is recessed to allow the light to be set upright on its bottom. There’s also an anti-roll lanyard bump that simply sticks out to prevent the light from sliding down a hill. The attached lanyard snapped off almost immediately, after 3 vigorous tugs.

I did enjoy the fine anodized finish on the light, as opposed to most other companies use of powder coating. This anodized finish also gives a small amount of texture itself to the flashlights surface, sort of a microscopic sand paper effect. The diamond knurling on the light has a very fine texture. I did notice that in the rain, and while wet, the diamond knurling had a slippery feel. I’m REALLY nit picking here to find any flaw in this thing. I submerged it in water, threw it on the ground, and it kept burning bright.  The HP14 is solid, reliable, easy to use, and best of all, it’s a Coast Product, so you know it will never fail.