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What a wild year 2022 was! Let’s look back at some of the top stories on SURVIVALBROS.

Recently, a major cryptocurrency exchange called FTX screwed up. Users around The World had their money secretly moved to another place. The Platform got too big, and is based in the Bahamas. Actually, most of the blame falls on one Jewish money changer named Samuel Bankman-Fried. This one shitty CEO has financially ruined thousands of customers. Mainstream Media should have investigated this clown sooner, and thrown him under the bus. This scammer actually hurt people, unlike rapper Kanye West. Store your own Bitcoin, and don’t trust any Cabal.

I hope you didn’t trust #SBF

In other news; media and government propaganda is at all-time high! I tried watching Zac Efron’s Netflix show “Down to Earth.” I wanted to smash my flatscreen TV. Every second is pure propaganda for the state. He ain’t building communities. Saying things like, without government subsidies, all of the indigenous culture would be lost. Like the feds care about your music, dancing, and recipes. Viewing is not fun. They’ll be swimming in a tropical paradise, and say how much trouble it is in due to humans..and how the inhabitants don’t do anything to save themselves. LOL. Efron is torture to listen to. You can’t take your carbon credits with you buddy. Just remember the founder of this site is actually a certified lifeguard. Reduce waste, by not checking it out.

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