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Cameron McKirdy films and Narrates a drive past a fire and smoke near Culver, Oregon. This is close to Sisters, and Crooked River Ranch. It is currently 0% contained. Ash has been raining down in the city of Redmond. Air quality is moderate, but unhealthy for sensitive groups. Survival Bros will update you on the Natural Disaster as we gather information. Thanks for visiting our Emergency Preparedness blog. Stay safe, prevent forest fires, and get to an area with better air quality in your region if you can. #grandviewfire #oregonfires

Oregon Dept. Fire Updates

Start of Grandview Fire ūüĒ•
Plane Drops Retardant
Fire Line Map

By Cameron McKirdy of Survival Bros

List of Top Performing Stocks in Cam’s Investment Portfolio on the Cash App. Tesla Motor Co. comes in at #1.¬† It has gone up nearly 40% in 30 days.¬† This video is for entertainment only, and not financial advice!¬† What do you invest in?¬† Please comment.

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Produced by Cameron McKirdy and Kelvin for #survivalbros

Friends talk about Gear Items needed to survive working in the Heat! Please Comment, Subscribe, and Share this HD video. Filmed with GoPro Hero7 Black action camera in Oregon. 

Kelvin’s Pocket Dump includes:

  • Utility Knife
  • Lighter with Poker
  • Chapstick for Lips
  • Handkerchief
  • Cash Money (Paper)
  • Leather Wallet
  • iPhone with OtterBox Case¬†
  • Honda CBR Motorcycle

By Cam The Cuddler

Cool off Creeker!

Cameron from Survival Bros gives himself a detoxifying clay mud mask to improve his skin. His face was softer, and more clear, with less acne and blackheads. Subscribe on YouTube, share, and add this video to a playlist. Thanks for watching. More soon, and on our preparedness blog #survivalbros

Updated for Survival Bros By Cameron McKirdy

nudist at hot springs

I love meeting new friends at Terwilliger aka Cougar Hot Spring in Oregon. ¬†It’s located in the Willamette National Forest, East of Eugene near the McKenzie River. ¬†The cost is now $7 for one day pass, or you can buy an annual pass. ¬†You’ll take a moderate walk 1/2 a mile in from the small parking lot, before getting to the meditative area. ¬†Accommodations include a covered changing area, and updated self-composting outdoor restrooms.¬† Also, keep in mind this is a day use area only. ¬†You could face a fat fine if you’re not leaving the parking lot when darkness falls.

Shot with GoPro Hero7 Black Camera

Change temperatures in a shallow creek skirting the cascading blue pools.¬† Cool down, and drink the fresh water from Source.¬† Previously, I dug clay out of the Earth here for facials, but we need to leave this space as it is.¬† Clothing is optional, so come as you are and be respectful, or leave.¬† Guests may want to remain clothed.¬† Don’t ask them why they aren’t naked.¬† This popular recreational area can be very busy during the Summer.¬† Go in the morning, or during the week for more seclusion.¬† Pools are cleaned every Thursday in the AM, so expect closure until late afternoon.¬† Smile, and bring your positive energy.¬† We need more natural people on Earth.¬† Forget you phone, bills, and ex girlfriend, and soak in the healing waters.¬† I hope to see you there.¬† I will continue to update this post with new pictures, and HD video.¬†

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Cougar Hot Spring Women

Woman Wearing a Clay Mask to detoxify!

Soak in the healing waters, and try the different pools at Cougar Hot Spring in the Willamette National Forest. It’s $7 per person for a day pass, and you can’t be there after dark. Share this HD 60fps video shot with GoPro Hero7 Black camera by Cameron McKirdy.

indigenous nudity girls

Lovely ladies lounging on warm rocks in the Willamette National Forest of Oregon

Chill out on the North Fork of the McKenzie River with Cam from #SurvivalBros and Papilio Oregonius butterflies.  This is the official insect of Oregon State.  Filmed near Terwilliger/Cougar Hot Spring, in the Willamette National Forest.

Cameron McKirdy Topless at Spring

By Cameron McKirdy

I was gifted tree resin fit for a King today. ¬†Pictured is a fat¬†handful¬†of¬†Frankincense and Myrrh gum¬†bled from a plant. ¬†My buddy Gypsy Hugh got the¬†aromatic¬†harvest burning on a hot hookah charcoal.¬†¬†Next, we place the purifying fragrance in my 1986 Volkswagen Vanagon. ¬†The pleasant odor filled my bus with smoke, and the scent should linger for days. ¬†It smells like incense, only more pure, and natural to me. ¬†It was a kind gesture to hot box my vehicle like that, and very appropriate on Christmas Day. ¬†Enjoy the pictures below. ¬†I’d never seen these hardened resins in person, called tears. ¬†

Frankincense and Myrrh xmasFrankincense and Myrrh pictured up close

Frankincense and MyrrhPurifying my camper van with smoking tree resin saved for a special occasion


Cameron McKirdy of Survival Bros gets naked, and films the Terwilliger Hot Springs near Cougar Reservoir in Oregon by Blue River. ¬†Check out the four natural pools, and the wooden structures. ¬†The top pool is now under construction. ¬†The natural cave, which was a sauna, and the source of the hot springs is being remodeled by experts. ¬†They want it to remain as natural looking as possible. ¬†Word on the street is that the first pool will reopen as soon as it’s safe, and stable. ¬†

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Cameron McKirdy Naked

Cameron McKirdy Nude in a Hot Springs Waterfall

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