Stopping For Spring Water on Highway 26

Posted: September 16, 2012 in Adventures, Health & Nutrition, Parks, SB Tips
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Cameron McKirdy from Survival Bros fills up his thermos container with amazing spring water.  This stop is along Highway 26 in Oregon’s Coast Range Mountains.  You’ll find it located off the road just East of the rest areas coming from Seaside. Check it out on your next visit to the beach!  It’s one of our favorite healing spots.  There’s not many clean drinking water sources around.  People come from all over to fill up on the raw good stuff.  It’s alive!  Beats city water with toxic Fluoride and nasty chlorine added.


Cam Goes to The Source after Hiking

  1. sandy says:

    Hey was thinking about going to this spring soon, do you think you could describe the directions a little better, like near a mile marker or anything? So your on route from seaside to Portland?


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