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By Cam and Ryker!

Survival Bros reviewing a new keychain light on the YouTube Channel.¬† Subscribe now.¬† We beat up this Nitecore until it failed.¬† Nobody tests gear harder than us.¬† In the end, it is a good buy.¬† The metal case is tough!¬† You can drop it on the ground without worry, and even in water with an IP54 rating.¬† The new TIP SE is very bright, at 700 Lumens on Turbo Mode.¬† Runtime = 50 hours on low.¬† It is small, light weight, and lasts long on the quick charging Type C fueled battery.¬† You also get a pocket/utility clip, keychain loop, and even a small USB cord in the box.¬† Max distance is 90 meters.¬† You’ll be happy owning this useful tool.¬† Here’s the link to The Nitecore Store.¬† Maybe we will test more of their products soon.¬† Enjoy these gear photos, and drop a comment on this blog post.¬† Share this article with your friends.¬† Thanks for being here.

By Cam of Survival Bros

Check out a “Frankenstein” bike made with a kit motor off eBay!¬† Mad Max from Long Beach, WA has a Survival Kit in a bag on a rack.¬† Want a gas powered bicycle like this?¬† Comment.¬† Please SUBSCRIBE, and share this video post with your friends.¬† Thanks.¬† Filmed in 4K with GoPro Hero7 Black action camera in Longbeach, Washington in 2019.

By Cam and Kelvin in #Oregon

Survival Bros takes off on The Gambler 500 Rally. It’s the World’s Largest Trail Cleanup. Think our $300 Surbaru Legacy Wagon LX will make the trip? This car is primed for disaster! Take a look at the Summer Survival Kit inside. Share this HD GoPro Video with your friends. Subscribe on YouTube for more fun, and preps from the Pacific Northwest. #pnw #abg #or #wa

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By Cam and “Big Schlink” for you!

Survival Bros tours a disgusting Ford cargo van worth fixing up. Look inside this old vehicle, and comment. Can you believe there’s a rocking horse inside?¬† We didn’t know, because we didn’t look inside before purchasing this ride.¬† There’s no glamorizing #vanlife on our YouTube Channel.¬† Some like it real!¬† Keep supporting your brothers.

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Ford E-150 Cargo Van

By Cam The Cuddler

Survival Bros Founder Cam and blogger Kelvin cover essential gear stored in the trunk of a reliable vehicle in case of a disaster. ¬†We both live on the Oregon Coast, and are actively preparing for a tsunami to wipe out our¬†hometown¬†of Seaside, #OR ¬†What do you think this American #prepper has left out? ¬†My YouTube subscribers think he needs more water, a BB gun, and a big fixed blade knife for extra protection. ¬†However, I can tell you, this guy has dug his own well on his family’s property. ¬†So, he meets the one gallon per day, per person quota. ¬†Kelvin also has another backup vehicle that is expertly maintained, and fast – a Dodge Stealth. ¬†

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By Cam The Cuddler

Watch the Gearhart, Oregon Fire Department burning a building down to teach rescuers how to control the flames. ¬†This is where I use to buy knifes and other EDC tools, and made this Altoids Survival Kit clip. ¬†Black and whiteHere’s another video of an RV ablaze on the side of a road coming from Portland.¬†¬†How does #survivalbros catch all this action? ¬†Follow this blog by entering your email on the top left side of the page. ¬†Thanks. ¬†

Cameron McKirdy drives his vehicle, a 1986 Volkswagen Vangon in gross, extremely dangerous Winter weather conditions near the beach in Seaside, Oregon.  

Survival Bros Tips for driving in rain:

  1.  Turn your lights on
  2.  Obey traffic laws
  3.  Allow extra time and distance between yourself and other cars
  4.  Have good windshield wiper blades and/or Rain-X the front
  5. Take your time (go slower), plus let people in (merge), and people to cross the road
  6. Avoid distractions like filming, texting while driving, and singing to music in your car

Please try NOT to soaking pedestrians with enormous puddles near sidewalks!

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driving in rain

Water on the road and windshield clearly reduce visibility while driving

By Cameron McKirdy

A survivalist and cancer fighter answers my questions about his unique ride. ¬†This electric trike gets 240 miles per gallon of gas. ¬†Talk about frugality and wellness wrapped in one man’s mission to live! ¬†The cyclist is always moving his legs, and getting a workout while going down the road. ¬†He had this tricycle loaded with groceries, and clean laundry. ¬†It could easily haul over 100 pounds of gear. ¬†What do you think of this survival mobile? ¬†More on¬†the #survivalbros YouTube Channel. ¬†Subscribe today to watch all the HD video adventures for free online. ¬†Thanks for the support.

electric trike euge

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Cameron McKirdy was here.

Survival Bros finds a used plastic water bottle¬†full of urine in a Safeway parking lot. ¬†Have you guys gone to the bathroom this way? ¬†I’ve never thrown a refilled container out of my vehicle onto the highway. ¬†That’s just wrong. ¬†And littering will cost you. ¬†Peeing on trees is much more fun. ¬†Hug them before you go potty.

Litter weighing five pounds or less is a class C misdemeanor, punishable by a fine up to $500. If between five and 500 pounds, class B misdemeanor punishable by a fine up to $500, imprisonment up to 30 days, or both.

FACT:  It takes 450 years for a plastic bottle to decompose.  

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Produced by Cameron McKirdy

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Recently I camped in a Walmart parking lot on West 11th in Eugene, Oregon. ¬†In this HD video you’ll get the scoop on what it’s like to do some urban stealth camping in my 1986 Volkswagen Vanagon GL. ¬†It was noisy, and the space is well lit, but in general, I got great rest. ¬†It feels good to be somewhere, and not have to pay for the experience. ¬†This was a fun experiment, and I’d recommend it to any Survival Bros. out there. ¬†Staying at Walmart for free beats dropping hundreds for a night in a hotel. ¬†Would you try this? ¬†Live simple my friends. ¬†More videos about my summer road trip coming soon. ¬†Thanks for visiting my blog! ¬†Peace and love.


It’s a joke people!

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