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Try Earthing or Grounding outdoors today! ¬†Have you experienced any benefits when you take off your shoes and socks to play in the grass? ¬†Share your story here on Survival Bros. ¬†I filmed this while on a camping trip. ¬†I’m cruising around Oregon in my 1986 Vanagon, and doing some tenting. ¬†Look out for new challenges soon. ¬†

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survival bros challenge 2

Survival Bros goes outside for Earthing or Grounding by walking barefoot in the dirt

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The highlight of the The Fremont Solstice Fair was a naked bike ride by Solstice Cyclists  

Watch a terrible bicycle accident by a nude rider at the Finish Line. ¬†People were quick to respond, and encouraging. ¬†Fortunately, the painted nudist was wearing a helmet. ¬†It protected her head for sure. ¬†The wings didn’t do much. ¬†

Would you paint your junk and parade downtown? ¬†This event made me want to live at a nudist colony. ¬†There were several organizations trying to lure me to their campground. ¬†It’s on my to-do list. ¬†I will be vandwelling in my Volkswagen van, forget pitching a tent there.


Beautiful painted Goddess smiling for us at Gas Works Park in Seattle, Washington

How about some body painting tips and techniques?

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Nudist Parks in Washington State:

Lake Bronson Club

Tiger Mountain Family Nudist Park in Issaquah, WA since 1945