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By Cameron McKirdy

This past summer I was hindered from hiking and exercising due to a broken toe. It hurt to put weight on my right foot for months! The injury was a major bummer. It through off my body alignment, and took time and energy to heal. In this video you’ll see Survival Bros pour Instant Hand Sanitizer on the open wound. We had just cut it open, and drained the fluid. The female passenger was ruthless squeezing out the puss…Drip, drip, chunk. Luckily a new friend camping at a site near us donated some weed to the cause. I puffed Blueberry Cookies, and toughed the medical procedure out. My toe tingles just thinking about this odd experience. Remind me not to pitch my tent on rocks again. I slept on my belly, and kicked the ground as hard as possible. NOT RECOMMENDED!!! Subscribe here via email, and follow us on YouTube for the latest video productions. #survivalist #prepper #meds #weed #oregon #trees #Mustang #camping #tenting

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The highlight of the The Fremont Solstice Fair was a naked bike ride by Solstice Cyclists  

Watch a terrible bicycle accident by a nude rider at the Finish Line. ¬†People were quick to respond, and encouraging. ¬†Fortunately, the painted nudist was wearing a helmet. ¬†It protected her head for sure. ¬†The wings didn’t do much. ¬†

Would you paint your junk and parade downtown? ¬†This event made me want to live at a nudist colony. ¬†There were several organizations trying to lure me to their campground. ¬†It’s on my to-do list. ¬†I will be vandwelling in my Volkswagen van, forget pitching a tent there.


Beautiful painted Goddess smiling for us at Gas Works Park in Seattle, Washington

How about some body painting tips and techniques?

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Nudist Parks in Washington State:

Lake Bronson Club

Tiger Mountain Family Nudist Park in Issaquah, WA since 1945

I needed to fly away.  I packed up my huge 110 Liter Kelty backpack, and boarded a plane for Denver, CO.  Listening to Dre, Snoop, Hendrix, and Wiz set the mood on the ride.  My brother lives in brick apartment downtown, and was generous enough to let me stay one week there.  He showed be around, mentioned cool spots to frequent, but mostly I just got high a mile above the sea level I swam from.

Staying in the historic Capital Hill district, there were¬†Marijuana¬†Dispensaries within walking distance. ¬†I anticipated the¬†treats I’d savor, and the bud I’d put in the air. ¬†The AMCH hooked me up with all sorts of medicated goodies, as seen in the pictures below. ¬†Of course, I didn’t get the best deal as a Oregon resident, compared to people with medical cards. ¬†I will say, however, it’s good to know friends in high places for the best stuff. ¬†I showed my OR ID, and purchased a bag load of THC infused gummy and taffy candies, cookies, Ear Wax, Pixie Sticks, strains of Indica and Sativa, and a very special Chocolate Rice Crispy Treat. ¬†The green, gooey bar was loaded with 500 milligrams of activated THC. ¬†The label warned of couch lock, and I found out that’s a real thing. ¬†After eating all of it, it took too much energy to move. ¬†I watched Judge Judy for 3 days straight. ¬†Sure, Denver is a fun city, but I didn’t visit there to act trendy, and fit in. ¬†So I smoked every 15 minutes, and got fatter. ¬†It sounded better than trying to pick up chicks. ¬†I had a hard enough time trying to pick out a can of coffee that wasn’t¬†decaffeinated. ¬†And with the thin air up there, picking up anything is¬†difficult, especially females. ¬†I’d need an oxygen mask for sex.

I felt free being able to carry a fat bag of smoke, and edibles down the street without worry. ¬†Now, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and D.C. have ended marijuana prohibition. ¬†Measure 91 in OR has been years in the making. ¬†With a tax on it, everyone wins. ¬†Except the people that have never tried pot, and refuse to. ¬†Ignorance is a dying breed. ¬†If you haven’t puffed weed, do all stoners a favor, and don’t comment on something you don’t know anything about. ¬†Weed is real medicine. ¬†So ditch the pills, and consider Nature’s cure for just about everything – MARIJUANA!

Check out different pot varieties, and the AMCH shop in Denver, CO

My fellow Oregonians rejoice the news that Measure 91 has passed, and weed in legal in our State!


Free at last in Colorado!