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By Cameron McKirdy

Check out the contents of a Blessing Bag made by Girl Scouts for Homeless People.  Please share this video!  Send this to a friend, and add it to your own YouTube Playlist.  I hope you consider making kits like this for vandwellers in your area.  The less fortunate could use your help as Winter approaches. #vanlife

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Try Earthing or Grounding outdoors today! ¬†Have you experienced any benefits when you take off your shoes and socks to play in the grass? ¬†Share your story here on Survival Bros. ¬†I filmed this while on a camping trip. ¬†I’m cruising around Oregon in my 1986 Vanagon, and doing some tenting. ¬†Look out for new challenges soon. ¬†

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survival bros challenge 2

Survival Bros goes outside for Earthing or Grounding by walking barefoot in the dirt

By Cameron McKirdy – Survival Bros Founder

Survival Bros smashes the screen of a cellphone with a new COAST Products F611 Tactical Field blade. ¬†It was total destruction! ¬†The carbide tip can also muscle through regular glass,¬†Plexiglas, and plastic. ¬†It’s a¬†sturdy¬†knife, and I usually have it handy at the bottom of my backpack, just in case. ¬†The F611 is a solid¬†tool for camping, because it can help you process wood for a fire, or even when creating an emergency shelter. ¬†You’ll like working with it, and it’s¬†guaranteed¬†by COAST.

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Tech Specs:

Cost $43.99 Retail

  • 7Cr17 stainless steel blade
  • 6.0 in. blade
  • 11.0 in. overall
  • 10.8 oz.
  • Tactical elastomer handle on stainless steel frame
  • Molded, hard protective sheathCoast F611 Survival Field Knife

A budget survival knife worth considering


If you live near the ocean, you should be prepared for a tsunami. NO EXCUSES. Put together a backpack with all the essentials, and have it on hand. Here’s Survival Bros example of a Go Bag, or emergency Bug-Out-Bag. You could survive at least 72 precious hours with these must-have items.