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By Cameron McKirdy

One of my favorite activities do to for myself is taking a trip to an isolation chamber, or flotation tank in PDX. ¬†The two spas Survival Bros have checked out are Float On, and Common Ground. ¬†Both are open to the public, just call ahead before you¬†try this form of alternative medicine. ¬†There’s many benefits to floating, but in general it’s excellent for meditation, and relaxation. ¬†Specifically, I use this type of therapy for an improvement in circulation, and to enhance creativity.

So how does it work? ¬†Well, the video interview featuring Joe Rogan is a good place to start your journey. ¬†But since I have experience, here’s how it went when I stopped by Common Ground at the Everett House Healing Center and Spa. ¬†They are located at 5010 NE 33rd Ave, Portland, OR 97211. First, I reserved a floating session by phone (503-238-1065), which cost $65 for 90 minutes. ¬†If you call them, and ask for a promotion, you may be able to get a better rate. ¬†There’s two tanks here. ¬†Common Ground¬†is a wellness co-operative, so consider becoming a member for more savings. ¬†It’s a wonderful environment, bursting with plant life outside, and welcoming people all around. ¬†The reception area is cozy. ¬†Shop, explore other services, such as massage, or you can help yourself to a beverage like hot tea. ¬†Check in for your float, then grab an¬†over-sized¬†towel and hit the showers and sauna. ¬†Beware, locker room may be coed at times, so you may see some boobies.

After loosening up in the sauna, and breaking a sweat, I rinsed off again, and took off my bath towel. ¬†I slipped into the dark tank, and got settled in. ¬†Using earplugs is recommended, so one more bodily sense is cut off from The World. ¬†That’s the idea. ¬†You use an isolation chamber to go inside yourself, work through issues, and make discoveries. ¬†A floating air pillow supports your head and neck. ¬†Then you simply lay there in darkness, mostly submerged in salty water. ¬†The Epsom solution is ideally the same temperature as your skin, at 93.5-95 degrees. ¬†So as you relax, you begin to lose a sense of where your body ends, and where the The Universe begins. ¬†It’s like being thrown back into the womb. ¬†Finally, you’re alone with yourself again, and can process life better.

Follow the links provided to find out more benefits of flotation tanks. ¬†You’ll begin to discover how it changes your brain. ¬†If you try out an isolation tank, you may feel your mind bending. ¬†According to Common Ground in Portland, OR this “stimulates left/right brain synchronization; shifts brain waves from Beta to lower frequency Alpha, Theta and even Delta; creates mental clarity, alertness; increases creativity, problem solving; heightens visualization; deepens meditation; expands awareness, intensifies acuteness of all the senses, accelerates learning.” ¬†Sign yourself up. ¬†If you try this, you won’t be disappointed. ¬†It is not a waste of time. ¬†It’s something new to most, and good for you on many levels. ¬†Leave a comment if you have additional questions, and I will do my best to answer them. ¬†I will explore this topic further, and blog more about floating soon. ¬†Cheers. tank PDX

“You won’t be in pain, if you have peace at heart.” – Cameron McKirdy in an Isolation Tank

float on inside chamberIsolation Tank photos taken by at Float On in Portland, OR