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Tactical Gypsy shared his Everyday Carry Gear items. #usmc #usmarines #marines

Life revolves around where you poop.¬† And with few public restrooms, you’re forced into Civilization.¬† Go outside like a real human.¬† We challenge you to urinate, and defecate in nature responsibly.¬†¬†

Hate on getting free stuff.¬† Makes sense.¬† You’re afraid to ask for what you want, and would rather pay to live at all costs.

The Universe provides food.¬† God’s grace is our self-sufficiency. #clamming #clams #oregon

Whip it out, and let it go!  Peeing on things is so much fun.

Cam lived in a few vans for over six years.  He knows all the tricks to survive #vanlife in the Pacific Northwest.

McKirdy managed Heaven.¬† He worked at Cougar Hot Spring for months while managing a campground.¬† You wouldn’t believe the stories in his Journal…COMING SOON to a the SB Blog.

Ready for a tsunami before it hit.  

Ben Shapiro Destroys my Sandcastle I spent all day making!  Facts and logic.

You’ve seen pee bottles on the side of the road.¬† Ever used one?

Expect another Tune up on a new bike with Kevin in Longview, Washington. #cycling #bikes

Popular knife with Soldiers serving America.  #coldsteel #test #review

Setting the World Record for Costco Free Samples.  #jokes

Have you worked on your Emergency Preparedness kits and skills lately?¬† Let’s go.

It’s Cam’s mic, you’re just listening.

Produced By Cameron McKirdy and Tactical Gypsy

A former Marine, currently in the National Guard shows you how to build medical packs to stop bleeding from a¬†traumatic¬†wound. ¬†With a¬†first aid kit like these¬†examples¬†you could take care of yourself during an emergency, or¬†assist¬†another person in need of attention, possibly saving a life. ¬†There’s more to it than gauze and tape though. ¬†You must train, and develop this skill set. ¬†What’s in your med bag? ¬†Thanks for visiting Survival Bros. ¬†