Are YOU a Brain Dead Zombie in The 2012 Apocalypse??

Posted: July 26, 2012 in Comedy and Art
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(Survival Bros) It may be too late for you. Real-life zombies are everywhere man. This blog will help YOU figure out if you’re undead, or already on your way to becoming a zombie!!!

You’ve seen them on the streets. People with no spatial awareness. They’re in their own world. You could run butt naked in the streets and they wouldn’t notice, or ask for your number. Don’t take it personal my friend. They are self-absorbed puppets of the system. Consumers. Not producers. These zombies don’t contribute a damn thing to society. Here’s 10 warning signs that may suggest you’re already living dead.

1. You have hundreds of friends online, but nobody to actually get your back. Smile more?
2. You watch hours of TV every day, and repeat what you’ve seen and heard to people, even if it’s irrelevant in your life.
3. You drink water with fluoride added.
4. You play video games all the time. You like to simulate death and destruction. Survival Bros approves Tetris for all ages.
5. You live off others, or the government. You are not self-sufficient.
6. You believe what authorities say, jump through all the B.S. hoops, and root for the sports team with all your heart.
7. Every line you use is from some dumb Hollywood movie. You’re great at impressions. Do you.
8. You’re addicted to your phone. It’s become a distraction, deluding reality.
9. You eat fast food often, and buy GMO groceries over organic produce. Plus, you don’t read the back of the packaging.
10. You look and sound like everyone else. You’re good at fitting in.

Take back the power in your life by examining your choices. Sometimes we give away too much of our personal power to uphold the status quo. Maybe you are worried about what your friends or family will think of you if you make major life changes. Don’t worry!

You will find yourself. Avoid becoming a zombie by learning their pitfalls. Stay in the moment, and focus your awareness on the positive.

Wake up! The World is changing fast. Don’t get left behind. Stay up on alternative news and current events. Work with others in your community towards building a brighter future. Humanity is counting on you to fill your mind with goodness. Peace and love bros and sisters.

– Cameron McKirdy

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  1. nudebyxmas says:

    Great post..
    And no, I’m not.

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