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By Cam The Cuddler of

cam-hugs-rickCam with Rick McCrank – host of VICELAND’S Abandoned in Astoria, Oregon

Coming to a screen near you on Friday 10/7/2016 at 8PM, Oregonian Cameron McKirdy appears on VICELAND’s “Abandoned.”  It’s a new travel documentary type show featuring deserted places.  I guided the VICE TV crew around our area, and shared my story.  Producers from British Columbia, Canada filmed the host, Professional Skateboarder Rick McCrank and I discussing preparations for a nuclear disaster, and a tsunami.  VICE and I took my Volkswagon van for a ride along the ocean in Long Beach, Washington looking for shelter, plus debris from the 2011 Japanese tsunami.  Over two days we built emergency preparedness kits with ammo boxes to bury in the ground along escape routes, like I have shown on my YouTube Channel called Survival Bros.  We scavenged free health food samples from A Gypsy’s Whimsy, and purchased essential gear items to cache at more stores located in Astoria and Seaside, OR.  The #survival kit I helped McCrank build should help him endure a disaster if he keeps it close by.  I always have my emergency Go-Bag with me.

ON AIR you should see me (Cam The Cuddler) hugging people and chatting about my life as a certified professional cuddler.  Check out for more information and to read my FAQs.  I offer a platonic touch service, and I’m open to trades and donations.  Typically I get one dollar per minute to care for people.  I believe cuddling is therapeutic, and a fun and safe way to get the positive human touch we all need to survive. 

Email to book a free cuddling consultation today!  #hugs #camthecuddler

Watch Abandoned Season 1 Episode 5 #NUCLEARWASTE on Amazon HERE


Keep’n IT real with @mccranker of VICELAND CANADA

VICELAND camera gear

VICELAND’S HD Camera Gear near Cam’s Volkswagen Vanagon…

 My 1986 VW as seen on the #survivalbros YouTube Channel – SUBSCRIBE

Cam aka Papa Bear sending hugs your way from Seaside,Oregon


Cameron Cuddling Cuddle Up To Me’s Samantha Hess in Portland, OR


By Cameron McKirdy

In these HD #survivalbros videos I source product, or pick stuff, to potentially resell at a profit.  I purchased nearly 27 pounds of Goodwill donations at 99 cents per lb in one day, as seen in the first vlog below.  Watch these guides to learn more about picking, aka hustling.  I chose a diverse range of merchandise, buying everything from purses to Nintendo Wii video games.  I think I scored on my thrifting haul adventure, but you  be the judge.  SUBSCRIBE TO SURVIVAL BROS ON YOUTUBE HERE to join the conversation.  Thanks for watching.     

goodwill outlet 32

Cam found Minion Goggles at The Bins in Portland, Oregon

Pro Tips for  Shopping at The Goodwill Outlet Bins:

  1. Wear gloves.  This way you can toss stuff, and protect your hands from sharp objects…
  2. Weigh your cart several times to see where your at, and to preview what you may spend.
  3. Take a chance on an item or two that you know nothing about.  It may prove to be a super find.

More advice coming in blog articles soon…..


Trolls are lurking! They are on YouTube, Facebook, and under bridges. These little people are trying to hurt you, and cause stress. Well no more worries because Survival Bros has a game plan for obnoxious trolls.

When a troll tries to lure me into a pointless debate, I ignore it. Trolls don’t know me, they just like to think they do. Dimwitted trolls aren’t producers, they are moochers. They live off others, and think they are somehow better. Trolls need to be put in check. If you see one, call them a troll. We know they are up to no good, and don’t belong in our society.

Another good tactic when dealing with annoying trolls is to just walk away. They can’t keep up with real, useful people. Step away from the drama. Trolls are weak. They break easily, so avoid physical confrontation. You don’t want to pick up any of their diseases, or bad vibes either.

When dealing with trolls online, just know they don’t know you. They can jibber jabber all day, but nobody listens to little people. I block trolls every chance I get. Their feedback and words are worthless, and untrue. Never listen to a troll, just laugh at their blatant ignorance. Block, unfriend, and unfollow trolls ASAP.

Don’t waste time or energy on trolls. When you recognize one, destroy it, or ignore it. They have no place. That’s the problem. Let them creep in the shadows, while free people play. To spot a troll, look for short, uncoordinated people in sports cars, with eyes that never shine. They are only harmful if you get to know them, so just stay away. Trolls are worthless. If you follow these Survival Bros tips you will be troll free, and much happier. Best wishes.

– Cameron McKirdy
Survival Bros President and Founder