Spray Painting My Mad Max Survival Mountain Bike Flat Black

Posted: August 22, 2012 in Adventures, Comedy and Art, Health & Nutrition, Product Reviews, SB Tips, Sports, Uncategorized
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I finally painted my Mongoose mountain bike flat black. This blog covers how I painted it, and other preparations I’ve done to my End of the World transportation.

First I stripped my bike bare. I took off the back fender/rack, and the seat. I had to remove a LED light attached to my seat post. I also removed a bunch of stickers, and residue. Most came off after using Goof Off, lacquer thinner, and a flat razor blade. Once the surface was clean, I blasted it flat black with Rust-olium Universal all-surface spray paint. It’s an awesome product. You can shoot at any angle. It sticks to metal, plastic, wood, whatever, but costs almost $10 a can.

Next I rattle canned the frame. I did one side, then the other, and finally the bottom. I did two coats, so it took a few hours to paint it all and allow for drying. I painted the wheels and tires quickly also. Then I put it all back together.

To get an even coat I removed the cables, but had a problem getting them back on tight. The guys at Prom Bike Shop in Seaside OR helped adjust them. They know me so it was a free fix. I buy stuff there all the time, and trust them with all my repairs. This is the third time I’ve resurrected this bike, but she is looking good now. Good luck seeing me on this stealth flat black beast.

Painting my bike was easy. The hard part was not painting myself or the driveway. Now I can put some smaller packs on this bike, but I have another bicycle that can haul more. Hopefully I can get a trailer before the Apocalypse happens. This bike needs a light, plastic front fender soon. It will have a first aid kit, and emergency food onboard. There’s a bright light and black bell on the front as well for safety.

I also plan to make a motorized bicycle in the near future. I enjoy designing rat bikes that look like something out of the Mad Max movie. You gotta go flat black. It looks sick.

– Cameron McKirdy


  1. Hi Cameron,

    I’m currently repainting my bike flat black and bumped into your post while waiting for my primer to cure. I was just wondering if you used clear coat afterwards? Just curious if it’s necessary.

    Hope to hear from you.


    • Hey Duncan. No clear coat. Just 3 coats. It needs some touch up now, but people seem to like it kinda scratched up. Now I want to make a rat motorcycle. Thanks for checking out Survival Bros. Peace.

  2. Branden m says:

    Hey cameron what kind of bike did u say that was? Because I have the same one. My dad spray painted it flat black for me. All that’s left to do are the forks and the back little peice that holds the tire. Ohh and any like home remedies to get rust of the chain.

    • This is a Mongoose. Not the best quality, but it has a good feel, and stops very well. Even though its not lightweight at all. I think your best bet it to remove the chain, and spray it with a degreaser, while scrubbing all four sides vigorously with a wire brush. Then let dry, put it back on, and lube it up. If it was really bad, and I had to depend on the bike, is just replace the chain. Proper storage is key, especially on the Oregon Coast. Things get rusty, and ruined fast. Thanks.

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