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Cameron McKirdy finds a Free Boat with a trailer on the side of Highway 101 in Garibaldi, Oregon. Would you haul it home?¬† This would make a great project, but it would be tons of work.¬† Also, you’d have to pay $ to keep the tags up to date if you were going to put it in the water.¬† Survival Bros wants you to think outside the box!¬† Thanks for visiting our WordPress Blog.¬†

Will somebody please take this boat off my hands?


Look what else I found on the side of the road!¬† You’re a tow away from a new home Bro.

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By Cam and “Big Schlink” for you!

Survival Bros tours a disgusting Ford cargo van worth fixing up. Look inside this old vehicle, and comment. Can you believe there’s a rocking horse inside?¬† We didn’t know, because we didn’t look inside before purchasing this ride.¬† There’s no glamorizing #vanlife on our YouTube Channel.¬† Some like it real!¬† Keep supporting your brothers.

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Ford E-150 Cargo Van

By Cam

Out of nowhere, my VW Bus is struggling to start. ¬†Everything electrical flickers. ¬†The radio cuts out. ¬†The engine sputters. ¬†Plus, the battery and OXS (oxygen sensor) light came on. ¬†I called Avery’s Air-Cooled in Kelso, WA and they helped me¬†diagnose¬†the problem over the¬†phone. ¬†We figured the issue was a faulty voltage regulator. ¬†Mechanics Jason and Kelly had a $40 Bosch part, and installed the unit for only $29. ¬†But before I got fixed up and back on the road, I was parked on the shoulder of Highway 101, waiting for Classic Towing to get me to another state – Washington. ¬†Thank God for AAA. ¬†I’m on the Premier towing package. ¬†Nothing but the best for my baby. ¬†Funny that I broke down on the way to the repair shop.


Avery’s Air-Cooled always hooks me up, and keeps my bill low. ¬†And if you have a Volkswagen, chances are they will have the part you need in stock. ¬†Call them to order something at¬†(360) 425-1119 ¬†Here’s their website too! ¬† ¬†I will have to shoot some HD video there soon. ¬†They have tow truck loads of vintage bugs, buses, and beyond. ¬†And if you hang out long enough, you’ll get to see a traveling Art Show as the graffiti passes on the nearby train tracks. ¬†


Here’s an HD video production I created filming graffiti on trains in Longview, Washington. ¬†Visit Cam’s other YouTube Channel and SUBSCRIBE!

VW Bus 1986 Vanagon

New photo of my 1986 Volkwagen Vanagon at a Rest Area