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Produced by Cameron McKirdy

Survival Bros uses an old Gerber “Flayer” knife to chop fruit for a quick product review.¬† This knife is hard to find.¬† Cameron bought it at a garage sale for just $3.¬† Now he has it up for sale on his eBay account: Survival Bros Listings¬† Check out our online Auctions, and bid on some cool outdoor gear.¬† More here soon on your Emergency Preparedness Blog: #survivalbros¬† Please comment on this video, like it, and share the link with your friends.¬† Thanks for watching our channel, and reading our articles!

Cam recommends cleaning and conditioning old leather with Saddle Soap, or Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam.  But does it work on Lizard?  Let us know.

Created By Cameron McKirdy 



Survival Bros Product Testing The Gerber Prodigy Blade By Breaking a Glass Car Window

Using a “survival”¬†knife¬†to break glass for people¬†locked out of their vehicle, Survival Bros helps by smashing a small car window, so the owner can get his keys and go home. The¬†gentleman’s¬†girlfriend locked the¬†keychain in the car by accident before setting off on a day hike. ¬†At first, their solution was¬†to simply throw a¬†rock at the shiny, new BMW Sedan! ¬†They decided against that method of breaking in. ¬†He didn’t care about money it would cost to repair his ride, because he has auto insurance. ¬†I guess insurance¬†covers women. ¬†The couple would have been stranded on the mountain at night, if they couldn’t get in. ¬†There’s NO cellphone service in The Forest. ¬†Fortunately, she was able to reach her arm in without getting hurt to pull the door handle open from the inside.¬†

Would you¬†call the Gerber Prodigy a true survival knife? ¬†Comment. ¬†It’s smaller, and only has versions featuring irritating serrations. ¬†Most friends I’ve encountered aren’t¬†fond of this blade profile, because it takes away from the cutting surface area. ¬†¬†Total length of 9.75 inches and blade length of 4.75 inches. ¬†

On the plus side, the sheath is quality, making it easy to lash, or attach to your backpack. ¬†MOLLE compatible, with a leg strap to try as a carrying position. ¬†The rubberized grip works well, and fits in hand ergonomically. ¬†It’s a bargain entry level survival or combat knife. ¬†Whatever you want to call it, or use it for, the price is right on Amazon for under $40 with free shipping. ¬†I’m going to beat mine to Hell this summer in the woods, then consider packing the LMF II, or something new. ¬†Have any knife recommendations for Survival Bros? ¬†You can always email me at

Watch Survival Bros breaking car¬†windows¬†with that blade¬†too! ¬†It’s considerably bigger, and better.

Don’t try this! But if you do, wear proper eye and hand protection.¬†

Produced By

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By Cam

Out of nowhere, my VW Bus is struggling to start. ¬†Everything electrical flickers. ¬†The radio cuts out. ¬†The engine sputters. ¬†Plus, the battery and OXS (oxygen sensor) light came on. ¬†I called Avery’s Air-Cooled in Kelso, WA and they helped me¬†diagnose¬†the problem over the¬†phone. ¬†We figured the issue was a faulty voltage regulator. ¬†Mechanics Jason and Kelly had a $40 Bosch part, and installed the unit for only $29. ¬†But before I got fixed up and back on the road, I was parked on the shoulder of Highway 101, waiting for Classic Towing to get me to another state – Washington. ¬†Thank God for AAA. ¬†I’m on the Premier towing package. ¬†Nothing but the best for my baby. ¬†Funny that I broke down on the way to the repair shop.


Avery’s Air-Cooled always hooks me up, and keeps my bill low. ¬†And if you have a Volkswagen, chances are they will have the part you need in stock. ¬†Call them to order something at¬†(360) 425-1119 ¬†Here’s their website too! ¬† ¬†I will have to shoot some HD video there soon. ¬†They have tow truck loads of vintage bugs, buses, and beyond. ¬†And if you hang out long enough, you’ll get to see a traveling Art Show as the graffiti passes on the nearby train tracks. ¬†


Here’s an HD video production I created filming graffiti on trains in Longview, Washington. ¬†Visit Cam’s other YouTube Channel and SUBSCRIBE!

VW Bus 1986 Vanagon

New photo of my 1986 Volkwagen Vanagon at a Rest Area