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Filmed by Cameron McKirdy in Oregon, USA

Showing you gear I used to endure a cold night in Oregon. I forgot my sleeping bag at a friend’s house, so I had to get by with only an emergency, and wool blanket. It was close to 40 degrees outside in the morning when I started the van. I got up by 5 AM, to get my vehicle ready for the road again. You don’t want all of your boxes and tubs dumping over on corners. The struggle is real on Survival Bros.

Cam’s Preparedness Advice: Make sure you have a barrier or two between you and the ground (or metal auto floor). Then wrap up in layers, with an emergency mylar blanket around yourself! Thanks for the invention Astronauts. Also, huddle up with a friend if you can overnight, and keep moving if you get really cold. Well, I survived to fight more today…Next stop, free coffee in town! #urban #scavenging

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Keep blankets in your vehicle just in case!

Starring Mocha The Puggle with Cameron McKirdy

A pug beagle combination dreams in her sleep, and acts funny on camera in HD video. ¬†My pet is 7 years old, brindle, plus great at catching and fetching. ¬†Her birthday is on Valentine’s Day. ¬†Mocha The Puggle currently helps run the emergency preparedness blog. ¬†She loves vandwelling in the Volkswagen Vanagon with her copilot. ¬†But believe me, she is a bed hog, regardless of her petite stature. ¬†

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Mocha Survival PuggleMocha The Puggle has climbed Saddle Mountain in Oregon.  Have you?


By Cameron McKirdy

A pug beagle combination dreams in her sleep, and acts funny on camera in HD video. ¬†My pet is seven years old, brindle, plus great at catching and fetching. ¬†Her birthday is on Valentine’s Day. ¬†Mocha The Puggle currently helps run the emergency preparedness blog Survival Bros. ¬†She does this for fun, and isn’t a paid contributor. ¬†Subscribe to this website via email for updates sent directly to your inbox. ¬†

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Mocha The PuggleMocha beat after hiking to the Saddle Mountain Summit in Oregon

By Cameron McKirdy

I’ve had my hippie van for a week, and have burned through tanks of petrol. ¬†I’ve found several spots to crash out for a night or longer that are free places to stay, and I’m willing to share this and more with you today – only on Survival Bros.

The first type of location I scouted out are places open 24 hours to the public. ¬†There aren’t many in small towns, but large grocery stores are a good start. ¬† Be on the look out for other campers, and recreation vehicles at the far end of parking lots. ¬†If you had to spend a night car camping in city limits, this isn’t a bad choice, because you probably won’t be hassled. ¬†Don’t forget you can always post up, and get some ZZZ’s at Rest Stops. ¬†I spent a night this week the parked at one. ¬†You’ll have access to the bathroom at all hours, trash, and potable water (in some cases). ¬†

Camping in a van solo can be lonesome. ¬†So I made an effort to hangout with other preppers, this time way outside of the city. ¬†The VW van, which I’ve named Shaggy, has been mobbing hard, so I felt comfortable driving to BLM land in the Clatsop Country Forest. ¬†I have AAA towing up to 100 miles, so I have no fear going off the grid. ¬†However, I still had cell phone service in the mountains, thanks to a well-placed tower. ¬†Two bros of mine led me to Lost Lake this week for a getaway. ¬†It’s stocked with thousands of trout begging to be plucked from the depths. ¬†I watched my buddies fish for a few hours, while I played with the dog, and poured drinks. ¬†I brought rum, and sparkling cider. ¬†The Martinelli’s was an excellent chaser.

Camping at the lake, or in the parking lot is prohibited, so we made our own spot down another gravel road. ¬†The lookout was spectacular. ¬†Below you can see a valley, and the Nehalem river. ¬†Which you can watch me and my Dad raft by clicking this link to YouTube. ¬†The fish were cooked on a spit for an hour or so, and tasted delicious. ¬†I wanted to take a bite out of the side of a raw fish, but I will save the sushi for when I’m being trendy in town. ¬†Wasabi, soy sauce, and ginger are a must anyways.

Nehalem River viewpoint

I didn’t feel like waiting for food to cook, so I grabbed two bags of Mountain House food, and heated water on my portable butane camp stove. ¬†It took four minutes to get it boiling. ¬†Then I opened the food pouches, and dumped the water right in. ¬†I resealed the grub, and in eight minutes I was ready to chow down. ¬†Now normally I would share, or save some of a feast this size, but I went beast mode, and devoured both bags. ¬†I combined the Mountain House biscuit and gravy meal, with scrambled eggs and bacon. ¬†It was terrific! ¬†I forgot to pack utensils though, so I used a six inch blade to carefully shovel calories into my face. ¬†In case you are wondering, the knife I used is called the COAST F611. ¬†It’s a survival tool I’ve been playing around with a lot lately, and I like it.

Camping food bag

mountain house meals

eating with Coast F611

trout fishing

 Dinner is served!  Even our dog got some fish.

fish on spit

Fire looking cool.

Pabst Beer can cup

Tactical Gypsy made his own coffee cup in the morning from a beer can.

VW Vanagon GL 1986

Shaggy the VW Vanagon is a tank, and handled the gravel roads like a boss. 

Roscoe Dog

In the A.M. my two bros, the mutt, and I went back to the lake. ¬† I was busy getting fishing tips, journaling for fun, and doing basic breathing and stretching techniques. ¬†I love my yoga! ¬† We walked a trail skirting the water, and attempted to hook more gilled vertebrates. ¬†The fish were teasing us. ¬†Jumping out of the water and splashing near us. ¬†We did see one breach the surface and smack into a floating log. ¬†That was funny. ¬†Not amusing was the dog getting all muddy and wet, then coming right up to me to shake off. ¬†Of all the places. ¬†I almost took a swim, but decided to save that for another time. ¬†I didn’t need a bath that bad. ¬†Besides, have you ever seen a clean hippie? ¬†More from the road soon friends. ¬†Best wishes.¬†

Lost Lake Fishing



I could have sold my soul a long time ago. Instead, I’ve been expressing myself fully, and making all of Earth my home. Having a minimum wage job isn’t going to help humanity or myself. I belong outside, free with the rest of nature to expand.

So I’m living in a tent and couch surfing. There’s nothing wrong with that. I figure it toughens me up. In the outdoors I can test myself, and my gear. Indoors are for fluffy house cats, and domesticated divas watching TV to get their drama fix. The nature of reality isn’t broadcast on TV. The truth is, we are all connected. But it feels like instead of working together, people compete. Compete for girls, money, jobs, cars, and houses. None of that means anything to me. It’s just stuff that can tie you down. I’m endless. You can’t label me. I am as free as the wind. I’ve experienced the highs, the lows, and I’m balanced. I rarely worry. Earth takes good care of me. The authorities are the ones that want to take away your rights and freedoms. No overnight camping they say. I say, that’s what camping is.

Why pay $450 or more per month in rent? That’s crazy. Then you have to commit to an expensive place to sleep. I’d rather find a flat piece of land and make camp. I’m learning important skills like: navigating and reading maps, starting fires, cooking healthy inexpensive meals, and foraging for food. Being homeless gives me an opportunity to be a happy camper with less. I value the small things, like a warm blanket, and friends sharing their survival stories.

The BIG collapse is still coming, but many Americans are already living paycheck to paycheck with little savings. More young people are becoming homeless. They are sleeping in cars with no gas, or crashing on their buddy’s boat for shelter. We need to stop making a big deal out of homelessness, and just help people in need. It’s simple, if you have more, give. I will never be rich because I’d give all my possessions away. I need very little now. Food, water, shelter. To attain those things I hustle, or help people. I don’t think you should have to pay to live. God put me here to do what I want, and to appreciate nature. That’s what I’m going to do. Don’t tell me I can’t sleep on a park bench. Don’t tell me anything. Please just help the less fortunate if you can. The Universe will hook you up. Peace.

P.S. – I’m doing great!

Cameron McKirdy