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By Cameron McKirdyIMG_20140914_113202Silver Salmon Being Processed at The East Mooring Basin in Astoria, Oregon

IMG_20140914_114601Sushi grade Coho Fillets


My buddies needed a lift, and Designated Driver for a fishing trip in Astoria, OR. ¬†I dropped them off at the East Mooring Basin. ¬†You’re suppose to pay to park there. ¬†They we’re on the water for around four hours before they limited out. ¬†The guys ended up with pounds and pounds of fresh fillets. ¬†One man kept the salmon eggs for future fishing bait. ¬†All of the fishermen had plans to either freeze, and smoke the meat shortly. ¬†It was interesting to see the Captain of the boat cut up Coho so efficiently, and discard the waste down properly down a slide. ¬†All he needed was a large fillet, and butcher’s knife made by Victorinox of Switzerland. ¬†I made sure to ask. ¬†He was¬†sharpening¬†the knifes every few fish. ¬†Also pictured is the rowdy sea¬†lions that live there on the docks. ¬†I saw one beast puke on another, and he didn’t flinch. ¬†More blogs coming!¬† Peace. ¬†victorinox butcher

Get me the 8″ Victorinox Butcher’s Knife for Christmas


The Portland Expo Center is hosting the 38th annual Pacific Northwest Sportsman’s show from February 6 ‚Äď 10, 2013.¬† I went on opening day.¬† It was $8 to park, and another $12 for admission.¬† I made the trip worthwhile, checking out every booth and demonstration.

This show has something for every adventurer.¬† There’s boating, rving, and fishing exhibits, to name a few.¬† So if you’re looking¬†for gear, or ideas on where to travel, this is for you.¬† I was impressed with the high amount of outfitters around.¬† There’s a guide for everything under the sun.¬† Most were for hunting trips, but¬†I saw whitewater rafting experts offering their services too.¬† I liked talking up the small, mom and pop vendors with interesting, lesser known products.¬† My favorite item I found is called Squat Strap (¬† It’s a strap that wraps around a tree, or rock to help support you while you go poop.¬† Brilliant.¬† Now I can read a business book outside, while doing my business.¬† I had to get a strap to test.¬† More on that soon.¬†

I also talked to a local¬†inventor named Andy Gorman.¬† He developed the Retractable Tool Tether, so you stop dropping things (¬† I picked up a few of these to review also.¬† I’ll¬†put¬†one on my jacket, and one on my EDC backpack.¬† Maybe I will stop losing things.¬† Doubtful.

There was lots to peruse, and stuff to sample.¬† I tasted storable foods, oils, jams,¬†meats, and energy¬†drinks.¬† Skoal was giving away cans of chew, put I¬†passed.¬†¬†The Expo¬†was serving beer as well.¬† And at one booth you could try panning for gold, or buy a small nugget.¬† Fun, but I will be panning outside.¬† I shopped¬†knives too, and picked up product catalogs to browse later.¬†¬† If you like the outdoors better than the indoors, visit this show before it’s gone.¬†¬†¬†