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Bug Out Bag and Bicycle – Winter Camping Gear Setup

Dear Survival Journal,

I got a way late start. ¬†Was also considering busing to the warming center in Astoria, OR. ¬†That’s smart.¬†

Hiking 7 miles ain’t. ¬†But I was determined¬†to bog through the uphill swamp: half in the dark. ¬†I got turned around at one point where trees fell over the path. ¬†I also slipped once, but rehearsed in my head what to do. ¬†I threw my 1 gallon water jug, and braced myself. ¬†Yup, I carried a heavy water container from Ave. U to The Hiker Cabins on Tillamook Head. ¬†My shoulders and arms are torn up. ¬†My 110 liter Kelty backpack had to be 70 pounds. ¬†

Plus, I was running on a bum sprained ankle…wore a too tight brace…My left shoulder hurt the most. ¬†It was so tight. ¬†But I had an indica BHO cartridge¬†in my vape pen to finish off. ¬†It was charging in my bag on the hike with a portable power bank charger. ¬†I brought too much stuff. ¬†Like 6 pairs of socks, an umbrella, a dud smoke grenade, and a giant tarp. ¬†It’s 11am – dark at 4:25pm. ¬†So cold. ¬†My hands are numb.¬†

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Hey Friends,

Cam here. ¬†Thanks for visiting my emergency preparedness blog. ¬†We are pumping out a bunch of new videos this month, so I hope you like watching them. ¬†Please share this quick informational production with friends. ¬†Here’s the short link to copy and paste: ¬† ¬†This is important and fun stuff for preppers of all skill levels. ¬†

We threw this kit together with gear items on hand that were laying around unused and therefore extra. ¬†We have the basic survival necessities covered for the most part, but improvements can always be made. ¬†I did notice there wasn’t an emergency blanket in this canister, and they can be purchased for $2. ¬†However, if there’s a tsunami wave on the Oregon Coast, I like my odds of living. ¬†I have kits like this one gallon cache, plus backpacks loaded with necessities, and bikes with racks placed strategically all over the Pacific Northwest.¬†

What’s your plan for safe escape from danger? ¬†Stay healthy out there. ¬†And keep your head on a swivel. ¬†Few things are more valuable that situational awareness. ¬†Cheers.


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Thanks for watching! ¬†In addition, the blade steel is 154CM with a titanium nitride coating. Super durable. Don’t get the F.A.S.T. version of this knife. ¬†It felt slow to deploy, and cheap. Boker makes fixed blade Applegate designed knives too. ¬†Subscribe to Survival Bros on Youtube for more. ¬†We’ll have other knife reviews soon. ¬†Here’s the Gerber LMF 2 stress test I did breaking car windows. ¬†Enjoy.

This film previously classified as restricted security information has been unclassified. ¬†For instruction purposes only. ¬†It’s called¬†COMBAT FIRING with HAND GUNS. ¬†Presented by The Colonel for the US Army.¬†

rex applegateColonel Rex Applegate with his Boker fighting knife