Free Flowers From My Neighbor

Posted: August 14, 2013 in Frugality, Giving Back, Parks
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Produced By Cameron McKirdy

On my way to the park for some exercise, I noticed a roadside table bursting with bright dahlias. Next to them was a sign painted “FREE FLOWERS.” What a concept! They could have just left a cash box out there with a price. But nope. It wasn’t too good to be true. It was just someone doing a good deed.

I got to talk to the retired man tending his garden. He said it’s easier to give them away. Then he doesn’t have to stay out there, or be mad when someone steals the cash. What can you give away today?

  1. All I know is I’m getting some tonight.

    • jargontalk says:

      “What can you give away today?”

      Books… and I do it regularly, especially for local kids who enjoy reading. We need to promote more literacy among our country’s youth, and it’s my simple way of doing this.

      • That’s what’s up. Everybody can get behind that. I plan to donate lots of survival and health books to my library. I need to get on that. Good work!

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