Taking Care of Public Spaces

Posted: February 23, 2013 in Giving Back, Parks, SB Tips, Uncategorized
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Today I felt like exploring. So I biked to The Mill Ponds in Seaside Oregon. The ground was soggy, so I had to pedal lightly to avoid getting sprayed with mud from my tires. Hearing the blue birds chirp relaxed me instantly. Beats traffic noise.

Right before I got to my favorite spot, I noticed a park bench upside down in the water. I wondered where it went. It’s been a few months since I sat on it from the lookout. Without hesitation I laid my bike down, and tromped through the sticker bushes to get to it. I had seen 2 homeless teens camping there before, and I’m pretty sure they trashed the place.

I yanked that bench out of the pond, and brought it back to its home. Now everyone can rest and enjoy that epic view again. The seat wasn’t in bad shape, or soaked entirely, so I chilled there for a few. Just another reminder that you can either make the world a better place, or screw it up for the rest of us. There aren’t many public spaces left, so treat them with respect.

Produced by Cameron McKirdy

  1. Sue Bastiani says:

    Thank you Cameron, for being one of the good guys. If I could ever get to that bench, I would love to sit there.

  2. I agree. My personal pet peeve is people who take Safeway carts home then trash them in the bushes and we all end up paying more for our food because of the extra cost to replace the carts that people seal. If you see a grocery cart, take it back where it belongs.

  3. Sue Bastiani says:

    I just happened to think that maybe the little bit of storm we’ve had just lately could have blown that bench over? I hope so…anyway, thanks!

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