The Mill Ponds in Seaside Oregon | Panoramas & Photos – UPDATED

Posted: July 14, 2012 in Adventures, mother nature, oregon, Parks
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Do you know where The Mill Ponds are in Seaside Oregon? Many locals have no idea. Take advantage of the trails, and waterfront views. From Seaside on Highway 101 (aka South Roosevelt Drive), take Ave. S to Alder Mill Road. It’s near the Seaside recycling center.

Watch my bike ride video!

The Mill Ponds are a great walk for the whole family. Chill on a bench and bird watch. It’s one of my favorite spots in town. Please be respectful, and take your trash with you. This is a day use only park. Enjoy the panoramas and photos I took.

– Cameron McKirdy

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  2. […] son and our puppy for exercise, exploration and is just an all around great place to be outdoors.  Here is a link to a local blog with some great pics of the Mill […]

  3. sam says:

    yes, very beautiful!! but that’s where all the tweekers hangout. and the homeless..

  4. Deanna Horn says:

    The walk was nice but overgrown grass around the trail u til we came across big homeless encampment at the back end of the lake…large tents and garbage .. there should be warnings posted at the beginning of the trail. We walked it June 2021

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