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Welcome to Survival Bros.¬† Watch this, then keep scroll’n down the blog.¬† Cam has been busy.

Working out with Fighters during Sparring Night at Valhalla in Gearhart, Oregon. Brawl with my Fighter Buddies as we improve ourselves, and develop self-defense skills. MMA with full pads on to prepare young men for real Pro and Amateur Mixed Martial Arts fights locally.

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Contact cam to Host your event in the Pacific Northwest!  He has been a Ring Announcer.

Here’s the Main Event of Beach Brawls in Seaside, Oregon.¬† I emceed the event at the Convention Center.¬† Emanuel Sanchez fights for Bellator now, and is moving up the ranks.¬† What a fight!

I’ve meet most of the famous people that have influenced my life in a positive way, and it’s not by accident. ¬†For the first time ever, I’m divulging my tactics on how to meet celebrities, including artists, athletes, and other inspirational, culturally significant folks. ¬†You may say, “hey Cam, what’s this got to do with SURVIVAL?” ¬†Well, I believe meeting legends improves you as a person, and at the end of the day, all you can hope for is that you are better than the day before.

I think I got hooked on approaching stars in my childhood, when I stalked Portland Trail Blazer players after games with my dad. ¬†They’d be gingerly strolling to their luxury cars, and I’d go in for the kill. ¬†I offered them a basketball to sign with my Sharpie. ¬†Any good autograph seeker knows to bring their own fresh permanent pen. ¬†Nothing is worse that standing in front of your hero trying to bum a pen for a signature. ¬†I caught up to Clyde “The Glide” Drexler, Terry Porter, Buck Williams, and the rest of the old school Blazers. ¬†I remember weaseling close enough to the locker room entrance too, so that I could high five all the players as they ran out on the court. ¬†After that, I didn’t wash my hand for a week. ¬†My mom made me in the end.

I learned as a kid how to approach cool people. ¬†First I would say something like, “Hey, I’m a big fan. ¬†I just wanted to say hi, and ask for you autograph.” ¬†They usually obliged, but I’ve had more than my fair share of epic snubs. ¬†More on that in a second. ¬†Basically, if you see a celebrity, be chill like them. ¬†I offer up a compliment, but don’t go overboard. ¬†Plus, I tell them something about myself, that they can relate to. ¬†I find common ground. ¬†For instance, when I went up to UFC star Chael Sonnen at an amateur MMA event, I shook his hand and told him I was also an Oregon Duck. ¬†Then I mentioned being a ring announcer for mixed martial arts fights in Seaside, Oregon. ¬†I told him maybe I would announce his name one day in the octagon. ¬†I had his attention, and he was happy to pose for a picture, and sign an autograph for me. ¬†I have more autographs than a memorabilia dealer. ¬†Meeting athletes is easy. ¬†Catch them before or after the event, and be polite.

I’ve been snubbed by stars too. ¬†Jack Nickalus passed me by. ¬†Arnold Palmer told me he had signed enough autographs that day. ¬†But the biggest snub of all-time comes from the punk Greg Oden. ¬†This Blazer washout walked by me on Burnside in Portland, while I was talking on my phone. ¬†I hung up, and casually approached him while waiting for a crosswalk light to change. ¬†We were the only ones on the block. ¬†I said, “hey Greg, I’m a big fan (lie), and I just wanted to say hi and shake your hand.” ¬†Greg Oden looked me up and down, and then looked away, not saying a word. ¬†I backed up slowly proclaiming, “Greg Oden just snubbed me!” ¬†Then I yelled for all of PDX to hear, “Greg Oden is too good for the world!!!” ¬†The realest thing I’ve ever said. ¬†I told that story on my radio show on the Oregon Coast. ¬†I still plan to burn his basketball card on camera. ¬†It will never be worth anything.¬†

Most celebs aren’t goons, so don’t be afraid to go up to them. ¬†One of my favorite encounters was when I slept on the street in Los Angeles to have a chance as a contestant on The Price is Right. ¬†I went during spring break right after I turned 18. ¬†It took 14 hours of waiting in line before I stormed CBS Studios and sat front row, one seat over from Contestant’s Row. ¬†I didn’t play any pricing games that day, but I did have a long conversation with Bob Barker himself. ¬†He towered over me, high on the stage. ¬†During a commercial break I had the courage to raise my hand and ask him a question, but not a stupid one. ¬†I’m sure he’d been asked during every damn taping about when he is doing Happy Gilmore 2. ¬†I could tell Bob was sick of that comment, so I buttered him up like hot corn on the cob. ¬†He read my price tag name tag, “Yes Cameron.” ¬†I said, “Bob, after all these years, how do you look so good, and stay so fit?” ¬†Perfectly executed. ¬†He rambled for 5¬†minutes¬†about his days in the military, and training, and so on, then went back to the show. ¬†However, to my surprise, when he was way across the stage during the next break he said, “anyways Cameron, back to your question.” ¬†I still have that yellow price tag sticker with my name on it.

I could go on all day about the well-known people I’ve met. ¬†Mainly, you just need to be on the lookout. ¬†Get very familiar with the faces of people you appreciate. ¬†Be ready to approach, and try to know their schedule. ¬†When I worked at the mall running a kiosk, I had mini football helmets stocked, so I could throw up my back in whenever I feel like it sign, and get that autograph. ¬†This was in Eugene, and athletes from Oregon and around the country shopped there. ¬†I even had one foot by one foot sections of hardwood floor on standby for basketballers to sign. ¬†I remember bothering U of O sensation Luke Jackson for an autograph when I finally hunted him down in Macy’s. ¬†He said, “what do you just carry pieces of wood around?” ¬†I said yes, but he scribbled on one anyway. ¬†I met comedian Carlos Mencia in the mall too, and Steve “The Crocodile Hunter” Irwin’s family. ¬†My picture with Bindi Irwin is classic.

This is getting long, but the point is that you can meet¬†influential¬†people too. ¬†Have guts, be ready, and meet them with confidence. ¬†Gifts don’t hurt either. ¬†I once went to legendary Air Jordan shoe designer Tinker Hatfield’s pad with a house warming gift. ¬†I crashed his party, but he invited me in anyways. ¬†I gave him the best ceramic vase I’d ever made. ¬†He put it on his mantle, and gave me a 45 minute tour. ¬†Just goes to show you that if you appreciate others, they will appreciate you. ¬†I can’t imagine the person I’d be if I hadn’t met the people that inspire me to go hard. ¬†The World is yours. ¬†Don’t let anybody bring you down. ¬†Meeting famous people is your God given right.

Meeting Famous PeopleFrom top left: Cameron McKirdy with Haloti Ngata (NFL), Joey Chestnut (#1 Pro Eater), Aston Eaton (#1 athlete on Earth), Bindi Irwin (Freed Willy), Chael Sonnen (UFC), Badlands Booker (rapper, competitive eating champion), Joey Harrington (Oregon Duck QB), Erick Lindgren (#1 poker player in the world), Terrell Brandon (NBA All-star)


Chael Sonnen and Survival Bros founder Cameron McKirdy

This is motivation, and a tribute. Chael Sonnen has worked extremely hard to get to the top of the UFC. He believes in himself. And he makes people better. Be a fighter. Be bold. Be yourself. Just be. I met The Champ at some amateur fights in Washington we were promoting. He is hilarious. If we meet again, I’m challenging him to a thumb wrestling match.

Sonnen’s hardcore training session. Must watch!