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Produced by Cameron McKirdy

This week I got up early and drove the Volkswagen Vanagon out to the legendary Goodwill Outlet near the Portland International Airport, or PDX. ¬†I slept nearby, for free, in the Shari’s Resturant parking lot. ¬†As a hustler, I knew I had to get to Goodwill before the place opens up at 8 AM. ¬†I had my smartphone on me, charged, to scan barcodes, and research items online. ¬†I used the eBay, and Amazon applications for quick access to information.

It was a feeding frenzy inside. ¬†No time to shoot video when you’re trying to make money. ¬†Goodwill charges only $1.67 per pound for most anything, besides CDs, DVDs, and stuff in the display case, as far as I know. ¬†At the end, you roll your shopping cart onto a scale, like weighing your vehicle at a garbage dump. ¬†You’ll see my thrifting haul in the HD Survival Bros video below. ¬†I had to dig threw a bunch of trash to find anything acceptable for¬†potential¬†reselling, and keeping. ¬†You will get your hands dirty. ¬†Try to¬†avoid piss blankets, and scan everything with your eyes to make less work for yourself. ¬†My strategies netted me a Phillips Norelco electric razor, Wii video game, Levis flannel shirt, wall charger, scarf, two GPS units by Garmin and Magellen, fanny back for ultralight backpacking, and a Nike Max Air backpack. ¬†I think I did excellent considering I spent just $7.44. ¬†

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goodwill outlet store pdx

A line forms at the entrance of the Goodwill Outlet Store for an 8 AM opening

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Hustling isn’t for lazy people. ¬†You have to think on your feet, and react quickly. ¬†One must follow their heart, and instincts to get money. ¬†Buying and selling the goods you got takes skill too. ¬†Then you have to deliver on your promise to the customer in order to maintain your street cred. ¬†Do you have what it takes to be a hustler? ¬†I made this video to help others get ideas about reselling¬†their thrift shop finds,¬†not to simply to show off my abilities. ¬†But damn I’m good. ¬†No. ¬†Hustling, making a video on it, and articulating ideas in an article is not for the lazy. Good money is earned. ¬†My thoughts are free. ¬†Check out the picked profit breakdown below.

Total Value and Asking price on thrifting haul:

1. Price is Right Wii game + $20

2. Tiger Woods 08 game + $25

3. Baby Einstein DVDs + $20

4. Batman CD Player + $45 (SOLD!)

5. Starbucks Tumbler + $20

6. Lion King Disney Mug + $20

7. Sony Walkman Radio + $40

8. Octopus Ring + $20 = $210

*Spent only $19!

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By Cameron McKirdy

1.  Check which color tag is 50% off that week when you walk in the door.

2. ¬†See if the item works. ¬†Plug it in. ¬†Check for missing parts, or if it’s damaged.

3.  If you find something unique РRESEARCH IT on the spot with your smartphone.

  • Search Amazon and eBay
  • Scan the barcode with your phone’s camera

4. ¬†Pull the trigger. ¬†If you haven’t seen it before, BUY IT. ¬†Your item may be a good investment¬†because¬†it’s rare.

Finally, keep the treasure for yourself, give it away to someone deserving, or sell it for a profit online or in person.

Here’s another sweet Goodwill find I scored this week, and show you on video. ¬†It’s a rare Valterra skateboard from 1986! ¬†It shreds. ¬†

I found this road bike at Goodwill too, and now it’s a Bug Out Bike ready in case of emergencies. ¬†I got new tires for it, and purchased a BOB Yak trailer to haul gear down the road with ease. ¬†

Don’t forget to donate stuff you don’t need to charity. ¬†I’ve seen Goodwill do good things in the community, and employee people that need assistance. ¬†You’ll get a tax credit too just for being so kind. ¬†Thanks for reading, and doing your part. ¬†Peace from Survival Bros.

goodwill-logoGood luck treasure hunting at Goodwill and beyond!  Expect epic finds.